What healing and magical properties has sapphire stone


Sapphire - stone, which has been known for many centuries throughout the world .He is a blue or blue mineral variety of corundum .Sapphire has long been considered a gem.If different light shades of stone can take from yellow to dark blue and almost black .This beautiful stone has a lot of magical and medicinal properties , which will be interesting to see .



  1. Property 1: Magical
  2. Property 2: Therapeutic
  3. Property 3: General
  4. Video

Property 1: Magical

If you purchased the product with a sapphire , it should be exclusively yours, and it is not necessary to try to give it to other people , as well the stone feels your aura and energy.

Sapphire can magically help you in different situations:

  • strengthen your spirit;
  • It drives away the visible and invisible enemies;
  • protection from fear and betrayal;
  • stores from hex;
  • eliminates unnecessary anxiety and stress;
  • protects against defamation;
  • stores of treachery and the unjust courts.

It is interesting that people who have such unpleasant qualities like selfishness, hatred , envy, the stone does not bring anything and will not act in favor of such a person .

Useful tips:

  • Magical properties Sapphire will only if it is natural , not artificially grown in the laboratory.
  • Unlike artificial stone from subsistence is the absence of natural inclusions , the presence of impurities and gas bubbles , curved lines of color .


Property 2: Therapeutic

It has long been said that the one who carries a sapphire , " the body is multiplied , and the beauty of a person takes , sweat and lust once rebuked bodily humble ... sewage from the eyes and on the face of the disease repels animals pacifies diseases ."

Sapphire is able to act as an amulet against various diseases:

  • It purifies the blood;
  • protects against heart disease;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • It helps with insomnia;
  • treats mental illness;
  • treating diabetes, diseases of the skin;
  • relieves pain in the stomach and intestines;
  • It helps with hormonal disorders;
  • cures gynecological diseases;
  • kidney disease;
  • heals ulcers;
  • eliminates back pain;
  • cures colds;
  • reduces sweating;
  • It helps with depression;
  • treats diseases of the urinary system;

It is recommended to wear a bracelet or a ring with sapphire on his left hand to those suffering from neuralgia , heart disease , asthma .The water in which lay sapphires help from eye diseases .

It is believed that the sapphire is able to revitalize the endocrine glands and cure diseases of the female reproductive organs .It has the property to pass through himself the energy to purify it and give back to man.

Therefore, sapphire is used in meditation:

  • it helps to concentrate forces,
  • It gives inner concentration,
  • awakens to the development of spirituality.

From this , often called sapphire stone nuns , which gives the concentration in prayer .Curiously, it is believed that there are defects in sapphire , it can bring misfortune to the man .Plus stone, is likely to be a fake.

Useful tips:

  • For therapeutic purposes, it is desirable to wear a sapphire ring on the ring finger of his left hand , because it is " closer to the heart ."
  • From bad look for wisdom yellow sapphire ring should be worn on the index finger of either hand .
  • Wearing a ring on the middle finger of the right hand is only possible with a blue sapphire .Wearing it helps to strengthen and increase the volume of the musculoskeletal system , as well as to normalize changes in the joints .
  • Blue Sapphire should be worn in the event of weak pulse.You can not combine it with diamonds, since they are hostile to each other and will generate disharmony .
  • Contraindicated to use a sapphire, and wear it at all those born under the zodiac sign Scorpio.
  • Sapphire is best suited Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius and Virgo.


Property 3: General

Sapphire is recommended to wear around the neck , it can be pendants, pendants, necklaces in gold .Sapphire not only gives wisdom to achieve the goal , but also contributes to the opening of the doors to its owner .

In addition, this stone helps a person to find himself

  • gives wisdom;
  • It brings fidelity, chastity;
  • creates truth and modesty;
  • attracts friends;
  • sharpens the perception of the world;
  • It strengthens memory;
  • tames passions;
  • helps get rid of laziness;
  • excites thirst for knowledge;
  • strengthens the judgment and discretion;
  • grants serenity and peace.

It helps a person to develop creatively and spiritually attracted the sympathy of others and mercy of fate.Sapphire - stone Suite, it brings luck in love and marriage .

Useful tips:

  • When buying a natural stone also have to ask the seller whether he was subjected to heat treatment .Most likely, a large stone held this process , allowing him to look noble.The price of such a sapphire lower than one that has not been processed .
  • Notice this difference by using a microscope.For example, zonal coloring will be more contrasting .