Discharge day for meat.

Discharge day for meat

meat - a source of complete protein, which is a party to the most important biochemical processes of the human body.With many of his most valuable qualities of nutritionists all over the world suggest the use of low-fat varieties of the product in the rations diets and fasting days.Our article offers a fasting day on the meat once in eight versions, so you can pick up more convenient for you menu of meat fasting day, and use it for the benefit of health and figure.

• About the use of meat diet

Meat discharge day saturates the body fully the important nutrients, ie proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Meat contains vitamins, minerals (including zinc, which is essential for the secretion of sex hormones), and moreover essential amino acids (those that are not produced by our own body).

As an example, in a baked chicken breast about the size of a deck of cards contains: iron - 12%, zinc - 6%, vitamin B6 - 35% of niacin - 55% selenium - 40% (percentage of the average daily rates for adultRights).

usefulness and uniqueness of the meat to lose weight is a very high energy product, balanced amino acid composition of the protein, the presence of bioactive substances and high digestibility.Meat diet - it is a great option because it is a product that not only compensates the body's energy costs, but also provides compounds that are necessary for biological growth and maintain the body in a healthy state.

Meat normalizes the body's release of digestive juices and promotes the formation of muscle tissue.Lean meat, recommended by nutritionists for weight loss and health improvement, perfectly saturated, being a low-calorie.As an example, 100 c.lean beef contains only 130 calories, which is quite modest.

• Fly in the ointment

I like meat Despite a lot of good, doctors say that the overreliance on meat can lead to serious health problems.In particular, they insist on the optimal rate of lean meat in the daily diet for an adult in an amount of 80-100 grams.

According to doctors, the consumption of meat for a long time, more than 12% of the total calorie daily diet, can cause an imbalance in the mineral metabolism and problems with the intestines.To date, it found that active meat-eaters are more likely to develop cancer.

Therefore, to get involved in "meat meals" obviously should not, including long-term practice of diet on meat, or make this product the basis of the diet.The best option is the one fasting day on the meat, not more than once a week for a month.

• Contraindications to the unloading of the day on the meat

Meat discharge day is contraindicated in case of serious diseases of the pancreas, kidney, liver and stomach.It is also desirable to spend it with advanced atherosclerosis.

  • Option number 1: fasting day on the meat with sauerkraut

This option restricts the unloading of meat daily caloric total diet to 850 calories.Menu of meat fasting day includes:

  • 1. Boiled lean meat - 360 gr.,
  • 2. Sauerkraut - 500 gr.,
  • 3. Coffee with milk, low-fat - 60 ml,
  • 4. Notsweet broth hips - 600 ml.

Put to arrange a day for 5 meals.During the first three meals consumed 90 grams.meat at a time, and the last two - 45 c.One serving of sauerkraut should contain 100 grams.product.In the morning allowed pamper yourself a little cup of coffee, but without the sugar and broth hips to distribute the whole fasting day.The main thing is not to drink immediately after a meal, wait an hour and a half after eating.Such a discharge is ideal for the winter season.

  • Option number 2: Meat discharge day with fresh cabbage

fasting day on the meat This option is very similar to the first, but a little extended.The diet includes the use of the following products:

  • 1. Meat low-fat varieties of boiled - 360 gr.,
  • 2. products Butter fresh cabbage - 280 gr.,
  • 3. Canned green peas - 120 gr.,
  • 4.unsweetened black coffee - two cups,
  • 5. low-fat milk - 100 ml,
  • 6. Unsweetened broth hips, with no added sugar - 2 cups

meat should be distributed in the same manner as in the first embodiment.As for the rest, it is possible to eat in a random order.It is permissible to use peas and cabbage salads, adding a few drops of vegetable oil and lemon juice.

  • Option number 3: Discharge day on the meat with vegetables

This menu includes meat fasting day:

  • 1. Meat low-fat varieties of boiled - 400 gr.,
  • 2. Garnish with vegetables (you can use any vegetables, except potatoes) - 250-300 gr.,
  • 3. broth hips or unsweetened tea - 600 ml,
  • 4. Water, pure and simple, or non-carbonated mineral.

All of the above products should be consumed until 18.00 pm.Ideally, you need to arrange the order of 5-6 meals per day.

  • Option number 4: Discharge day for juice and meat

Meat discharge day During the day of discharge is necessary to arrange about 5-6 meals.Daily diet should include:

  • 1. Meat low-fat varieties of boiled - 250 gr.,
  • 2. unsweetened tea, preferably green - 600 ml,
  • 3. Any natural freshly squeezed juice - 500-600 ml.

  • Option number 5: Discharge day for fatty meat

This option also exists unloading, as strange as it may sound.Menu of meat fasting day includes the following foods:

  • 1. veal, pork or lamb, you can with fat - 250 gr.,
  • 2. Lemon juice (to add to the meat or drinking water),
  • 3. Unsweetenedtea without sugar - 500 ml,
  • 4. Water negazirovannaya- 1.5 liters,
  • 5. As a seasoning for meat is to use green onions, garlic, dry milled herbs, pepper, mustard and tomato, along with frayedgarlic,
  • 6. Berries and fruit - 200 gr.(They eat separately from meat).

  • Option number 6: Meat discharge day with green lettuce

meat diet Throughout the day should arrange three meals, distributing them over time, as you prefer, but so that the last meal was held not later than4 hours before bedtime.

  • 1. Breakfast: fried in a dry frying pan, without oil or Grilled beef - 90 oz., And toast made from bread, diet, or even from yesterday's bread made from white flour is not, and the highest grade.
  • 2. Lunch and dinner: fried in a dry frying pan, without oil or Grilled beef - 90 oz., And as a garnish - a green leaf lettuce.

  • Option number 7: Discharge day for meat, eggs and wine

During the day, you need to spend 3 meals.

  • 1. Breakfast: eggs, hard-boiled - 2 pcs., The steak - 120 g.
  • 2. Lunch and dinner - the same menu: steak - 120 g., And one glass of dry red wine, always good quality.

  • Case number 8: Discharge day for meat and water

menu meat fasting day:

  • 1. Meat low-fat varieties of boiled - 240 gr.,
  • 2. boiled hot water - 1,2 liters or 6 cups,
  • 3. Lemon juice,
  • 4. Green tea, no sugar added.

meat diet recommended to eat 4 admission, the weight of a single portion should be - 60 gr.Water should be drinking it hot and with a few drops of lemon juice.Tea and water you can drink either before eating meat, or one hour after a meal.To wash down the food is not recommended, even in normal days, especially if you are struggling with weight.

Unfortunately, the meat product is heavy enough for the stomach, although well enough assimilable.So before you arrange a fasting day on the meat, be sure to consult with a specialist.

And a little more about what is useful to the meat diet: