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Pregnancy Calendar 16 Weeks Pregnant

By this time, is already fully formed little face muscles of your crumbs, and so the baby begins to actively grimace, open and close the mouth, involuntary winking, frowning.If you go to the doctor for an ultrasound, it is possible you will be able to already know the sex of their child.For those who are waiting for a girl surprising news: now in her ovaries fully formed egg supply more than 5 million copies, have all chances to become in the future, your grandchildren or grandchildren!Disturbing news is no fear, leaving only useful tips, such as how not to go through weight during pregnancy and what tests it is recommended to put in 16 weeks of pregnancy.



1. unborn child at 16 weeks' gestation
2. Expectant mother 16 weeks pregnant
3. How not to go through in weight during the pregnancy?




unborn child at 16 weeks' gestation

Your baby is constantly being improved.In the 16 week draws to a close the formation of nails.It coordinates the work of the kidneys and the baby of the bladder.Burle all vital processes of this tiny organism: heart works hard, beating the rhythm of life in half the time and your daily pumping 23 liters of blood;his brain is rapidly forming new neurons - every second of 5000;urination occurs every 45 minutes.His tiny legs considerably lengthened and become more proportional to the body.

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growing coordination of movements, they are not spontaneousbut rather training or instinctive.After all, his brain and nervous system progresses significantly.He even appear own habits, such as sucking big finger, which he often will do in the coming months, and possibly after the birth.

Now your pipsqueak can reach 15 cm in length and weigh about 100 g

16th week of pregnancy in general is great for a unique place with the future of the little man change.Your baby has learned to hold his head straight.His ears moved up and settled in their place.But more interesting is that at this point is already fully formed muscles of his face, and so the baby begins to actively grimace, open and close the mouth, involuntary winking, frowning.

His body has accumulated plenty of calcium to formation of the seed.If you are a girl, then by the time her ovaries have already fallen in the hip area of ​​the abdomen.But what is even more surprising that they now fully formed egg supply more than 5 million copies, have all chances to become in the future, your grandchildren or grandchildren!

liver at this point has fully mastered all the functions of the digestive organs - it had previously dealt exclusively with hematopoiesis.Composition of the blood the baby already taken shape: it is, as expected, is composed of lymphocytes, red blood cells and monocytes.The only distinguishing feature - is that it is still present in the newborn hemoglobin, or in other words, the fetal hemoglobin.Its presence is necessary for a better supply of the cells of your baby with oxygen.But by the end of this week will be the usual "adult" hemoglobin in his blood, which will replace the fetal, but only 6 months of life a baby after its birth.

If you go to the doctor for an ultrasound, it is possible you will be able to already know the sex of their child.16 weeks of pregnancy - a time allows children to determine sex differences.It is now for the first time expectant mother can feel movement of the child.This is especially characteristic of women or their deliveries toned physique second baby.If you are pregnant for the first time, or likely to be overweight, you probably feel the stirring of only 2-4 weeks.Do not worry that you do not feel the movement of your crumbs, now they are not too pronounced slug distinguishable, so the probability of them feel a woman who is already familiar with these feelings, a little higher.A little later, your baby starts kicking much stronger and more active, so it will be difficult not to feel that you are not, but the future Pope.


Expectant mother 16 weeks pregnant

16 Weeks Pregnant 16 weeks of pregnancy, as well as the next three - time for all sorts of tests and analyzes.It is not very pleasant, but very important process that is not recommended to ignore.It will identify opportunities fetal abnormalities and disease in time and correct the situation.You certainly have to pass the following blood tests:

  • 1. to assess the level of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin),
  • 2. the level of AFP (alpha-fetoprotein),
  • 3. amount of content NE (unconjugated estriol).

If tests show a deviation from the norm of these indicators, it may cause to suspect the presence of the fetus relevant diseases: Down syndrome, traumatic brain herniation, anencephaly, splitting the abdominal wall, etc.These tests are not mandatory, and their effectiveness is not always 100%, but early diagnosis is often able to save the situation from unforeseen consequences, it allows prospective parents to adequately prepare for the upcoming treatment.For diagnostic results were as precise as possible, the levels of hormones should be considered in the dynamics, that is, twice a blood test in the range from 15 to 20 weeks with an interval of two weeks.

alarming news ended, leaving only the tips.Your situation is hard to hide, it is now much around.So brace yourself for inquiries and attention.If last week you should go for more free styles in clothes, but now it's time to change underwear - former presses you clearly and continuously slides.It's time to give up heels shoes and start looking for a comfortable position to sleep.It is not recommended to lay down on his stomach and on the back is the safest position during pregnancy - is to lie down on your left side and bend one knee up.

By 16 weeks the expectant mother looks blooming and smelling: Facial delivered a healthy glow, there was a vigor and vitality, to the delight of her husband chest and the envy of her friends rounded and heavier with each passing day, it is a pity that you this much pleasure does not deliver izthe increased sensitivity of the nipple.Your breasts are now beginning to work.In your chest significantly increased blood flow, and on the surface of the vein pattern emerges, and can appear tubercles Montgomery.

your uterus continues to expand, giving more space to the growing body.The amount of amniotic fluid in this period is about 250 ml.All is well, just your gut more and more compressed, so be prepared to deal with heartburn, bloating and constipation.Do not forget to stick to the optimal mode of the day and, of course, watch out for power and control weight gain - your appetite with the growth of the baby will grow, but it should not be proportionately.By that time you could gain about 2.5 kg - and that's fine.


How not to go through in weight during the pregnancy?

weight during pregnancy During pregnancy, the expectant mother in weight adds about 10 kg, ie,somewhere on 1 kg per month or 250 g per week.A more significant set of kilograms exposes the body extra effort and have an adverse impact on labor.And the return to the former weight after giving birth, will be very difficult.

But it's more figurative estimates, more specifically, that during the second trimester, a woman needs to gain a week at 0.3-0.4 kg.Slender women are often initially gain during pregnancy more, and rightly so, they make up their own physiological deficiency of weight, normalize your weight.A total of 20 weeks of pregnancy to the skinny woman is allowed to gain 5.4 kg, future mom medium build - about 4.8 kg, and a woman who were overweight before pregnancy - only 2.9 kg.

future moms risk of "jump" beyond the norm to remember a list of products and foods that pregnant women should not be categorically.This applies especially to the young ladies who are overweight.So, banned for pregnant women is:

  • 1. Any food like "fast food."
  • 2. Refined sugar.
  • 3. Fresh bread (especially white), and the product of puff pastry, cream cakes, cream cakes, candies, chocolates, cakes and other confectionery delights.
  • 4. Ice cream, milkshakes, condensed milk.
  • 5. Cheese and other dairy products high fat, puddings, sweet yogurt, syrkovoy mass, glazed curd bars, curd puddings, cheesecakes, tarts, etc.
  • 6. Solid Concentrated sauces and soups, fish, meat and mushrooms.
  • 7. Fatty kinds of fish and meat.Including: bacon, meat, duck, goose, offal (kidney, liver, brain), sausages, smoked meat, any canned food.Herring, smoked and salted fish roe.
  • 8. Any fried or cooked using the deep-frying food.
  • 9. Fried eggs.
  • 10. Any mushrooms in any form.
  • 11. Sweet varieties of berries and fruit, namely grapes, bananas, melon, pear.
  • 12. Savoury, including snacks and canned foods, especially tomato sauce.
  • 13. Spices and condiments: red and black pepper, horseradish, mustard, vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup.
  • 14. Strong coffee, cocoa and tea.
  • 15. Spirits, occasionally you can, but do not need a glass of white wine.

But remember: these limitations are very useful, but if the body requires hard chocolate to pickles - do not deny him this, then it is necessary for him.You body is intelligent enough to realize that he needed and what is not.Important Do not take the abuse and combining incompatible with the rule, and give him a custodial character.


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