Cataract eye - causes of methods of diagnosis and treatment

Cataract eye

eye cataracts - the most common eye disease, which often suffer from the elderly.According to the structure of the human eye, the lens, whose task is to pass and refraction of light rays, is located inside the eyeball, that is, between the iris and the vitreous body.When we are young, the lens is completely transparent and well-elastic, it in no time changes its form and suggests focus, making the eyes see well both near and far.

If the person has a disease called "cataract", then there is a complete or partial opacity of the lens, due to which loses the transparence of the lens and the person sees the blurred.If you ignore the fact that the disease is dangerous fact of occurrence of blindness as a result of the disease.

Typically, cataract disease often occurs in people after 50 years (age cataracts).But just distinguish congenital cataract, radiation, traumatic complications.According to the World Health Organization, the disease has a cataract in seventeen million people.In the elderly (70 to 80 years) disease is present at 1000: from 260 men and 460 women, and if you reach the age of more than 80 years, that a cataract is present in almost everyone.Such deplorable figures suggest that in old age almost everyone is exposed to the disease.



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Cataract eye:causes and factors of

¬ęCataract" means "waterfall" and this is not a simple coincidence, because people with the disease sees the world as if through a curtain of water.

Among the myriad causes of the disease was isolated:

  1. Mechanical, chemical, contusion eye injury.
  2. genetic predisposition person.
  3. Endocrine diseases including: diabetes, a metabolic disorder.
  4. Eye Diseases: myopia, glaucoma.
  5. increased radiation, unfavorable environmental conditions for the body.
  6. beam and ultraviolet radiation, toxic poisoning.
  7. Long-term use of a number of individual drugs.
  8. Abuse smoking.


How to determine whether you have a cataract


of cataracts is very insidious and reliably without the help of a doctor to determine whether there is you can not be.Often, patients go to the ophthalmologist only when vision has deteriorated significantly.

Among the methods of diagnosis of cataract in the first stage is isolated inspection chief at the apple quality lighting.In-depth and better examination of the eyeball is performed using instrumental slit lamp (biomicroscopy).This survey allows you to explore both external and deep-seated structures of the eye.

addition biomicroscopy in diagnosis of the disease consists of techniques to calculate the effect of artificial lens.With the help of a special device measures the curvature of the cornea specialist, the length of the eye, assesses the state of the lens, as well as calculates the optimal parameters of the artificial lens.


cataract surgery - the best way to treat


In modern medicine, the treatment of cataract procedure is carried out on modern ultrasound fakoemulsikatsii.Thanks to this operation is performed the implantation of an artificial intraocular lens is replaced by a cloudy cataract lens is affected.At this stage it is possible safe and effective method of disease control.

Now you do not have to wait until the cataract is "ripe", thanks to an innovative technique eye cataract surgery can be carried out even at a very early stage.

Stages of operation:

  • Step 1. with a special tool makes ophthalmic micro-incision length of 2.5 mm, through which all further manipulation.
  • Step 2. special material (viscoelastic), protects the internal structures of the eye from a different kind of damage is introduced into the anterior chamber of the eye.
  • Step 3. Through microincision introduced probe that makes ultrasound because the affected lens is emulsified.
  • Step 4. Through the incision introduced flexible lens that crushes yourself in the eye and fixed.This IOL will act as a lens.
  • Step 5. When the operation is over, with a special viscoelastic solution is washed away.

Modern techniques allow ophthalmology cataract surgery without sutures through small incisions self-sealing wound.This feature allows you to immediately after the operation to return to normal life.

patient sees great in the first minutes after the operation, and the maximum visual acuity returns in 2-7 days.Cataract eye surgery does not require special care, as necessary, the doctor may prescribe antibiotic drops with the content and mandatory instruct for further follow-up visits.

operation is performed in a single day, without the need for hospitalization.Microsurgical interference will allow you to lead a full life, to see the world in bright colors and clear forms.