Why does a child often blinking eyes, how to treat


If your child has started to blink often, then this is a serious reason to think about his health.The causes of this disease may be different, the correct definition of which will help to quickly and effectively treat this disease.



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If your child frequently blinking eyes, what does it mean


Blink - is an unconscious reflex movements that are inherent in us from the very birth.This physiological process makes it possible to moisten the eyes and from the surface to remove dust.When human eyes are tired or on the surface of the cornea hit a foreign object, the blinking becomes more frequent.

Frequent blinking of the child can not disturb parents.When these signals are seen by them, they are just trying to figure out the cause.It will be very good if the reason that the child will be a normal eye blinking eye fatigue or dust that can slip away thanks to dry eye.But there are also more serious and neglected problems Morgan child and they require urgent consultation neurologist or ophthalmologist.

Reason 1. Eye

When a child 4-12 years suddenly starts to blink frequently and thus impacts the eyelids, your first visit an ophthalmologist.It will draw conclusions after the inspection, do not retain moisture if he had corneas.If you retain moisture, it will issue a moisturizing kapli.Takzhe you will need to pay special attention to your child's daily routine.Maybe his eyes during the day get heavy load.It is a long time watching television or sitting at a computer.

Cause 2. Psychological

In most cases, why a child often blinked holds a psychological problem.This is a nervous tic, twitch of the cheeks, shuddering.All such problems occur to him in involuntary muscle contraction of limbs or face.With such issues parents need to go to a neurologist.


to disregard the seemingly minor tics that quickly passed, still not worth it.They may indicate that your child's nervous system is overloaded.It is also the case that children begin to blink often due concussion or traumatic brain injury.The reason why the child frequently blinking eyes can be hereditary, if your like someone suffering from a nervous tic, the likelihood that your child will inherit this feature is very high.Many children have the appearance tick during adaptation to school or pre-school.After all, not every child can easily get used to a change of familiar surroundings and moving into a new team for him.Most children in this period, felt a strong stress in emotionally.

other reasons for the child began to blink frequently:

  1. strict teacher or a teacher;
  2. clarify differences with the parents of the child;
  3. moving to a new place of residence;
  4. fear;
  5. too ill child education, etc.


How to treat a child

In most of the cases children's nervous tic is temporary and with proper treatment of parents with children disappear pretty quickly.

How correctly refers parents to frequently Morgan kid?Firstly, you should not completely ignore the problem, in the expectation that the problem will be resolved by itself.Getting timely help of professionals can significantly hasten the day of deliverance compulsive blinking.Also, do not need to stop if a child is constantly blinking eyes and watch him making comments.You are such actions will only aggravate the emotional stress of the baby, and any involuntary movement will turn into chronic age, which will not succumb to volitional control.

Try first to identify and eliminate all triggers a nervous tic in the child.Analyze your relationships in your family, and your approach to parenting.If you want to Revise Policy Your Child's Sleep, nutrition and mental and physical, and the load.After all, a healthy environment, proper rest, nutrition and child pine baths - are key elements in the struggle with frequent eye blinking.


When a child needs medical attention


When the baby blinked recently, then you can start to make a visit to the eye doctor, and then, if there is no deviation, to a neurologist.Optometrist eye examination and check for injuries, dryness, abnormal development, possible contact with foreign objects in the eye cornea.When one eye has a foreign body, it can blink with both eyes.Optometrist determine whether paroxysmal manifestation.If found to blepharospasm and other pathological disease there is a danger of lose.

If the disease is exacerbated by the child starts, it can be accompanied by storm, so you should not hesitate and take appropriate treatment.

In the best case will be assigned pine baths, vitamins, electrophoresis, agents that enhance blood circulation and sedatives.Taking medication as prescribed blinking may disappear completely.Acute manifestation of teak and intensified in the fall and spring.

Before you begin medical treatment, to create a good and best psychological microclimate for the recovery of your child.Try to experience the psychological methods, for example such as auditory training or breathing exercises.