What is the cornea, and what methods of treatment of its inflammation, trauma and burns


transparent fabric front of the eye called the cornea.It has a protective function, preventing the entry of foreign objects in the microscopic deep layers of the body.Usually, if the shell is scratched, many believe that they have injured the eye itself.



  1. corneal injury: Symptoms and first aid
  2. inflammation of the cornea - the reasons
  3. Types burn the cornea
  4. degree burn of the cornea
  5. First aid for burns cornea
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corneal injury: Symptoms and first aid


Damage to the cornea can occur by ingestion of sand, dust, wood shavings, randomly carrying out of the corner of the paper.As a result, the shell is formed small scratch or cut.Moreover, abrasion sometimes feels like a microparticle, which is under age.In most cases, no specific treatment is required.

severe symptoms if damaged cornea:

  • blurred vision,
  • redness,
  • pain,
  • tearing

With little consumer injury problem can be solved by yourself:

  1. frequent blinking;
  2. wash eyes with clean water;
  3. pull the upper lid on the bottom lashes are mechanically removed to a grain of sand;
  4. put your finger to the upper eyelid and move it toward the nose.


If a piece of glass or stone damaged corneas, the treatment is permissible only in the medical uchrezhdenii.Vosstanovlenie shell removes all symptoms.But in some cases, along with the foreign body can get infected, which provoke a corneal ulcer.


inflammation of the cornea - the reasons


complex disease is keratitis - inflammation of the cornea.The reasons can be infection in trauma, wearing lenses.The virus can "pick up" as a result of low immunity.

lead normal life prevent symptoms appear:

  • painful reaction to bright light;
  • watery eyes;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • redness of the eye.

first transparent shell is broken, then the inflammation goes into the deeper layers.Urgent need for antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs.

Treatment rogovitsyglaza long and does not always lead to complete recovery.After keratitis complex shape is blurred shell that impairs vision and spoils the appearance.

Many keratitis are repetitive.And each time the symptoms of the disease causes a change in the cornea.


Types burn the cornea


The same symptoms are typical at a burn of the cornea.Only even swollen eyelids and conjunctiva.

first type: Thermal

arises from falling into the eyes red-hot metal chips, hot water or other liquid, containing no chemicals, it is very rare - from open flame.Thermal burns are usually no effect on the inner layers of the eye, because the trapped particles cool down quickly.

When lung injury bandage soaked in cold water or antiseptic solution.After a medical examination is required.

Type Two: Radiation

Occurs when the infrared or ultraviolet radiation.In most cases, this work with welding machine, solarium or stay in the room during a bactericidal treatment.

radiation burns of the cornea is not just pain, but should consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

third type: Chemical

After contact with the chemical eyelids involuntarily close up.The resulting component is mixed with a tear and form a concentrated composition.In this case the detrimental effect is prolonged.

cornea can be damaged by alkaline or acid composition.In the first case fabrics are softened, making it easy to access the substance into the deep layers of the eye.Treatment should only take place in a hospital, even if at first it seems that there is no difficulty.

When exposed to acid burned surface is covered with foil to prevent the further spread of the substance.


degree burn of the cornea


Depending on the concentration of the substance, the duration of exposure and other factors are distinguished four degrees of burns.

first degree

slight haze shell, swelling of the eyelids, weak pain.For a complete cure quite a few days.

second degree

bubbles are formed on the skin of the eyelids, cornea in some places lose transparency.For the treatment must be at least a week.After the course of scars tend not remain.

third degree

shell becomes dry and visibly cloudy.Because of damage to the inner layers may be severely damaged vision, there may be scars.This degree is characterized as severe.

fourth degree

the most severe form of injury.As a result of the withering away of going deep mucosa, muscle and connective tissue.Subsequently, they can grow together with each other.The cornea becomes completely opaque.Save vision in this case is very difficult.


First aid for burns cornea


Any burns pose a serious danger.The result could be severely damaged eyesight.The faster medical assistance, the better the chances for a full recovery.

  1. should be immediately wash your eyes with clean water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.In the absence of clean water, you can use milk.
  2. lavage should be carried out within 15 minutes.Then treat the eye area with an antiseptic.Apply a sterile dressing and deliver the injured to hospital.


not touch the eyeball instruments or wool, rubbing glaza.Snizit much risk you can burn the cornea, to use protective goggles when working with chemicals and flammable items, visit the solarium.It is easier to prevent disease than to treat it.