How to do a navel piercing - the whole thing in technology

how to do a navel piercing People for millennia adorned his body with sharp needles - they were used, and used, among other things, tattooing and body piercing.Navel piercing - a technique that was performed in Ancient Egypt, in some African and South African cultures.For today's young people is not just a fad, but a way to stand out from the crowd, while not subjecting your body too much change.Today, however, a navel piercing is unlikely someone will surprise - it has become quite the usual way to adorn themselves, but has not lost its appeal.

Make navel piercing Navel piercing - only for the most noble Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished can almost everyone, but it can be difficult if there are only around the navel small skin folds, or he very bulging belly button (this is quite rare, andthese cases have a good master of piercing have special techniques).

healing process continues navel punctured up to one year (sometimes longer) - because of the constant friction of clothing, breaking the rules of care for piercings, and due to the fact that in the navel can easily accumulate dirt, which causes irritation and other undesirableconsequences.The rate of healing is almost entirely up to you - how you will care for piercings, what clothes to wear and will even - that will eat (healthy diet has a beneficial effect on all processes in the body).


How do navel piercing

First master piercer (or piercer) Wear disposable rubber gloves - he has to get them out of the package in front of the customer.

  • place or places to be pierced, celebrate a special marker.
  • skin around the navel is disinfected with a piece of cotton wool dipped in betadine.
  • sterile needle smeared Vaseline Vaseline : old friend Vaseline: old friend .
  • Wizard captures a fold of skin with forceps and pulls it a little bit - it causes blood flow, which to some extent reduces the pain and reduces the chance of bleeding.
  • pierce the skin fast, sharp movement.In the puncture inserted decoration that the customer using the wizard has selected in advance.
  • puncture the skin of the wipe with a disinfectant solution.

Within two hours after the piercing is recommended, if possible, only lie or stand, but do not sit - when you sit down on his stomach formedfold in this period is highly undesirable.After two hours, you can take any comfortable posture, but avoid intense exercise more, at least for two days.


Jewellery navel

traditional decoration for navel - the so-called banana Bananas: benefit and harm to health Bananas: the benefits and harms health , or curved barbell with balls on the ends, one of which loosened when you insertor removing the post.Of course, this is not limited to jewelry design - can be worn in the navel rings and pendants with a variety of decorative elements in the form of flowers, zodiac signs, geometric shapes, stars, and so on.

Buy jewelry for the navel should be only in specialized stores (many piercing salons peddling such decorations) - it sold high-quality products that will not cause irritation or allergic reaction.The first jewelry should be made of surgical steel, titanium and gold - these metals are very rarely cause any adverse reactions.Also suitable jewelry made of niobium, plastic and PTFE (these artificial materials are almost never cause rejection, but still relatively rarely used).Silver in the navel can be worn only after a puncture heal completely, but even then some people it causes rejection.

Do not buy too heavy jewelry - firstly, they can damage the unhealed skin, and secondly, they are simply uncomfortable to wear.


How to change navel jewelery

Change yourself decoration only after the piercing heals completely.Because the skin around the navel and scar tissue is formed there is much denser than the earlobe, it can be easily damaged if care is not enough to change the decoration.Entrust it to professionals - if you want to insert a new decoration, poisons in the piercing parlor.

If puncture has long healed, changing the dressing, you still need to take precautions.Wash your hands thoroughly (you can even treat their disinfectant), and only then remove the decoration.Wipe disinfectant skin around the navel, and insert a new ornament.Then again, wash your hands, as well as the decoration that you just removed.


navel piercing and pregnancy

If you do not wear jewelry in the navel, a puncture is likely to heal quickly enough.Therefore, after giving birth to do the piercing again, can be worn in the navel usually post, on average, up to the sixth month of pregnancy.Once the stomach begins to significantly increase in size, insert it into the navel barbell from a flexible material (ideal Bioplast - yet little known, but very high quality material).Instead, you can use an ordinary fishing line - it does not give an opening in the skin overgrown.


healing and care for piercings

the first few days after the piercing navel will look normal, then the skin in the area of ​​the puncture a little blush and covered with crust.Sometimes it may be isolated transparent liquid.All of this - the normal signs of the early stages of the healing process of the skin.To the doctor should apply only in case of severe redness, pain, and when released from the punctured area yellowish or greenish pus.

  • After 1.5-2 months crust completely disappear, and liquid separation will stop, but the skin will be reddish.When the color of the skin will be perfectly normal, it would mean that the piercing is fully healed.
  • While puncture heals, it should be three times a day to wipe chlorhexidine, and once a day to lubricate miramistinom.
  • Within two to three weeks after the piercing puncture should plaster to seal each time before you take a shower.It is not mandatory, but very desirable measure, which will significantly reduce the risk of infections.The same should be done before you go to the solarium Solarium: harm or benefit? Solarium: harm or benefit? .Always wear a patch is not recommended - it does not give the skin to breathe, and it slows down the process of healing tissue.
  • Do not use for cleaning the navel punctured hydrogen peroxide, iodine or alcohol.
  • While puncture heals, wear clothing that does not press on the navel - otherwise healing can take a very long time.
  • not touch the navel and decorating it with dirty hands - so you can easily carry infection.
  • If you are already showing signs of infection, several times a day to make compresses - moisten a clean cloth or gauze with antiseptic, and apply it to the navel.If the infection does not take place within seven days, or the symptoms will quickly worsen, contact your doctor.

After piercing heals, it does not need to be treated regularly with an antiseptic.However, each time taking a shower, you should thoroughly wash the navel to remove sweat, sebum and dirt that accumulate in it during the day.