Waxing bikini in the cabin - what to prepare?

bikini waxing in the salon you going to do waxing Hair removal: perfect skin without hair Hair removal: perfect skin without hair first time?It's great - you will enjoy the opportunity for a few weeks to forget about the unwanted hair.And do not worry - a procedure usually waxing Waxing: delicate solution to unwanted hair Waxing: delicate solution to the problem of unwanted hair bikini in the cabin passes pretty quickly, and each time gives less discomfort.

Can you do waxing?

If you've never done before waxing, spa or salon worker will ask you to fill out to make sure that you do this procedure is not contraindicated.The questionnaire has questions on certain infectious diseases, taking certain drugs and pregnancy.


you spend in a private room, and will be asked to undress completely below the belt.Then the employee will leave the salon, you can smoothly prepare for the procedure.


When return specialist, he or she (epilation bikini most women do) ask which specific areas you want to remove hair.Someone wants to remove only the hair, which does not cover ordinary underwear, someone needs to remove all the "vegetation" pubic and around the genitals.Frequently asked about it even during recording process to specialist know how much time he needs to spend on the client.From this will depend on the cost of the procedure.

how to prepare for hair removal

hair length should be at least 6 mm, otherwise the wax will not be able to "capture" themstrongly enough - most of the hair will remain in place, though, most likely, you will still be hurt.So, before you go to hair removal, let your hair grow back.If they are too long, the specialist who conducts the procedure, podstrizhet them.At very long hair waxing can be very painful;moreover, long hairs often detach a few millimeters from the skin surface, instead of being uprooted.

area of ​​skin, which will remove the hair clean.If you use a hard wax (it is best to remove the coarse hair), the oil applied to the skin - it will prevent possible damage.If you use soft wax, the skin is first necessary to put a special powder that absorbs all the oil present on the surface of the skin.


specialist puts on gloves and using the applicator to the hair gets warm wax.By using soft wax on top of it applied strips of cloth.Hard wax is removed, when it dries, so the fabric is required.Before you remove the wax specialist little tightens the skin - it makes the procedure less painful.


Since the wax can not be applied to the skin more than once per session, some remaining hairs with tweezers pull out.Then a specialist with a special wax removers cleanses the skin, and causes a soothing lotion.After that, you again leave the room alone, so you can get dressed.