Schedule basal body temperature during pregnancy - you need to figure

schedule of basal temperature during pregnancy During ovulation, basal temperature rises slightly - usually a quarter or half a degree Celsius.Within two or three days after the temperature rise the probability of conception is highest.With this method it is possible even before the delay monthly and before the home test may show a positive result, find out whether the pregnancy has come - it needs to know what is the schedule of basal body temperature during pregnancy.

basal body temperature - is the minimum body temperature, which is achieved at rest.Our temperature reaches a minimum in a dream, when we almost do not move, and the body has to expend relatively little energy to maintain vital functions.Measuring basal body temperature is one of the methods for determining the time of ovulation, and to choose the most appropriate moment for conception.


schedule of basal temperature in pregnant

order to determine early pregnancy with the help of the graph of basal temperature, you need to prepare it for at least three to four months.Only then you can see the features of temperature change from you, and begin to understand what they mean.The fact that the schedule of basal temperature is very individual.Although in many cases the temperature is increased during ovulation, it does not at all.In some women, basal temperature during this period is changed by less than a quarter of a degree, and someone she even declines.Therefore, to understand what happens during the menstrual cycle, the basal temperature from you, as well as to the schedule could be more likely to determine whether the pregnancy occurred, enough to schedule just for one or two months.

main recommendations for drawing proper schedule of basal temperature:

  • your temperature in the morning before get up from bed.Leave the thermometer next to the bed, it was not necessary for him to go.There you leave the pen and paper on which you will draw the graph of the basal body temperature.For temperature measurement can be used as the mercury, and electronic thermometer.If you're using a mercury thermometer, shake it before you go to bed - any physical activity can lead to an increase in temperature.(If desired, you can use thermometers are designed specifically for the measurement of basal body temperature - they are a bit more precise, but in most cases it is possible to dispense conventional thermometers);
  • your temperature after at least five hours of uninterrupted sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams ;
  • Measure basal temperature is always only one way - in the mouth, armpit, or rectum;
  • record temperature every day and to schedule, but do not look into it too much as long as you do not get a schedule at least one full cycle.Extremely careful study of graphics can give rise to false hopes, but they can become a source of stress;
  • Believe thermometer, not what you read in magazines or heard from her friends.In some women, basal temperature drops during ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? .If a thermometer at a time when your calculations must be ovulating, shows a decrease in temperature is likely he is right, but just in case you can measure the temperature of another thermometer.

What will be the schedule of basal pregnancy when the pregnancy finally come?Experts say if the basal temperature remains elevated for eighteen or more days after ovulation, it is worth to buy a pregnancy test.Remember that although this graph the probability that you are pregnant, it is very large, it is not a guarantee, so with this feature should be treated with a mild optimism.By the way, if you at ovulation basal body temperature is reduced, it can be a little bit lower in the first days after the onset of pregnancy.Here is an example

pretty typical basal body temperature changes during pregnancy.On the day of ovulation the temperature rises up to 36.3S 36.7S.Over the next three days, she rises to one-tenth of a degree every day, growing to 37 ° C.Then, for another two or three days, basal body temperature does not change, then it drops to 36.6-36.5S- this day (about five or six days after ovulation) occurs implantation of a fertilized egg.In the next two or three days basal temperature again begins to rise, and rises to 36.8-37S.Then, for another ten to fourteen days it ranges from 36.7S 37.1S up to, but not lower than basal body temperature at the time of ovulation.

When pregnancy does not occur, the basal body temperature can be increased during the nine-eleven days after ovulation.However, the temperature can be raised for eighteen days or more, not only upon the occurrence of pregnancy, but also, for example, women with irregular menstrual cycle.


Answers to common questions about the chart of basal body temperature and pregnancy

basal body temperature remains elevated for eighteen days, but I'm not pregnant.What is the reason?

addition phases of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy in basal body temperature can be influenced by the following factors:

  • colds, flu and other diseases that cause fever.The schedule of basal temperature for the cycle during which a woman suffered such diseases is not entirely accurate.Furthermore, some diseases which do not cause fever, can also cause that the basal temperature after ovulation will remain elevated for longer than usual;
  • Taking certain medications;
  • Drinking alcohol, especially in large quantities.In general, women who are trying to get pregnant is better to give up alcohol.It is well known that it can lead to various problems during pregnancy, as well as malformations in the fetus.If you still continue to use, record, when and how much you drank keep track of how alcohol affects your basal temperature;
  • strong emotional stress.We stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? can be a variety of consequences, including the unusual dynamics of changes in basal body temperature;
  • Very intense exercise;
  • traveling, especially if they are associated with a sharp change in climate and / or the change of time zones;
  • regime change.Schedule basal body temperature can be atypical, if you started to get up earlier or later;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Discontinuation of combined oral contraceptives in less than two months ago;
  • use electric blankets or too high temperature in the bedroom;
  • Sleep problems - insomnia, somnambulism, frequent awakenings during the night;
  • Smoking.From this habit, like drinking alcohol, it is highly recommended to give before pregnancy.

If basal temperature decreased in eight to ten days after ovulation, it always means that the pregnancy has not occurred?

not always - signs of pregnancy can be very individual.In some cases, the early stages of basal temperature is lowered, or rather sharply varies.

What are the signs of pregnancy, in addition to increased basal body temperature, you may notice in the early stages?

Early signs of pregnancy are nausea (usually not very strong and frequent), breast tenderness, a metallic taste in the mouth metallic taste in the mouth - what causes and how to get rid of? Metallic taste in the mouth - what causes and how to get rid of? , weak and short-term bleeding after five to seven days after ovulation, light cramping in the lower abdomen.If you have for more than two weeks after ovulation, basal temperature is increased, and there were any of these symptoms, chances are you are pregnant, it is very large.