Headaches during pregnancy: what to help themselves?

headaches during pregnancy Headaches during pregnancy occur in every fifth woman.However, not all patients know that this disease has many varieties.The true definition of the nature of pain will help select the most appropriate tactics of "defense."


Migraine when tolerate no urine

Migraine usually occurs in women as early as adolescence.But perhaps for the first time to express themselves in adulthood, including during pregnancy.

This illness headache is unilateral, predominantly temporo-frontal, location.During seizures can occur:

  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • dizziness.

Many patients complain of chills and trembling in the hands, intolerance to sound, light.

pain of migraine is always sharp, throbbing.Sometimes their appearance is preceded by a set of symptoms, which are called migraine "aura."It can be shifty "flies" before their eyes, a flash of light, olfactory hallucinations."Aura" occurs suddenly for 20-30 minutes before the attack, and just as suddenly disappear.

Migraines last from several hours to several days.Once the pain passes, the patient feels sluggish, drowsy.Very often the disease is inherited - from mother to daughter.

provoke migraine attack can be anything:

  • nervous experiences,
  • change in the weather,
  • physical factors (noise, pungent smells, flickering lights, stuffiness),
  • intake of certain foods (such as cheese, chocolate, smoked, citrus or nuts),
  • physical fatigue.

Many women suffer from the disease connection with hormonal changes.For example, pre-pregnancy most patients migraine occurs in the first days of menstruation, or a few days before.

during childbearing attacks may increase in the first trimester, due to increased production of progesterone.By the third trimester, when the concentration of the hormone in the body decreases, headaches, on the contrary, are becoming increasingly rare.

state of pregnancy complicated by the fact that the admission of specific antimigraine drugs (triptans) it is not allowed.Such means constricts blood vessels of the placenta, which is fraught with fetal hypoxia fetal hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body Fetal Hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body .The only solution for the application of analgesic is paracetamol.But its effect is not always effective enough.Additionally

help ease the pain:

  • cold compresses on the forehead and temples,
  • self-massage of the head,
  • tight tug head scarf or handkerchief.

As preventive measures, doctors recommend:

  • douche,
  • swimming,
  • breathing exercises,
  • diet therapy (to be excluded from the diet products that may provoke seizures),
  • acupuncture,
  • frequent walksfresh air.


tension headaches - learn to relax

most common causes of headaches during pregnancy - muscular and emotional tension.In such cases, seizures associated with muscle contraction head surface.The pain in this case is "dumb" aching in nature.Patients have a feeling as if his head squeezed band or helmet.In medicine, this condition is called "helmet neurotic."

According to doctors, from tension headaches affect about 45% of women.During pregnancy, the disease usually manifests itself with the same force as before.But sometimes the frequency of attacks may increase.

may provoke pain:

  • visual fatigue,
  • long stay in the same body position,
  • stress,
  • physical work.

Very often attacks occur by the end of the working day for women who are forced to spend much time at the computer at his desk, or workers in a situation of high emotional intensity (eg, teachers).

tension headache often be removed without the aid of drugs.Assist any techniques that promote relaxation:

  • massage,
  • reflexology,
  • rinse the head with warm water,
  • douche,
  • aromatherapy.

When sedentary work necessarily recommended to take breaks to rest and physical workout every 1.5-2 hours.


Vascular problems: hypotension and hypertension

Vascular headaches and aching in nature have almost always felt.Hypotension often disturbs the women in the first trimester of pregnancy, especially when the condition is complicated by toxicosis.Patients complain of drowsiness, lethargy.Hurts are usually the whole head, but longer - in the forehead.

Hypertension often accompanies late toxicosis (gestosis).In addition to increasing pressure from women diagnosed swelling, protein in the urine protein in the urine - a sign of danger, which should not be underestimated The protein in the urine - a sign of danger, which should not be underestimated .Headaches are especially strong in the morning, for dinner they may subside.Whines basically one head.

Amid changes in blood pressure treatment of headache during pregnancy should be taken only after consultation with a specialist.The doctor ordered a medical examination to ascertain the reasons the disease course and select the appropriate medications.


Cervical osteochondrosis

Cervical osteochondrosis osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight Osteochondrosis - learn how to distribute the weight sooner or later leads to the displacement of the vertebrae."Walkers" vertebrae compress the blood vessels that nourish the brain.Due to the fact that the blood supply is disrupted, and headaches.They are located, usually in the occipital region.At the same time the patient experience dizziness, weakness, fatigue.Condition worsens when overstrained muscles of the neck and shoulder area, such as prolonged sitting in one position.

treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease Cervical osteochondrosis - the lot of office workers Cervical osteochondrosis - the lot of office workers should be complex.Good effect during pregnancy give chiropractic, massage, acupuncture.In attacks of headaches recommended cold compresses on the back of the neck.


Beam pain: no gasp or sigh

Sheaf of pain - the most powerful type of headache that is very rarely diagnosed in women (less than 0.5% of cases).Pain patients fall on a series of attacks that can be repeated several days or months.These "clusters" occur once in 2-3 years.

first attack happens at night.Pain focus on one side of the head, covering the forehead, jaw, eyes, temple and ear.His face reddens during the attack, covered with sweat.Pain is particularly strong in the first 10 minutes, then for 20-30 minutes and then subside aggravated.

reasons "beams" are unknown to science.To facilitate the condition of the patient is prescribed oxygen therapy and nasal sprays with lidocaine.