Colostrum during pregnancy - as the breast preparing for lactation

Colostrum during pregnancy most useful view of feeding is a natural for a newborn or breastfeeding when the mother is breastfeeding.The process of preparation of the breast for breastfeeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! begins during pregnancy.At this stage, the woman may receive colostrum, which is a physiological phenomenon.Colostrum during pregnancy is not at all pregnant women, which is also to be considered normal.


When begins to produce colostrum during pregnancy

Isolation colostrum during pregnancy is not observed at all pregnant.This is not a pathological condition, worry about it not worth it.Colostrum in these pregnant women appears with the onset of labor or shortly after their completion.Quite often one can observe a situation that, starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, the mammary gland begins preparation for breastfeeding.Pregnant colostrum flows freely, while noting that it has a yellow color and thick consistency.

As we approach the process of change is observed in nature childbirth colostrum.It becomes more liquid, transparent.The greatest quantity of colostrum is released on the second or third day after birth.The woman herself may feel that colostrum muscles pushed to the nipple as a light tingling or itching.This is a temporary discomfort gradually passes and does not cause any negative symptoms.

Every woman colostrum allocation takes place in different amounts.This is a characteristic of every woman, so a woman will be a little colostrum, and the other - a lot.In rare cases, you can watch the preparation of the mammary glands, from the early stages of pregnancy.Physiological changes in the breast is one of the signs of pregnancy, and this feature has been successfully used for diagnostic purposes.


Terms of hygienic care of the breasts

With copious colostrum create a favorable environment for the growth of microorganisms.To prevent the development of inflammatory complications, you should follow the recommendations for the care of breast cancer.To these recommendations include the following:

  • use of special gaskets feminine pads - talk about wings Feminine pads - talk about wings breast with their frequent changes
  • washing breast clean warm water

Do not use disinfectants for cleaning breasts.It relates to the use of any soap or cosmetic gels and other means.

hygiene frequency can be adjusted by the woman with the amount allocated colostrum.

most important condition in the care of breast cancer is to avoid any pressure on the chest and pumping.If a woman will express colostrum, it is a motivating factor produce substances that cause uterine contractions.In such a situation there is a threat of termination of pregnancy.Colostrum should drain freely, it is strictly forbidden to try to squeeze out the contents of the breast.

important point is how to find the right bra.Bra should choose their fabrics that will allow air and ensure that the processes of thermoregulation.Underwear should not pinch the breast and bra straps - cuts right into the shoulders.Solve the problem of sagging breasts during pregnancy can properly fitted bra that supports the breast.During pregnancy, there is a gradual increase in breast cancer several sizes, so you need to buy a few different sizes of bras options.


unique chemical composition of colostrum

Colostrum has a chemical composition that fully meets the needs of the growing organism of the newborn.Subsequently, it provides a self-regulating system at the level of full breastfeeding.There is a trend to rapid changes in the chemical composition of colostrum during the first days of life of the newborn.A distinctive feature of the colostrum is high content of proteins.

protein for the growing organism is primarily a building material.Colostrum has a substance whose presence protects the body or increased immune strength.This is an immunoglobulin.Most importantly, the type A immunoglobulins.This type of the child's body protects against penetration of pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses, due to the fact that the immunoglobulins coated mucosa of the digestive tract and the oral cavity.Protective immune factors is passive immunity of the newborn.Contained in the mouth of the newborn immunoglobulins are a reliable prevention of mastitis in lactating women.

content of vitamin colostrum differs significantly from the milk, and exceeding it in some indicators.

proved, for example, vitamin A Vitamin A: important element of health and beauty Vitamin A: An important element of the health and beauty , ascorbic acid is several times greater in colostrum than in human breast milk.The work of the digestive tract of the newborn is largely determined contained in colostrum atsilofilnymi sticks.These beneficial bacteria help to digest breast milk in the future, as well as the removal of meconium by a laxative effect.Colostrum prepares the intestinal epithelium to the proper functioning of the process of digestion by it contains growth factors, hormones, peptides Peptides: a new panacea? Peptides: The new panacea? .

Colostrum is more energetic value in comparison with breast milk.Newborn excessive load does not occur on the urinary system, the kidneys, since colostrum is sufficiently small fluid, wherein there is a large density of important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.For newborn colostrum is a kind of transitional stage between prenatal nutrition and breastfeeding.

Marina Solovyov