The effects of stress during pregnancy - what are the strategies of controlling emotions

the effects of stress during pregnancy During pregnancy, a woman reacts to the world around us quite emotional, so exposed to the negative effects of stress.The effects of stress during pregnancy are associated primarily with the effect on the developing fetus, as well as on the body of the future mother.The pregnant should try to cope with the emerging stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? in the body, it can help developed methods.These techniques are each in their own way can control the emotional state.


value of psychological comfort during pregnancy

course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child depends on the emotional state of a pregnant.Ideally, women should be shielded from stress, but in real life this is practically impossible.In today's world most people live in a state of chronic stress, so it is important to reduce the potential negative effects of stress to a minimum.For pregnant is very important psychological comfort.

expectant mother must to organize your daily routine that she had a restful sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .Adherence to work and leisure is considered key to the overall health of the body, especially the immune and cardiovascular systems.The state of the activity of these systems depends on the body's metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting , as well as the functioning of the major organs and systems.Pregnant should get enough sleep, not tired, because these facts contribute to the emergence of feelings of irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper .Increased nervousness, irritability, inner considered as provoking moments of threatened abortion.

Creating psychological comfort depends on the inner attitude of the pregnant woman.Many pregnant women experience stress because they do not have sufficient knowledge about current physiological changes in the body.In this situation it can be recommended to attend special courses for pregnant women, during which it is possible not only to hear the expert, as well as chat with other pregnant women.


How does stress on the developing fetus

Nervous stress during pregnancy are not only in a negative impact on the fetus.Stress affects the character of the course of pregnancy, increasing the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.If a pregnant woman is celebrated poor morale, then a child may be violated not only the physical, but also mental development in the postpartum period.Stress is dangerous for the health of the developing fetus, the possible consequences of experts include the following disease states:

  • lag in the development of the fetus (formation of a syndrome of developmental delay)
  • mental and emotional retardation
  • anoxia as a result may cause entanglement umbilical cord aroundneck or torso of the fetus
  • malformations (found in the low percentage of cases)

consequences of severe stress during pregnancy are most pronounced when a stressful situation has occurred in the first trimester, when there is an active development of all functional systems.

Amid nervous stress in pregnancy may change her eating habits and behavior.Many women begin to "jam" stress violate advice on nutrition during pregnancy.It is noted that some pregnant women in stressful situations can drink alcohol or smoke, which refers to the risk factors for the development of pathological conditions in the developing hearth.


Practical advice for pregnant women

Psychological comfortable state of pregnant women is the key to a successful outcome of pregnancy.This is largely due to the psychological situation in the family.For pregnant, it is important to feel the support of the spouse, relatives and close friends.During this period the woman is experiencing the discomfort associated with a change in its physical state.It is important to help the pregnant woman, in this case must be not only physical assistance (for example, home cleaning), as well as emotional support.This is most true in the case if a woman is at risk for complications.

Most pregnant women can cope with a temporary psychological discomfort.If a woman feels that she alone can not overcome the changes associated with pregnancy, it is best to seek the assistance of a specialist.

during pregnancy is very important to mental work, because there are many techniques that reduce the impact of stress.It can be even simple relaxation exercises that are available from a practical point of view, any pregnant woman.

as equipment to deal with stress, experts recommend carrying out massage.Methods procedures should take into account the gestational age, the presence of complications or any concomitant illnesses.Through massage achieved complete relaxation that helps to normalize the functional state of organs and body systems.In terms of relaxation there is the activation of physiological processes.Procedure massage helps produce nutrients that help fight stress (endorphins, serotonin).Before starting the massage you need to consult a doctor who oversees pregnant.Independently make appointments to the masseur is not recommended.

ability to relax is largely due to the favorable course of the birth process itself.Training relaxation can also contribute to the overall strengthening of the physical body's pregnant, it's important to prepare for childbirth.Generic act is an emotional and physical burden on the body, so such changes should be prepared for every pregnant woman, and such training should be carried out with the small dates.

Marina Solovyov