Pomegranate during pregnancy - can be considered the fruit of healing

grenades during pregnancy Many women overestimate the beneficial properties of pomegranate, considering it a medical product.By the use of this product should be taken very carefully as often grenades during pregnancy becomes a causal factor in the development of allergic conditions.If you drink pure pomegranate juice, then you need to take into account the high concentration of the drink.You can not argue that the grenade must eat all pregnant women, without exception, so it is about the health properties of products to consult a doctor.


Garnet and prevention of anemia

proved that pomegranate differs a high content of vitamins, trace elements, which generally have a beneficial effect on the whole body and the developing fetus as well.Since ancient times was known beneficial properties of this fruit.This is primarily attributed vitamins (vitamins is A, C, E and group B), as well as trace elements (iron, iodine, calcium, potassium, etc.).If

find out what is useful grenades during pregnancy, it should stay on the treatment of anemia Anemia - when you do not have enough blood Anemia - when you do not have enough blood .A low hemoglobin level is often difficult during pregnancy negatively affects the state of health of the woman and the developing fetus.Anemia is treatable necessarily so for therapeutic purposes assigned to receive iron-containing preparations.If a pregnant woman has been a significant decrease in the level of hemoglobin (anemia, moderate and severe), the reception of only one pomegranate juice will be insufficient.

Use natural pomegranate juice can be recommended as an effective preventive agent, especially if the woman is at risk for anemia.For this purpose it is sufficient to drink glasses of juice fasting half to three times per day.The iron content in the garnet is sufficient to maintain the level of hemoglobin Hemoglobin: worse - low or high? Hemoglobin: worse - low or high? a pregnant woman.


What are the contraindications for the use of pomegranate

a mistake to think that the pomegranate is healthy fruit, so you can eat withoutfears.Pomegranate has some contraindications, knowledge of which is to avoid the possible negative effects or complications.Pomegranate juice is rather concentrated and contains a lot of acids, so you can not drink fresh natural juice, if a pregnant woman has the following diseases:

  • peptic ulcer gastritis
  • change gastric acidity (acidification)

natural Drinkjuice recommended not pure and dilute pre clean boiled water or other juices (e.g., add in equal proportions carrot juice or beet).For pregnant women, the combination juice is very useful in terms of vitamin saturation.

Excess acid in garnet may adversely affect the condition of tooth enamel.Garnet has a feature painted enamel, so it is recommended to drink fresh juice through a straw.

information in the literature that most red foods promotes allergies.In the garnet no substances which may be the source of sensitization of the organism.You should always take into account the individual characteristics of the body of a pregnant woman.It is recommended to stop using juice or pomegranate seeds in the presence of distinct manifestations of allergy.If a pregnant woman has a tendency to constipation, the garnet may exacerbate these violations by its member tannins.With regard to these features a woman should get medical advice.


How useful grenades during pregnancy

Useful substances contained in the garnet allow ease symptoms of toxicity.This complication is quite common, so it is important to choose an effective remedy.Vegetable products, fruits may reduce pathological manifestations or symptoms of toxicity in terms of efficiency, they do not concede the action of certain drugs.Grenades or other fruits for therapeutic purposes is only possible with the permission of the doctor, as the danger of complications is high toxicity, it is important not to miss in terms of timeliness of therapy.

severe symptoms of toxicity in the first trimester is reduced if pregnant will eat pomegranate.Symptoms of toxicity include nausea Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system , vomiting, therefore, to evaluate the efficacy of pomegranate can be based on reducing the severity of pathological symptoms.In the second trimester of pregnancy in women often develop swelling.

proved that pomegranate has a diuretic effect, so that the swelling is noticeably reduced, improving the overall health of the pregnant.

If a pregnant woman would regularly eat pomegranate seeds, it normalizes blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? .The antihypertensive effect of a grenade can be used effectively as a preventive measure, if a woman is threatened by the development of preeclampsia.

Pregnancy is a physiological state of immunosuppression, so pregnant women at risk of developing colds and various inflammatory diseases.Garnet has a bracing, immunomodulatory effects.If a pregnant woman will eat up about one half of the fruit, then this would be sufficient for a reliable prophylactic effect.It may be recommended to eat grenades during the seasonal increase in colds.

Most gynecologists prescribed in this period, a variety of complex multivitamin preparations.Use fresh fruits and vegetables it is undeniable, therefore, these two areas in prophylactic treatment can be successfully combined.The main thing is not to use grenades in large quantities, should be the measure that will contribute the maximum manifestation of the beneficial properties of fruit.

Marina Solovyov