Harbingers of labor in multiparous: how to recognize them

harbingers of labor in multiparous before the onset of labor in women, a number of symptoms that are called forerunners.These signs indicate the willingness of the organism to labor.Harbingers of labor in multiparous does not significantly differ from these same symptoms in women giving birth for the first time.


«omission» belly

For two or three weeks before the birth the woman stretched the lower segment of the uterus and the fetal presenting part is pressed against the entrance to the pelvis.At the same time, the tone of the abdominal muscles is somewhat reduced, and the bottom of the uterus is tipped forwards.Because of this, a pregnant belly falls, and she says that she has become easier to breathe.Many passes heartburn Heartburn - no cause for concern? Heartburn - no cause for concern? .

center of gravity of the body moves anteriorly, and the head and shoulders of a woman retracted.This gait is often called "the proud gait."Also bulging belly button.


Mood changes

Before the birth of a child is a series of specific changes in the central and autonomic nervous systems.Against this background, a woman can often change the mood.

For pregnant a few days before delivery characteristic irritability.Some, on the contrary, experiencing a state of apathy.Women may also disturb the sense of "tide" to the head.


Weight loss

About two or three days before the onset of labor the woman notices that her body mass is reduced by one or two kilos.This is a natural reaction of the body.

Shortly before birth occurs frustration of a chair.Bowel movements occur more often than usual.A few hours before the contractions may be nausea Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system Nausea - there may be problems with the nervous system and vomiting.For most women, lack of appetite, and the phenomenon is also considered normal.


discomfort in the lower abdomen and the sacrum there is a feeling of pulling character.After some time, they can become cramping.Usually these sensations occur sporadically.But in some women, they are stored for a long time.


Changes in the activity of the fetus

This is yet another harbinger of sorts.Active baby changing just a few days before the fights.The woman said that physical activity decreases the fetus.Baby move is smaller than before.


«False 'bout

Contractions-precursors (" false "contractions) - a separate irregular contractions that occur before the onset of labor.They are painless and occur at longer intervals.These contractions can last from several hours to several days.On this background there is a gradual shortening of the cervix.

woman carries "false" contractions easily.They usually appear at night, in a state of rest.The behavior of pregnant does not affect the frequency and intensity of such reductions.


mucous plug

Shortly before the birth of the vagina stands thick sticky mucus.This secret glands, which are located in the cervix, and it is called the mucus plug.Often on the discharge of the latter appear background spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology .This is due to minor throat torn edges of the cervix.


Changes in cervical

main indicator of preparedness for childbirth - "maturity" of the cervix.This criterion is determined by the doctor.

«maturity» of the cervix is ​​associated with increased fluid content in it, and the softening of the connective tissue.Also important are changes in collagen and elastin, as well as "razvoloknenie" muscle bundles.Against the background of these changes in the cervix throughout its length becomes soft and stretchable.Her vaginal portion is shortened.

Doctors allocate a number of factors that could delay the preparation of the woman's body for childbirth and cervical ripening.Their first group is related to hormonal imbalance, which is accompanied by indirect signs such as:

  • untimely onset of menarche (first menstruation);
  • disturbances in the body fat metabolism;
  • ovarian dysfunction.It often occurs on the background of chronic inflammation of the uterus inflammation of the uterus - is one of the most common gynecological diseases The inflammation of the uterus - one of the most common gynecological diseases ;
  • underdevelopment of genitals (genital infantilism).

next group of factors - a violation of the structure of the uterus.They include:

  • uterine malformations;
  • tumors of the uterus;
  • scarring of the uterus;
  • Chronic idiometritis (inflammation of the muscular layer of the uterus);
  • genital infantilism;
  • woman Age 35 years (at this time, begins the replacement of muscle fibers connecting tissue of the uterus).

delays ripening the cervix can occur in the background of impaired energy metabolism of muscle cells of the uterus.This is due to:

  • pathological preliminary (preparatory) period.Normally during this time period the body has finally tune in to the next generations;
  • anemia;
  • factors that hinder leave (for example, because of prolonged pregnancy, or scarring of the cervix).

In order to assess the degree of "maturity" of the cervix, can be used a variety of techniques.Mature cervix is ​​fully softened and shortened.Cervical (cervical) channel transmits one or more fingers of the doctor.After vaginal vault specialist can clearly enough to probe fetal presenting part.The walls of the vaginal portion of the cervix become thinned.



Some pregnant women mistakenly believe that amniorrhea also relates to the precursors of labor.In normal fetal bladder, in which the child is in the uterus, broken only during the first stage of labor.

In cases where the fetal membranes rupture before the start contractions, rupture of membranes called prenatal.On the early outpouring say when the water moving away after the onset of labor, but the full cervical dilatation.Belated rupture of membranes is associated with their increased density.This bag of waters is broken after being fully revealed the cervix.

Every pregnant woman should be able to recognize all of the precursors.It will help women to timely prepare for an offensive labor.