Postpartum massage - an effective and useful

Postpartum massage Postpartum massage can be just as important and useful as a massage during pregnancy.Postpartum body therapy is an effective and holistic approach in many ways to adapt to motherhood.To my surprise, you can get much more than just a spa treatment.

Massage - known method of relaxation, relieve stress and pain, and many other kinds of positive effects on human health.The unique effect of massage on the body after the birth includes controlling hormones, reduced edema, improved sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and breastfeeding.More advanced therapy helps restore the body to its pre-pregnancy state, speeds healing and helps to recover after cesarean section.

Find masseur who has a certificate in the field of prenatal and perinatal massage.Qualification - a very important point.


Benefits postpartum massage

Postpartum massage has proven to be an effective way to faster recovery and better health.The use of physical therapy for the mothers can greatly increase the effectiveness of physical recovery and the transition to motherhood.He has a lot of advantages.


Relaxation and stress reduction

Massage relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and reduces levels of stress hormones How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , resulting in relaxation.Your body will be grateful to you for such care after nine months of changes, the culmination of which is the birth of one of the greatest miracles.Some women prefer a light relaxing massage, while others are more serious methods.Application of myofascial and craniosacral therapy can penetrate deeper into the body for a full recovery.Any of these types of massage bring relaxation and stress reduction.

Anxiety and depression respond very well to therapy qualified.About two-thirds of new mothers experience postpartum temporary worsening of mood associated with hormonal changes, new responsibilities and some disappointments.Emotional support and other benefits of massage can help during this transition period.Postpartum depression is more severe the longer a condition that affects 10-15% of mothers.Studies show that massage is useful for the treatment of postpartum depression.Do not hesitate to consult with medical professionals ask them for help, including from specialists working with postpartum physical condition.


Pain relief

Residual pain in the body after pregnancy - a common phenomenon.Breastfeeding and child care can enhance the pain in the back, arms, shoulders and so on.Massage is an effective integrated approach, which relaxes muscles and relieves pain without drugs.A skilled therapist can even solve the problems associated with numbness and tingling.Persistent or severe pain may require several treatments.


hormonal regulation

Massage improves hormonal balance after delivery.Estrogen levels Estrogen - the key to healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health and progesterone is very high during pregnancy and after childbirth is reduced.A prolactin and oxytocin rises to facilitate breastfeeding.Studies show that massage reduces levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.Some essential oils can also adjust the hormonal balance and improve your mood.Massage also affects the natural biochemical substances associated with depression (serotonin and dopamine) and problems of the cardiovascular system (noradrenaline), supporting the young mother during the transition to maternity.


reduce swelling

body fluids also have to come to a balance after pregnancy, during which there is an increase in fluid volume by about 50%.Massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, facilitating the removal of excess fluid from the body.Stimulation of tissue helps your body to withdraw the water in the right places.Swelling also depend on hormones, which affect the majority of the most significant changes after birth.Massage helps to regulate hormones, which in turn reduces swelling.Keep plenty of fluid intake for recovery and lactation, even if you might still have swelling.


Improved sleep

Most young mothers after giving birth feel exhausted and frazzled clock care for the child.Massage eases fatigue, promotes relaxation and helps with sleep.Studies have shown an increase in delta brain waves (those that accompany a deep sleep) with massage therapy.That is why very often people fall asleep during the massage.Getting enough sleep is the key to postpartum recovery.Everything is changing and improving, when you feel rested.Arrange for yourself this kind of care and have regular massages for a better rest and sleep.In one of the studies established a connection between good sleep and loss inherent in pregnancy belly fat.


Improving breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift for your newborn, but can also be a problem for some moms.Massage relaxes the body, improves circulation and increases milk production.Studies show that massage increases levels of prolactin, a hormone lactation.Relaxation pectoral muscles "open" arms and improves lactation.New research shows that massage helps relieve chest pain in it, reduces sodium levels in breast milk, and improves the ability of the newborn to suck.Talk to your doctor about this service, as work directly on the breast may be illegal in some areas.


When can I start the post-natal massage

You can start the post-natal massage, as soon as you feel comfortable to do so.The expert will take into account your status, for example, if you have a stomach ache or chest.If you have a post-natal complications, first consult your doctor.


What positions are safe during the postpartum massage

Any position is safe after the birth, but can be adjusted depending on the specifics of your convenience or massage.Some moms like to lie face down, after they were lying on their sides for nearly nine months.Others may be uncomfortable to lie face-down because of discomfort in the chest or from breast milk.Position on your side can be a convenient and very effective for the treatment of specific problems in the shoulders, pelvis and legs.


Can I bring my child with a massage

Many mothers want for a while to keep the child in good hands and get some rest.But others prefer to take the newborn with her.Ask your doctor whether infants are welcome with a massage.Some experts are satisfied with the presence of young visitors.Newborns typically sleep a lot, and experienced doctor can adjust the procedure for the child, if necessary (for breastfeeding, and so on).With a child may need extra time, so get approval in advance of the masseur.


Aromatherapy massage during postnatal

Massage with aromatherapy can be a very effective treatment for post-partum mothers.Essential oils are pure extracts from plants and can help to relax, adjust hormone balance, cleansing, reduce anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? or depression.Most high-quality oils are safe and hypoallergenic for women after pregnancy, but let your therapist know what you are breastfeeding.Fragrances can dissipate into the air, adding to apply lotion or topical.Find out about the level of competence of your expert in this area and whether there should be an additional charge.


Turn postpartum massage in your care after pregnancy

Massage can improve recovery after childbirth and the health of many women.Complete instructions and advice of your physician massage to support the transition to your new maternal role.A trained therapist can help you in the physical, emotional and educational support you to find joy in motherhood.Consult your doctor if you have any complications or problems before starting any new therapeutic procedure.