Water childbirth - how dangerous?

water delivery Today there are several types of alternative obstetrics.Childbirth at home, without anesthesia or water are considered closest to the natural conditions.How are water delivery, as to prepare them and what risks do they represent?


Preparing to leave water

lessons in the pool beginning with the fifth month of pregnancy.It's about preparing the expectant mother to the appearance of the baby both physically and psychologically.

Being in warm (32C) water, the woman does not feel its weight, and move freely.Classes in the pool to help pregnant women keep fit, strengthen muscles, especially pelvic muscles, teach proper breathing and relaxation of different poses Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic! Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic! .

body prepares for childbirth in a comfortable environment: water relaxes and soothes the future mother.At the gynecologist who specializes in water delivery, treatment procedure swimming coach.


Relief fights

In France, deliveries directly into the water are very rare.As a general rule, speaking of birth in water is meant only the facilitation of fights in the bath.The very same way the child from the mother's womb takes place in the air.At the same time, not every hospital offers water therapy.If your choice is made in favor of this procedure, ask your doctor to give you a list of such establishments.

Since the beginning of active labor a woman can take a comfortable position in a large tank with warm water (temperature - 37 ° C).Bathroom is in a maternity unit.

well known that the properties of water help fight spazmovymi pain, make the body weightless.In the water, the woman is easier to move and take a comfortable position.In addition, the water opens the uterus and softens the crotch.

At birth in water epidural anesthesia is practiced.Monitoring allows you to monitor the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions baby.


Are there risks in childbirth in water

Childbirth in water are safe, if they are conducted by experienced specialists.This method of birth is the most comfortable for the child.For nine months, he is in the amniotic fluid, so water for the newborn - the natural environment.

While the fetus is in the womb, he was not breathing, his lungs begin to work only on contact with air.Once the baby emerges from her womb, he was immediately removed from the water and placed on the mother's abdomen.Woman in labor to be released from the reservoir to the placenta.

For the mother this type of delivery is also not dangerous.If the battles in the water there are complications, the woman in childbirth is converted into an ordinary tribal office.


where the practice of water birth

Water births are popular in Belgium and Finland.In France, only a few maternity hospitals offer this service (this is not a complete list of such institutions):

  • Clinique Champs Fleuri à Décines (69)
  • Maternité des Lilas (93)
  • Centre hospitalier d'Arcachon, La Teste de Buch(33)
  • Centre hospitalier de Guingamp (22)
  • Polyclinique d'Oloron (64)
  • Clinique de Pithiviers (45).



Childbirth in water can choose any woman whose pregnancy is without complications.But in some cases, water births may be a risk to the health of mother and child.These include:

  • high blood pressure, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes
  • HIV, hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time Hepatitis - the scourge of our time B or other viral diseases
  • Abnormal placental location
  • irregular heartbeat of the fetus, or any other anomaly that occurred during labor
  • Prematurity and various pathologies
  • Multiple pregnancy

Any of the above factors, the doctor has the right to ban birth in the aquatic environment.