Erosion of the cervix after childbirth - an individual approach to treatment

erosion of the cervix after childbirth erosion of the cervix after childbirth can go on their own, if the cause of its occurrence.But nothing could ride: the state of erosion should observe gynecologist.Only the gynecologist can decide whether to treat cervical erosion and in what way.


erosion of the cervix and birth

Cervical erosion does not prevent the birth but creates a risk of complications.During labor, changes in the cervix may not be disclosed, threatening infection of the fetus.Furthermore, erosion during pregnancy may increase due to the physiological reduction of immunity, and joining infection.

therefore erosion of the cervix before labor try conservative methods to treat, affecting in the first place, to the infection.Methods moxibustion cervical erosion is not treated before birth, as the cervix can be scars that will lead to a breach of its disclosure at the time of delivery.

Childbirth at cervical erosion are normally.An exception can only be a condition in which the cervix after a long flowing erosion and several moxibustion has a lot of scarring and the risk of violation of the disclosure of the cervix.In this case, weigh the pros and cons, and addressed the issue of caesarean section.

If cervical erosion occurred during pregnancy and the woman at the same time carried out the necessary treatment, warning of infection after childbirth, such erosion can go on their ownrestore hormonal background.However, a woman with cervical erosion Cervical erosion - almost without symptoms, but the effects of Cervical erosion - almost without symptoms, but with consequences must always be observed gynecologist.

If necessary, erosion of the cervix after childbirth should be treated with the reasons for its development.

Cervical erosion can occur after childbirth.The cause of the erosion in this case are the breaks of the cervix caused during a difficult birth.Typically, when performed correctly and childbirth subsequent treatment of cervical injuries such complications arise.But if the injury during childbirth complicated merger infection, development of erosion is quite real.


What is the danger of erosion of the cervix after childbirth

not treated cervical erosion that occurred after birth, can occur for a long time, which is fraught with complications in the form of scarring on the cervix, which complicate the generations.But the most unpleasant complication of cervical erosion is dysplasia - change squamous cells.Dysplasia is considered a precancerous condition.

That is why the erosion of the cervix, which arose after delivery should be monitored and, if necessary, treated.


How to treat cervical erosion after childbirth

First, identify the causes of cervical erosion.In addition to the injury it might be an infection, identify it, and being treated.Woman prescribe antibiotics (including sensitivity to them identified infectious agents), baths with antiseptic solutions, including herbal extracts.After the uterus back to normal after childbirth addressed the issue of the erosion of cauterization Cauterisation cervical erosion - which method is right for you? Moxibustion cervical erosion - which method is right for you? , if necessary.But sometimes conducted after medical treatment erosion first decreases and then passes.

If erosion is not reduced, it sear (coagulate) in various ways:

  • chemical coagulation - treatment of the cervix with special drugs that destroy destroyed epithelium (eg Solkovagina);This method is used in small erosions;
  • cold coagulation (cryosurgery) - cervical tissue in the process of erosion by liquid nitrogen, healthy tissue with virtually no damage;
  • diathermocoagulation - erosion sear electric shock;Method painful and traumatic, contributing to the formation of rough scars in the future on the cervix, however, it still applies;with extensive erosion and the risk of developing dysplasia dysplasia - What is it? Dysplasia - what is it? held removal of part of the tissue of the cervix - diatermokonizatsiya;
  • laser coagulation - erosion cauterize target and a laser beam;method is considered efficient and non-traumatic;
  • cauterization of erosion by means of radio waves - the most modern, efficient and secure method leaves a minimum amount of scarring.

after cauterization woman must necessarily be observed gynecologist - there is a risk of recurrence of erosion, especially if a woman has a hormonal disturbances, or latent infection.

treatment of cervical erosion that occurred after delivery, in any case there shall be a woman alone, because it is not itself able to notice a change in the cells of erosion (dysplasia) and its rebirth into a malignant tumor Malignant tumor: cells are mad Malignant tumor: cells are mad .

Galina Romanenko