Useful Habits: How to change your life

  • Useful Habits: How to change your life
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healthy habits In modern society, very often talk about alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction.But while many people forget that there are in addition to harmful and useful habits that greatly facilitate the life of man.They help not only to maintain good health during the day, but also to improve health.


enough sleep

During sleep, the person is at rest and recuperate.Adult needs to sleep at least eight hours per day.Going to bed should always be at one and the same time, until midnight.It is also important to wake up every day at the same time, no matter how many people sleep.

Daytime sleep will be useful to those people who do not suffer from insomnia.But sleep during the day is recommended no more than half an hour, so as not to disturb the biorhythm.

Most people sleep better in a cool room, so while preparing for bed is desirable to ventilate the room, the temperature in it dropped a few degrees.You can leave the windows open all night to allow fresh air into the room constantly.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, every night before bed can perform a ritual that promotes relaxation.A warm bath, soothing music, reading or a glass of milk to help sleep come more quickly.


Regular exercise

daily walks, the duration of which shall not be less than thirty minutes - a mandatory minimum of physical activity for everyone.Instead of the elevator climb stairs better, it may replace the short run or charge.

Do not forget about the morning exercises.To her suit simple stretching exercises, for example, pan, tilt, Mahi hands and circular movements of the head, hips and knees.It must carry out at least a few minutes each morning.


Gymnastics for the eyes

With constant use of the computer regularly training the eye muscles can help reduce the effects of surge.Every hour or two you need to switch the vision, and for this you need to look into the distance a few minutes.Also, for the rest you can turn a blind eye to one or two minutes.

To reduce eye fatigue, there are many facilities.One of them includes the following exercises:

  • a deep breath and narrow eyes as much as possible.Hold your breath for three seconds and then quickly exhale and opened his eyes wide.Repeat five times;
  • Close your eyes, massage in a circular motion eyebrows and lower parts of the eye sockets (from the nose to the temples);
  • Put your thumb at a distance of about thirty centimeters from your eyes and look at the end of the finger with both eyes for five seconds.After that close one eye at the same time, then watch the two eyes, and five seconds later to close the other eye.Repeat ten times.
  • Close your eyes, they roll the right to the left, and then in the opposite direction.Repeat ten times;
  • Put your finger on the whiskey and a little squeeze them.Ten times faster than the blink, close your eyes and take two or three deep breaths.Repeat three times.


Healthy Eating

sure to eat in a day at least a few fruits and vegetables.In order not to overeat, you can train yourself to eat from smaller plates, because it is easier to monitor the amount of food intake.It is necessary to have at least four times a day to between meals no big breaks.

glass of water half an hour before breakfast will improve the digestive system and fill the lack of liquid after a night's sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .When this drink need only warm pure water.

need to avoid foods that contain a lot of sugar: all kinds of sweets, chocolates, jams and jellies.Better instead to eat a small piece of natural chocolate Bitter chocolate: the benefits and harms of health and beauty Bitter chocolate: the benefits and harms health and beauty with high percentage of cocoa beans.Last rich in flavonoids - compounds that have beneficial effects on the nervous system, helps to normalize blood pressure and possess antioxidant properties Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious use Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits .

Limit salt intake - another good habit.Instead of the usual iodized salt is better to use.


Straight back

Correct posture is very important for the health.At its violation overstrained muscles, deformed bones and internal organs changes.

to train yourself to keep your back flat, you can try to lean against the wall to fix the correct posture and then a little walk around the room that way.Do not forget about posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight while working at the computer, watching TV on the couch and during walks.There are exercises that can help make your back straight:

  • stand up straight and raise your arms to shoulder level.On two accounts to take them back to the stop on the two bills back to the starting position.Repeat ten times;
  • sit on the floor near the wall and tightly pressed against her buttocks, legs slightly bent.Slowly drive the arms at the sides, from the bottom up on the wall describing circles.Make way ten laps.


A few good habits

not necessary to remove makeup before going to bed, and immediately after coming home.Even the good foundation and powder clog pores, so it is not necessary to renew their negative effects.It is best to use a mild lotion or milk, and then apply moisturizer.During the day to replenish moisture levels can be used thermal water, which nourishes the skin cells and does not harm the liquid makeup.

Every time after washing your hands need to train yourself to put them nourishing cream.During the day, you can apply the cream with a light texture, and at night to use more fat.

In order to form a new habit, you need to understand why it is needed and would benefit.Any action that should be automated in the future, we must make every day.If, due to any circumstance could not execute it once, do not despair.The month is best to add one or two habits, as when you try to change everything at once will be very difficult to keep track of new skills.

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