Phimosis in men - not uncommon

phimosis in men phimosis in men most often develops after injuries and scar formation after them.It's pretty fast lead to a narrowing of the foreskin and the progressive formation of phimosis.Sometimes phimosis in men is innate.In any case, the disease creates a lot of problems for men.


why men develop phimosis

phimosis - a narrowing of the prepuce (the fold of skin covering the glans penis), in which the head of the penis does not open at all or open with difficulty and painful.It can be congenital or acquired.The cause of congenital phimosis is most often a congenital lack of the connective tissue, so it may be accompanied by other signs of changes in connective tissue (eg, heart valve malformations, cleft lip and so on).

Acquired phimosis develops in the background of inflammatory diseases and injuries of the penis, after which left scars on the skin.This leads to cicatricial narrowing of the outer ring of the foreskin.

phimosis may occur during puberty Puberty child - stages of a complex path Puberty child - stages of a complex path , when there is an intensive development of sexual organs and at some point there is a mismatch between the development of the penis and prepuce (foreskin lessthan the head), the head of the penis does not open or opens with difficulty.


features and peculiarities of phimosis in men

main symptoms of phimosis in men are a pain during erection erection - that hinders andwhich helps a man to be a man Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man in pulling the foreskin to the glans penis.Often this entails a decrease in sexual function due to expectations of pain.

in advanced stages of the disease, patients during an erection can not expose the glans penis.Due to the narrowing of the external output of the urethra may occur in patients with discomfort during urination.Inability to expose the head and carrying out daily hygiene causes accumulation of secretions (smegma) and the development of infections in this background.

phimosis in men often progresses against the backdrop of sex and erections.These physiological processes lead to a stretching of the foreskin and the appearance of her micro traumas that result in new scars and progression of the disease.

During phimosis is divided into four stages:

  • 1 stage - at rest the head of the penis exposed freely, during erection, this requires little effort;
  • Stage 2 - with the erection of the penis head is not open at all, in repose opens with difficulty;
  • 3 stage - the head of the penis can not be opened at all or only opened in the quiescent state of the penis and a considerable effort, but urination is not broken;
  • Stage 4 - there are difficulty urinating, urine is released in a thin stream, or drop by drop;head of the penis does not open at all.



Phimosis in adults often progresses and gives complications.The most frequent complication is the increase of the foreskin to the glans penis, balanoposthitis Balanoposthitis - you need to find the reason Balanoposthitis - you need to find the reason and paraphimosis.

increment of the foreskin to the head can occur on 3-4 stages of phimosis.

This attempts to open the head accompanied by severe pain and bleeding.Balanoposthitis - an inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin, which can arise due to violation of rules of personal hygiene on the background of the problems with uncovering the glans.

But the most threatening complication is paraphimosis phimosis - infringement of the glans penis constricted foreskin, which can occur during sexual intercourse or masturbation.This results in severe swelling of the glans penis.The head is blue, grows in size, it is sharply painful.Sometimes it is possible to straighten the head easily, but often this is not possible, and then requires emergency surgery.


How to treat phimosis in men

Conservative treatment of phimosis in men are not always effective.However, such treatment is sometimes performed at the initial stages of phimosis.Patients are encouraged to shower every day to stretch the foreskin.If phimosis is not joined to the infection sometimes prescribed ointment with corticosteroid hormones - they inhibit the growth of connective tissue scars and contribute to its resorption.

Surgical treatment of phimosis in men is to carry out the operation of the circular circumcision Circumcision - religion against science Circumcision - religion against science foreskin (circumcision).During operation foreskin completely or partially removed, thereby exposing the head.Operation may be conducted at any stage of the disease to prevent complications.

phimosis in men is often a barrier to a fulfilling life.In addition, it can produce serious complications, so experts recommend surgery circumcision.

Galina Romanenko