Compression stockings for the treatment of varicose veins: how to help the legs

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Compression stockings for the treatment of varicose veins In an era of rapid development of high-tech compression stockings and other articles of compression stockings are fundamentalone of the most important agents for the treatment of varicose veins Treatment of varicose veins : preference - conservative methods Treatment of varicose veins: a preference - conservative methods .Patients with this disease is very important to wear compression stockings, as otherwise they may be new varicose veins or venous ulcers;In some cases, it all leads to the development of such dangerous diseases as thrombosis thrombosis - the cause of heart attack and stroke Thrombosis - the cause of heart attack and stroke deep veins.

What is compression stockings, and what they need

Compression jerseys were used for the treatment of diseases affecting the veins, to 1848, when William Brown patented the first stockings made of elastic compression stockings.Since medical practice and scientific research has repeatedly proven that wearing compression hosiery products from providing even a slight compression, greatly facilitates the symptoms such as swelling, discomfort, fatigue and pain in the legs.

Compression stockings create pressure, which is useful for the veins in the legs.Gradient compression stockings provide the most intense pressure in the ankle;closer to the knee compression is becoming weaker, and in the hip area is minimal.In this way, using compression stockings facilitated the movement of blood through the blood vessels in the legs - varicose veins when it is difficult.

Before using compression tights

Remember that compression stockings - is a means of treatment, and do not use it without first consultingwith your doctor.Be sure to go through a preliminary examination to rule out diseases of the arteries - if such violations wearing compression stockings Compression stockings - check with your doctor Compression stockings - check with your doctor contraindicated.

How to buy and use compression stockings

Buy compression stockings can be without a prescription.You can purchase online, in drugstores or specialty stores.The cost of compression stockings is, on average, from 50 to 100 US dollars;price depends not only on the identity and the class, but also the size.Dear tights usually do provide better and last longer, especially if you wear them every day.

Do not go to sleep in the compression stockings if your doctor did not recommend.

If you plan to wear pantyhose every day, buy two pairs.So you can wash and dry a pair and wear the other.

to tights as long as possible remained elastic, they should be washed in warm water with a mild detergent, and dry, put them on a horizontal surface (so they will not be stretched during the drying process).It is advisable to wash compression stockings every time after you shoot them (to have two pairs of tights really helpful).

majority of compression stockings is three to four months before they begin to lose their original flexibility.

How to choose the compression hosiery

  • length

Today you can buy products from compression stockings of various lengths: loach knee and above the knee, thigh stockings and tights.In most cases, patients are advised to wear socks or knee-length tights with gradient compression.People who have symptoms of varicose veins have appeared above the knee, better use of compression stockings or thigh-length stockings.

  • level compression

compression level can be divided into three classes:

Grade 1: 15-20 mmHg.Article .;

Grade 2: 20-30 mm Hg.Article .;

Grade 3: 30-40 mm Hg.Art.

Compression stockings first class effectively relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency Venous insufficiency - Youthful disease rapidly Venous insufficiency - rapidly Youthful disease , prevent the formation of edema and are well tolerated by most people.If you think that you need a higher compression stockings class, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Can men wear compression stockings?

course.Men tend to worry that can tell others if they would wear tights, but today, many men wear compression stockings, and there is nothing unusual.In addition, men who exercise often wear compression stockings on exercise - often improves athletic performance and helps to keep blood vessels healthy.

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