How should eat a newborn: calculations with a calculator in hand

how much should eat newborn Pediatricians believe that up to calculate the needs of children in the dairy food impossible.Volumes single servings are largely dependent on the frequency of feedings, the individual characteristics of the child and calorie breast milk or a mixture.However, there are approximate rules on how much should eat a newborn, a comparison which will enable mother feel more confident.


What should eat the newborn: a menu for babies

In the first days of life, the volume of the stomach of the baby is still very small, so he eats little and often.In addition, colostrum, which he had to eat, has a higher calorific value compared with milk and quickly causes a feeling of fullness.Gradually, the stomach expands, and the amount of milk per feeding sucks also increases.

Before the tenth day of the daily volume of food the baby weighing more than 3,200 grams of Finkelstein calculated by the formula:

V = 80 * N,

where V - volume of breast milk, and N - the number of days of life.

For children weighing less than 3200 grams of use factor 70 (V = 70 * N).

Below are the approximate rate of milk consumption on days:

day life

daily volume of milk mL





















Volumes single servings depend on the feeding schedule.Babies who are fed on demand, eat less but more often.In the first week of life, they may request the chest up to 15 times per day.In this child's appetite varies throughout the day.

average in the first 3-4 days after eating once a newborn from 5 to 20 ml of milk.Gradually, one-time supply volume increased, reaching the end of the second week of 60-80 ml.

When feeding on the clock child eats 7 times a day, eating at a time of 10-30 ml of milk in the early days up to 100 ml by the end of the tenth day.

From the second week, the daily requirement of food is calculated based on the weight of the child.Grudnichok the age of ten days to two months should receive milk in a volume 1/5 of its actual weight.Between two to four months - 1/6, and from four to six months - 1/7, but not more than one liter per day.

month-old baby at a time sucking up to 100 ml of milk, three - from 120 to 150 ml.


Volumes of supplies for children who are bottle-fed

When artificial feeding to calculate daily nutritional needs are one of two methods.

first of them - "volume."As for infants, volume portions in this case is determined on the basis of age and weight of the baby.

Age of Children

daily requirement mixture mL

10 days, 2 months

1/5 of the weight

2-4 months

1/6 of the weight

4-6 months

1/7 of the weight

to ten days are the same formula Finkelstein.

second, more accurate method called "calorie."The calculation is based on the physiological needs of the newborn in energy.It is found that during the first three months of life, it is equal to 115 kcal / kg.To calculate the daily amount of the mixture, the weight of the child, in kilograms multiplied by 115, then divided by the energy value of the product specified on the package (in kcal per 100 ml), and multiplied by 100.

For example, if a newborn is fed with a mixture of "Humana 1"with caloric 67 kcal / 100 ml and weighs 3800 grams, then it would need a day: 3.8 * 115/67 * 100 = 652 ml of nutrition.

To calculate the volume of single servings daily requirement divided by the number of feedings per day (depending on the doctor's instructions, they can be 7-9).


Why rely fed neonates

Identify daily and one-off amount of child nutrition is important, if it is artificial feeding.If the newborn gets mother's milk, but this is not necessary.Provided that he does not appear obvious signs of "underfeeding".

on malnutrition grudnichka may indicate:

  • Low weight gain.Normally babies added at least 125 grams per week.
  • Rare urination.Children who are breastfed urinate at least 6 times a day.

The fact that the baby is undernourished, can be judged by indirect evidence:

  • child requires chest too often or sucks it for a long time.
  • After completion of feeding the baby naughty, expressing their discontent.

Calculation of single servings of milk also requires infants in the event that his mother can not be with him 24 hours a day.For example, when she is forced to go to work early, or return to school.Feed the baby expressed milk has to.In this situation, the grandmother or a nanny who will take care of the baby, should several times a day to give him certain amounts of food.