Tea Infant colic: differences between the products of one another

tea for babies from colic flatulence and intestinal cramps - a common problem faced by parents of newborn children.To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, a special tea for babies from colic.Depending on the manufacturer's composition and characteristics of the beverage may vary.


Why teas for children

often the child requires additional liquid volume, especially if it is bottle-fed.Boiled water can easily make up for this deficiency.But there are numerous children's teas, which are not only delicious, but also have a number of useful properties.

Tea for children aged up to one year is not like teas for adults.Child beverage is a slightly sweet, slightly opaque liquid, which is prepared by brewing tea bags in warm water or dissolving it in the product granules.

Teas have a diverse composition and may contain different components: extracts from numerous herbal supplements made from fruits and berries, carbohydrates (eg, glucose or dekstrinmaltozu).Some of them are used for the prevention and treatment of various conditions.For example, when used colic teas that contain fennel.

is important to know that all teas contain large amounts of carbohydrates.Because of this it is necessary to give particular care to their children less than 150 milliliters per day.


Children Humana tea with fennel and cumin

It is recommended for children from one month of age.In its composition this tea contains the following ingredients:

  • Fennel (dill pharmacy) normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.Its extract stimulates the digestive glands and has some antimicrobial activity;
  • Cumin stimulates motor and secretory function of the digestive system and has antispasmodic properties, that is relaxes muscles of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Lactose - a carbohydrate from the group of disaccharides;
  • Maltodextrin - a product of incomplete decomposition of starch, which stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria in the intestine and thereby contributes to the prevention of dysbiosis.

To prepare this drink, it is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of tea in one hundred milliliters of boiling water.Product packaging is for 50 servings.

Shelf life is 2 years.Keep the tea in a cool place.


Tea with fennel Bebivita

It can give children to drink in between feedings from one month of age.The composition of tea includes dextrose and fennel extract, and it is suitable for the prevention and treatment of intestinal colic and bloating Bloating - if you are bursting inside Bloating - if you are bursting inside (flatulence).Since the composition of the drink are carbohydrates, its frequent and prolonged use can lead to the development of caries details about caries - take care of your teeth is too late More about caries - take care of your teeth is too late .

Tea contains no flavorings, artificial colors or preservatives.Tea in the bottle for children older than six months is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of the product in a hundred milliliters of warm or cold water and stir thoroughly.For older children, two teaspoons of the product is dissolved in two hundred milliliters of cold or warm water in a bowl.

after opening the tea must be consumed within three months.Bank should be stored in dry and cool place, it should not be near strong aromatics.The product is fit for 34 months.


children herbal tea Babushkino Lukoshko

This tea is produced in the form of packets, each of which contains one gram of seeds pharmacy dill.In its composition does not include any flavorants, preservatives, colorants and sweeteners.Tea can be consumed at one month of age with intestinal colic, flatulence and to increase appetite.

tea bag pour hundred milliliters of boiling hot water and let it brew for five minutes.The drink should be prepared immediately before the child will use it.

daily volume of drinking tea should not exceed the scope of one of the feedings.The drink should be used for two or three weeks, followed by a break for the same period.The daily rate for a child with one year of one to two cups of tea.

beverage packaging must be kept dry and protected from direct sunlight and away from strong-smelling substances.Shelf life is 24 months.


Children Heinz instant tea with fennel

This drink can be recommended for children from four months.It contains an extract of dill seeds pharmacy (fennel) and carbohydrates (saccharose, dextrose, maltodextrin).

To cook it, you need a hundred milliliters of warm boiled water add a teaspoon of the product and mix the resulting drink.Tea should be prepared to direct its use, add the sugar is not recommended.

drink should be used within two or three weeks, then take a break for the same period of time.The recommended amount of tea a day - from 150 to 200 milliliters.

After opening the jar of tea should be stored in a dry place at room temperature.Expiry date - two years from the date of its release.The tea should be consumed within three months after the bank opened.


children fennel tea Hipp

This product improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract of the child, normalizes the chair, removes intestinal colic and flatulence.It is designed for children from four months to live.

In its composition contains an extract of fennel tea and glucose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source .In order for it to cook a teaspoon of the product should be diluted in 100 milliliters of boiling water.Sugar is not necessary to add.

After each use a can of tea must be carefully closed and stored at room temperature in a dry place.Tea should not be near a strong aromatics.The product must be used within twelve weeks after opening its package.Shelf life - 24 months from the date of issue.

Kids teas pharmacy dill Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices can be applied at an early age with flatulence and colic in children.Before using products containing fennel, should consult a doctor.