The mixture Infant colic - a special selection

mixture Infant colic mixture Infant colic should choose Neonatologist or Pediatrician.Parents alone can not cope with this problem, so the spacecraft cause of CPC in newborns may be different from simply unsuitable infant formula Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power to food allergies and lack of certain enzymes needed to digest milk.


What to feed the newborn if there

colic intestinal colic - a sharp painful spasms of smooth muscles of the intestine.A newborn baby who is bottle-fed, colic occur very often and for various reasons.Sometimes it just does not fit or that mixture.The causes of colic may be associated with food allergies also, lack of the enzyme lactase, which breaks down milk sugar, dysbiosis (imbalance between the normal and the pathogenic microflora in the intestines).

To understand what is happening and why the baby is constantly worried, you should call a doctor.It will help to understand the situation and choose the most appropriate mix for breastfeeding Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice .


Sour milk mixture Infant colic

Fermented mixtures are often able to reduce or eliminate colic in infants Colic in infants - how to help your child? Colic in infants - how to help your child? .It is recommended that at first did not completely replace the usual mix for sour-milk, and gradually increase the share of dairy products in the daily diet, first half, and then even up to two-thirds of the volume.Thus it is better if the usual mixture will be from the same manufacturer as the fermented milk.To supply the newborn dairy mix will approach the following:

  • Nan dairy (producer - Nestle) is recommended for babies from the first days of life;It is a dry mixture of fermented milk containing live bifidobacteria with a pleasant taste, which is very popular with the children;thanks to optimized protein, part of the mixture, Nan fermented milk as close as possible to breast milk;colic recommending this mixture to give 1-2 times per day, preferably at night, increasing its volume, as appropriate;
  • Fermented milk Nutrilon 1 (producer - Nutricia, The Netherlands) - fermented milk mixture obtained by fermentation of leaven, which consists of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria;the mixture is recommended for feeding infants, improves digestion and maintain normal gut flora;
  • Agusha 1-fermented milk (manufacturer - Agusha, Russia) also contains live bifidobacteria.


partially hydrolyzed mixture

Such mixtures contain partially hydrolyzed protein and medium-chain triglycerides (ie partially recycled fats) that are betterand quickly absorbed in the body of the child, without causing increased gas (a mixture of Nutrilon Pepto-TSC, Nutrilon Comfort, Humana SP + MCT, Nan, Nutrilon Comfort, GA Hipp and others);These mixtures are particularly suitable for colic caused by food allergies:

  • Pepto TSC Nutrilon (Nutricia, The Netherlands) - a special dry mix based on hydrolyzed whey protein Whey: the benefits and harms of waste Whey: the benefits and harms of waste nucleotides to diet forChildren with food allergies and impaired intestinal absorption;mixture contains arachidonic and dokozogeksaenovuyu fatty acids and nucleotides, strengthens the immune system of the child;
  • Nutrilon Comfort 1 (Nutricia, The Netherlands) - mix designed specifically for the normalization of digestion, it provides prevention of constipation, reducing colic, normalization of microflora, good digestion, prevents regurgitation;chair child who gets this mixture can acquire a greenish color.


mixture of low-iron

When colic is recommended to choose a mixture containing no iron or contain it in small quantities.The fact that iron can be toxic to the intestinal mucosa, which is accompanied by inflammation, indigestion, flatulence and intestinal cramps.Mixtures with low iron content - is:

  • Frisolak (Fresland Netherlands) - a mixture of taste as close as possible to the taste of breast milk contains essential fatty acids, beta-carotene, dietary fiber, helps digestion;iron in it a little, so the mixture can be used in the nutrition of children suffering from intestinal colic;
  • Frisovom (Fresland Netherlands) - medical infant formula composition is almost the same as Frisolak but carob containing gluten as a thickener;gluten stimulates colony growth of beneficial bacteria, leading to loosening and intestinal contents, which in turn stimulates intestinal motility;Frisovom mixture helps prevent constipation and accompanying intestinal colic.

mixture Infant colic should be introduced gradually during the week and only intended pediatrician.

Galina Romanenko