When to introduce solid foods babies - modern expert advice

when to introduce solid foods babies recommended as long as possible to feed your baby breast milk.Breastfeeding is allowed to adhere to the age of two years, with the introduction of complementary foods should be done in accordance with the child's age.The question of when to introduce solid foods babies, mom should discuss with the pediatrician, who oversees child throughout the period of time after childbirth.


conditions for the introduction of complementary foods

Current guidelines mother should try to feed the baby before the age of one year or more.It is in breast milk, there are those necessary for the child's substance, which is unique in the food, because they can not enter the body from the outside.Many parents often raises the question of whether there is, or what time standards for the introduction of complementary foods, and how it is needed.You need to know how to enter the lure of infants, because in most cases, the nature of the food depends largely on the health of the child's body.

Do not hurry with the introduction of complementary foods.The optimal period when you can gradually expand diet infants, is the first six months of life.In this period, most children already have the necessary conditions to ensure that the child is able to eat adult food.These conditions include the following:

  • physiological maturation of the digestive tract.It provides normal digestion of food coming, which is new to the child's body, and prevents the emergence of a possible allergic reactions
  • original reference point of when to introduce solid foods a child, many experts believe the appearance of the first tooth
  • appearance of swallowing reflex

Sometimes parents noticethat the child appears interested in what kind of food eaten by adults.Many experts also regard it as a kind of signal for the possible introduction of complementary foods in the near future.


practical advice to parents

During the conversation with the doctor's parents are often faced with a situation that many confuse the concept of complementary foods.It can not be considered lure juice or fruit puree, which is permitted to give the child prior to the introduction of the first vegetable foods.If you have made a complete replacement of a portion of breast milk vegetable puree, then in this case will be a vegetable puree lure.

Recently, many experts believe that the juice of infants should be given as late as possible.Previously allowed to give a child the first time sap already by the end of the first month of life.

In modern conditions there is a trend of increased sensitization to the child's body, so most experts recommend not to hurry with the juices.

No need to give juice, which contribute to gassing and fermentation processes in the gut, such as grape juice.The best option is an apple juice.

ricer or first feeding less suited for vegetables, potatoes and zucchini.Do not give the different portions of fresh vegetables after breast milk, it is better to do it before breast-feeding.Simultaneously with the first lure a child into the diet include egg yolk.For infants new foods can be a causal factor in the development of allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat , so parents should watch for any changes in the health status of the child.To avoid possible allergic reactions, egg yolk is recommended to give the child a day, starting with small portions.In the future, you can gradually expand the diet.


How to choose the right foods for infants

There are certain recommendations, which must be purged in complementary feeding introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products? infants, thus it is necessary to adhere to an individual approach to the choice of food.In infants can be somatic or general diseases, often children suffer from allergies, even at an early age.For this reason, it is impossible to follow strict rules, to choose individual scheme of introduction of complementary foods and expand in the future diet.

If feeding is used for the first vegetable puree, then as a second feeding the child is given various porridges.The second lure need to replace another nursing Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! , it is recommended to alternate between a cereal, such as buckwheat, rice or oatmeal.To the right of the child took place the proper development of the teeth, bite was formed in grudnichka diet should be solid.Meat products (beef broth or meat puree) may be given after seven months of age.

The diet grudnichka sure to include dairy products or a mixture of cottage cheese.These foods should be given before breastfeeding is.

Usually the introduction of dairy products at the same time with the first lure.Purée alternated with cheese or fermented milk mixtures, it is very important to monitor the shelf life of these products.Fermented mixture can cook yourself just before each feeding.

There is no strictly defined time frames about when to start to introduce solid foods infants.If the mother is breastfeeding and the baby feels good, it is active and cheerful, he is not disturbed sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , development corresponds to age parameters, many experts advise to favor breastfeeding.Even if the child is six months old, but not yet introduced solid foods, it does not mean some kind of gross violations.All considered individually.The doctor should assess the degree of physical, mental development of infants, and to recommend the correct food.Meals in the first aimed at restocking the growing child's body (energy, nutrient stores), so the lure fully allows to adjust the diet, if necessary, depending on the individual characteristics of grudnichka.

Marina Solovyov