Colic newborn - what should parents do in this situation?

colic in the newborn to do Colic newborn - what to do when the baby cries, Sucitu legs and trouble sleeping?Intestinal colic in varying degrees of severity appear in almost all children during the first weeks of life.To cope with this condition, you should know why there intestinal colic in the newborn.


Why newborn colic appear

first four weeks after birth - is the neonatal period, a feature of which is that the child's body (including all its organs) goes to adult conditions of existence, that is, itthe operation is reversed.Including changes and the work of the digestive system.In the neonatal period the salivary glands do not function almost child, gastric juice contains hydrochloric acid, rennet (it helps curdling milk), pepsin (an enzyme that breaks down proteins) and lipase (enzyme that breaks down fats).Pepsin activity is low, the main enzyme of gastric juice is rennet, so digestion is flawed.

Eating Disorders augmented by the fact that the intestines are not formed normal microflora.At birth and during the first few hours after the child's gut is sterile, then there appear various microorganisms - coliform bacteria, Lactobacillus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and so on.All intestinal microflora can be divided into useful (normal) and opportunistic.Normal microflora is formed gradually and promotes proper digestion, the formation of B vitamins and vitamin K. Sometimes the amount of pathogenic microflora in the intestines increases, it leads to increased digestive disorders and increased gas - flatulence.In flatulence smooth muscle spasms of the intestine reacts - develop intestinal colic.

intestinal colic - a spasmodic pain in the gut.They usually occur in the second half of the neonatal period and continue until three or four months, and sometimes longer.Manifested in the form of anxiety colic newborn, his cry.The child presses the legs to the abdomen, chest or refuses requires constant chest, but a cry interrupts the sucking, swallowing air, thus increasing the phenomenon of flatulence.


What to do when the baby colic

If the child has begun an attack of intestinal colic, you can gradually do:

  • maketo the tummy dry heat;This is best done by two warmed diaper: folded several times flannel heated (eg, iron) diaper is applied to the tummy;while the other diaper is heated, then the diaper change;
  • put the child on the left side, bend the legs at the hips and knees and put his anus the vapor pipe;this handset is best prepared by syringe from the children, cut off her tip with the top of the balloon, which will hold up without allowing it to immerse themselves into the rectum;
  • to prevent ingestion of air that the baby ingests during breastfeeding, after feeding the baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice sure to keep upright, supporting the head and pacing the room as long as the child withThe sound is not otrygnet air;
  • nursing mother must take care of their meals;if after a product colicky baby increased, it should be excluded from the diet;gain can cause colic: milk (but not milk products, they are useful), fatty meats, fried foods, raw carrots and cabbage, a large number of fresh fruit, sweets and pastries.


What to do if a baby's colic became permanent

In this case, you should consult a doctor, and he will appoint a drug relieves flatulence and intestinal cramps.These medicines include:

  • dill water - it is better to buy it in a pharmacy;dill water should give a teaspoon 3-6 times a day after feeding (exact dosage doctor sets individually);
  • Plantex - available in powders, which contain extract of fennel essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? fennel, glucose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source and lactose;one bag in accordance with the instructions, a solution by diluting it with 100 ml of warm boiled water;this solution should drink the baby in between feedings, using up to 100-200 ml per day;
  • Drops Baby Calm - dill water, made from a mixture of fennel, anise and mint essential oils;available in vials that contain 15 ml of the drug;before consumption drops diluted with water up to the mark;10 drops of this solution give the child before each feeding;
  • medicines for infants with colic simethicone;These drugs are marketed under the trade names Sab Simplex and Espumizan, they perfectly remove intestinal colic in the child;Sab Simplex suspension give the child immediately before each feeding 15 drops;Espumizan 40 emulsion used for one measuring spoon during feeding, or immediately after a meal.

When starting colic in infants Colic in infants - how to help your child? Colic in infants - how to help your child? , that parents do have to know and have everything you need ready.

Galina Romanenko