The diet of the child in 1 year - that offer kid?

child child's diet at 1 year Feeding a child of 1 year - strictly balanced diet Feeding a child of 1 year - strictly balanced diet must be clearly balanced.This means that it must be present in the correct amount all the necessary body old child components: proteins (including cells of the body are constructed, including immune), carbohydrates (energy source to work metabolism), fats, minerals and vitamins(to the metabolic processes proceeded correctly and actively).


child's diet to a year

The diet of the child under one year are mainly dairy products, but gradually, to a year, they are replaced with conventional food.

diet of the child from birth to 4-6 months - it is the mother's breast or formula milk.Maternal breast a child in the first months of life may receive randomly once cry.This is an ideal source of power, and a sedative Sedatives - take valerian and be happy? Sedatives - take valerian and be happy? .That is why the child, who is breastfed is developing better than his peers who receive infant formula.

Dairy mix for artificial feeding are matched by your doctor.

Modern artificial mixtures are available in two versions - for the first and second six months of life.The same mixture can finish feeding the baby, which is not enough breast milk.Such food is called mixed.In the store you can buy infant formula made known firms specializing in baby food: Nestle, Nutricia, hippies, Heinz, OAO Zavod children's dairy products (mixtures Agu) and others.Picked mixture pediatrician individually with consideration of the development and preferences of the child.

After 6 months of breast-fed baby sucks enough milk to sustain 3.5-4 -chasovye breaks.During this period, one of the first feedings replaced lure (usually a vegetable puree).For bottle-solid foods introduced earlier 2-4 weeks.The second lure introduced a month (porridge) and the third - in 8 months (kefir or yogurt).In addition, the diet of the child prior to the year gradually, at intervals of 1-2 weeks are introduced and other products that are combined with lures or human milk:

  • 4 months - fresh and ready (especially for children under one year) apple juice(starts with a few drops and adjusted to 30 ml);
  • 5 months - fruit puree (mashed or grated apple from a jar) - with half a teaspoon to 30 g;
  • in 7 months - cottage cheese (30 g) and a special children's readily soluble dry biscuits;
  • 8 months of cold mashed potatoes (30 g) and egg yolk (half).

Thus, the child's diet in the year should include the most varied diet with five-time meal and the total calories 1200 kcal.In addition, the year of the child are usually weaned and replace breast milk or cow's milk formula Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power .


child's diet after a year

From year to 1.5 years, the child continues to eat 5 times a day, the total daily diet should be 1100 ml, calorie - 1300 kcal.Here is his approximate menu:

  • breakfast, 7-8 hours - rice (oat, buckwheat) milk porridge - 180 ml grated cheese - 30 g of tea or coffee with milk, a piece of bread;
  • dinner in 11-12 hours - vegetarian soup - 140 ml, meat puree (fish souffle, meat dumplings) with vegetable puree - 50 g fruit juice - 30 ml, a piece of bread;
  • lunch in 15-16 hours - yogurt - 200 ml, cookies, apple;
  • dinner in 18-19 hours - cottage cheese - 50 g, yogurt - 120 ml, mashed potatoes - 50 g slice of bread;
  • bedtime, in 23 hours - kefir or yogurt - 200-250 ml.

total volume of the daily diet of the child from 1.5 to 3 years should be 1300-1400ml, calories - 1600 calories at four meals:

  • breakfast at 8 am - scrambled eggs (curd pudding) rice milk porridge (oatmeal,buckwheat, corn), bread and butter, coffee or tea with milk;
  • lunch at 12 o'clock - vegetable salad, a vegetarian soup, chicken meat steam with buckwheat porridge, juice, a slice of bread;
  • lunch at 16 o'clock - yogurt and biscuits, apple;
  • dinner at 20 o'clock - fish meatballs with mashed potatoes (scrambled eggs, cabbage casserole, casserole cottage cheese, herring with potatoes), bread and yogurt.

total volume of the daily diet of the child from 3 to 7 years should be 1800ml, calories - 2,300 calories at age 7 when four meals.Breakfast at this should be 25% of the daily diet, lunch - 35-40%, afternoon snack - 10%, dinner - 20-25%:

  • Breakfast 8:00 - buckwheat groats (scrambled eggs), coffee with milk, breadoil;
  • lunch at 12 o'clock - a salad of boiled beets with sour cream (any vegetable salad), soup assembly on the bone soup (borscht, cabbage soup, bean soup), meat patties (fried fish, potato casserole with meat, Beef Stroganoff in tomato saucegoulash with vegetable stew), fried potatoes (mashed potatoes, braised cabbage), stewed fruit, bread;
  • lunch at 16 o'clock - yogurt (milk), biscuits (baking), apple;
  • dinner at 20 o'clock - baked fish (cottage cheese casserole, meatballs with rice, meat), salad (shredded carrots, boiled potatoes), kefir Kefir : benefits and harms drink centenarians Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians , bread.

child's diet a year and later must meet the needs of the growing organism.

Galina Romanenko