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how fast to accustom the child to the pot Some parents might seem incredible that a child may quickly accustom to the pot: usually allThis represents a long and complex process.However, a variety of programs for young children accustomed quickly to the pot already helped numerous families and, very likely, will help you.

should not be expected that this technique will develop rapidly in the child the habit of always only walk on the pot.Perhaps from time to time he would forget about it - or do not have time to get to the pot - but he will know exactly what is needed for the pot, and how to use it.However, it may take several weeks before he learns to use it completely independently.The main objective of the program fast to accustom the child to the pot - to create the basis for further development of habits, by which he eventually learns to control defecation and urination.

Express course on child accustomed to the pot must be preceded by preparation.


month before the

Watch carefully for the child to determine whether he is ready for what you will begin to teach himto the pot.Indicate the readiness of the following features: baby diaper remains dry for at least an hour or two in a row, refuses to wear baby diapers, and had defecation occurs each day for about one and the same time.Methods quick toilet training experts usually recommend using until a child under 28 months because they are older their effectiveness is reduced.

Choose a time when you will be able to fully focus on the child accustomed to the pot - try to find three free days in a row.It is desirable to your partner at the time was also at home.

For a couple of weeks before the start to tell your child about why you need a pot, and how to use it.Explain that once and you too began to go to the potty, and you do not really like;You can tell the related funny stories that you have heard from your parents.Also tell us that later the child will learn to use this toilet - you may think it is a completely trivial information, but a young child interested in everything new.


A week before the start of

Tell the child that next week it will no longer need to wear diapers - at least during the day.Remind him that each day that he was psychologically prepared for the upcoming changes.You can also buy a new baby underwear, for example, with the image of the characters of his favorite cartoon.No need to constantly talk about that soon your child will use the potty, but during the week is from time to time to remind him about it - so to develop new habits will be easier than in a situation where a child just say once that he now wears diapersand walks to the potty, even though he is completely not ready.


Day One

Stand with your child, remove his diaper and put on underwear and clothes.Some experts say that the first day the child is better to walk naked from the waist down, but this is permissible only if your home is very warm.For the rest, it can facilitate your task, and bring a lot of fun baby - they tend to really like it when clothes do not hold down movements.Throughout the day, you and your partner together or in turn, must reside with the child and to watch him;as soon as there are signs that he began defecating or urinating, put him on the potty.Praise your child each time he manages to get to the potty on time, even if some of the wastes remain on the floor.In no case do not scold him with a pot if he will be associated mainly negative memories, the process of habituation may be delayed.Before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams tell your child that it is time to go back to the pot (do not ask him if he wants it - most likely, he will refuse), and then put his nappy.This is recommended because young children usually are not yet able to control urination during sleep, but if you are confident that your child can handle it, you can put him to sleep without a diaper.


second day

does the same thing as the first day, but with one difference: in the afternoon you can walk for about one hour.Wait until the child is once again coming to the pot, and immediately after that go for a walk.Do not wear the baby diaper, and in the summer you can not even wear underwear - will be enough free pants or shorts.Ideally trip should go without "accidents", but just in case, bring along extra clothes.It is best to walk far away from home, and not to travel by car.You can take a walk on the road pot


third day

The third need to follow the instructions for the first day, but now you can go one-hour walk in the morning and evening.The child has to go to the potty every time before you leave home.

After three days of toilet training children tend to go to the potty on their own, or ask parents to help undo the buttons on his pants, and so on.Over the next three months, the child may still be in diapers to bed, but in the afternoon to go without them (including, in kindergarten).Then stop even wear diapers at night.Perhaps the child will wet the sheets several times, but if he is healthy, it will happen very rarely, and only in the first period after the final rejection of diapers.

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