The water temperature for bathing newborns - a comfortable environment for the baby

water temperature for bathing infants water temperature for bathing newborns is very important, especially for the first swim.Imperfection newborn thermoregulation requires accurate measurement of the water temperature using a water thermometer.If you do not, then the procedure of bathing the child can become unpleasant or even result in overheating.


Features newborn thermoregulation

his body temperature does not depend on the ambient temperature.This constancy of the internal environment is achieved through a complex mechanism of thermoregulation, which consists of a process of heat production and heat loss.

Thermoregulation - a multi-step process, which is regulated by the central nervous system.Thermoregulation center in the hypothalamus is - one of the parts of the brain that regulates neuroendocrine function.The hypothalamus accumulating information from the peripheral nerve endings of the body temperature and the ambient temperature, and it, in turn, sends commands to the periphery.

In adults the processes of heat production and heat loss carried by sweating and expansion (or spasm) of the blood vessels.A newborn baby sweating slightly, so it is especially such a child is a pronounced tendency to overheat.

There newborn and a tendency to hypothermia due to lack of subcutaneous fat and very thin skin, the surface of which there is significant evaporation.But the tendency to overheat in the newborn child is still higher.

newborn's body temperature normally ranges from 36,5-37,3 ° C.Because of the imperfections of the processes of thermoregulation, it can vary.

Overheating child can lead to a significant rise in temperature and severe conditions accompanied by lethargy, refusal of breasts, vomiting and convulsions.

Rarer hypothermia is not so dangerous, they cause increased motor activity of the child and the pale skin that helps it to keep warm.


Why is the temperature of the water when bathing infants

Bathing baby - is a very important procedure that can be performed on a daily basis after discharge from the hospital the child, if it is dry umbilical wound.It is important to make sure that swimming was held in a comfortable environment for the child and gave him pleasure.Of great importance for the child's comfort are air temperature in the room where bathing is conducted, and the temperature of the water in the bath.

air temperature must be at 1-2˚S higher than in a regular room and approximately 25-26˚S.It is this temperature is the most comfortable for the baby and warns both overheating and overcooling.

Bathing the child motive in the individual bath in pure water (can be boiled).If your child has a skin rash, then you can add water or a solution of potassium permanganate (to pale pink in color, but that do not fall into the water crystals of potassium permanganate) or infusion of chamomile flowers (brewed at the rate tablespoon per liter of water is addedin the tub).

water temperature for bathing a newborn must comply with the temperature of his body and be 36,5-37,3 ° C.It is this temperature is most comfortable for the child and not cause any overheating or hypothermia.Measure the temperature of the water in the bath water should be a special thermometer, not by hand.The fact that the adult human comfort temperature is higher than the temperature of water bathing the newborn.

duration of the first bathing the baby should not exceed 3-4 minutes.Mother while swimming with his left hand support the shoulders and head of the child and left him pours water.During this short period of time, the water can not cool down too much.After bathing the baby should be placed on a soft towel spread on a solid surface (best on the changing table), thoroughly wet his body and put on clean underwear ironing.

can gradually lengthen the bathing procedure that will lead to a slight decrease in temperature of the water, his training and hardening of the blood vessels.Swimming can be a medical procedure: it promotes the removal of high-tone skeletal muscles and relieve spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs such as the intestine (which is why swimming is useful for intestinal colic).Regular bathing will also help the child's skin to keep it in good condition, it will not be for diaper rash, and rash.

temperature for bathing infants is of great importance for the proper physical and psychological development of the child.

Galina Romanenko