The crisis of the first year of life - if the baby has found his emotions

The crisis of the first year of life crisis first year passes between the ages of 9-10 months to one and a half years.At this time the child begins to walk and how to be partially freed from the tutelage of adults.The crisis of the first year of life requires parents on the one hand to give the child the opportunity to explore the world, and on the other hand - to protect it from potential hazards.


What are crises

watching the children revealed that their development takes place not gradually but abruptly, when the periods of steady state are replaced by transitional period of rapid development - crises.Total throughout childhood a child is experiencing five crises: the crisis of the newborn, the crisis of the first year of life, the crisis of three years crisis of three years - the period of formation of the person The crisis of three years - the period of the formation of personality , crisis seven years, and the crisis of thirteen years.

task of parents in times of crisis as much as possible take care of the children at the same time without interfering with them to develop and learn about the world.


: Why is the crisis of the first year of the child

crisis first year takes place in a period of 9-10 months and a half years.This crisis is linked to the fact that the child begins to walk, and he really wants to explore everything.He is all interesting, all want to touch, try on a tooth.It requires a voltage of all its forces.And since my mother could not allow him to explore everything (for example, an electrical outlet, scissors, a fragile vase, and so on), the child is trying to achieve the desired cry.

opportunity to prove their independence can manifest unwillingness to return home from a walk, sleep, eat familiar dishes (such as porridge) and so on.And it makes a cute smiling baby in a capricious monster, pour roar every five minutes.

Different children first year of life crisis occurs in different ways: more than cool kids do not cause parents a lot of trouble, but most children at this age is just a very lively and emotional instability, so parents are going through this difficult period.Yet this period is very important for the development of the child - it allows him to rise to a new stage of development.

revealed signs of the crisis following the child's first year of life:

  • a surge of independence, frequent refusal from the usual activities - sleeping Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , bathing, eating, walking, or returning from them, and so on;
  • perseverance and stubbornness in his actions, but at the same time increasing attachment to his mother and demand attention;
  • resentment, quickly turning into a rage or screaming and crying;
  • contradictory behavior - the child always something requires and then refuses;
  • reinforced moodiness.


what adults do in a crisis of the first year of life

When the child's misbehavior adults often try to immediately stop it by any means.Of course, many of the child's wishes should not be implemented, and it is necessary, first of all, for his safety and health.But mom still should stop and think about why you want it this kid?What is something you can and give.And if it is impossible to give up, then you need to learn how to switch the child's attention to something else, safe.Children at this age is very easy to switch their attention.My mother in such cases can be pre-invented blank if it is not able to quickly improvise.For example, you can look out the window and show your child a bright car, dog or cat.And you can tune in to listen to phone the grave, sing a song or tell a poem.Any new items may also be of interest to the child.

gradually need to teach your baby safe behavior, creating his box, to which he will gradually get used to.A child at this age feel that he needed protection.Such protection he sees in adults and, above all, in the mother.Frames safe behavior will gradually become for him protection.

These codes of conduct should formulate clear, short, very clear to the child and in any case not to smile at the same time, the baby decided that mom plays with him.In this same phrase to be repeated each time as soon as an emergency.

What else can come up with mom for your baby?She can play with him.In summer you can play in the sandbox, bake pies.In winter, the same pie can be made out of snow, or play with a child in the snow.House games cubes fit in cars, dolls.

one year old child can already show the vivid pictures in the book.For example, you can show the animals to tell how they were able to speak.Young children will be happy to let the boats with his mother in the bath, and then wash it with the same toys.

child at this age begins to speak his first words and understand the speech addressed to him.To these skills develop faster with a child must be constantly talking.

crisis first year suggests that the child grows and explores the world around.Parents need to help him in this.

Galina Romanenko