Bebikalm for newborns: the nuances of use

bebikalm for newborns According to statistics, colic occur in the second or third week of life in 70% of infants and persist for an average of three months.In the first place to deal with illness, doctors are advised to use non-drug methods such as massage, putting some on his stomach, a warm compress of diapers.With the ineffectiveness of these measures, the doctor may prescribe a special kid carminative drug, for example, Bebikalm for newborns.


Why a stomach ache in children

colic reason lies in the immaturity of the digestive system of babies.Before the birth of the child's intestinal tract is practically sterile, and immediately after birth, he begins to be occupied by beneficial bacteria (norma flora).At the same time the child's "work" digestion processes: learning intestine to digest and absorb food.All this is accompanied by fermentation, flatulence and cramps.Hence - the bloating and pain.

colic usually occur in the late afternoon after ingestion and lasts for at least 15 minutes.The child begins to act up, dodge, twist legs and require the chest.But feeding him does not calm, but only aggravates the situation: the intestine is stretched by a new portion of milk and the pain intensifies.


How does Bebikalm Infant

Bebikalm - a dietary supplement, the effect of which is due to a combination of its constituent oils:

  • peppermint essential oil Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness relaxes the muscles of the intestine, eliminates spasms, has soothing properties,
  • essential oil of fennel Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices reduces the formation of gas, contributes to the rapid discharge of their exhibits an antibacterial effect,
  • essential oil of anise stimulates the promotion of food massthrough the intestine, it accelerates the removal of gas, anti-inflammatory effect.

The drug helps the child to get rid of pain, bloating and normalize the function of the digestive tract.

Bebikalma effect develops within 5-10 minutes after application and lasts for 2-3 hours.


How to take the drug

Bebikalm issued in the form of a concentrated solution.Before using the tool must be diluted with water at room temperature up to the mark on the bottle and shake thoroughly.The resulting emulsion may be stored in the refrigerator for more than a month.

Bebikalm How to give a newborn?Pediatricians advise measure 10 drops before each feeding.The solution may be to dig into his mouth kid right out of the pipette, the dispenser or give it to the silicone spoon.

Duration of Bebikalma not limited.Drugs to continue to take as long as necessary.Typically, colic in infants 3-4 months to pass.But if for some reason they are stored and further drops are not overturned.


Side effects

Despite the fact that Bebikalm is completely natural product, it is not suited to all kids.

According to doctors, at 5% of babies means causes allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat .This may be as mild skin rash, or more negative conditions that are accompanied by edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause mucous membranes.In general, such a high frequency of adverse events considered to be characteristic of all medicines.To avoid severe complications, the first time pediatricians recommend giving the baby a solution at a reduced dose (literally 2-3 drops).

In the case of allergies the child should be given an antihistamine.Later Bebikalma use should be avoided.

If a negative reaction is accompanied by swelling, shortness of breath or rapid rash covers the entire body of the child, an urgent need to call an ambulance.

If a baby has in the past experienced any allergies (food or medicines), the reception of the herbal preparation is better to refuse from the outset.So doctors recommend children safer means on the basis of simethicone (Sab Simplex Espumizan).

1% of neonates can cause rejection mint flavor drops.If a child is persistently refuses to accept the means do not need to insist.

Another relative disadvantage: Bebikalm for newborns, instructions which permit its use in children from the first days of life, operates smoothly.Therefore, strong colic its effectiveness may not be enough.In this case, you must once again consult with your doctor - he will advise more powerful carminative drug or prescribe antispasmodics baby.


Notice to parents

  • Before applying Bebikalma should be more familiar with his instructions.It is important to pay attention to the method of preparation of the drug, the conditions of storage and shelf life.
  • solution is not recommended to alternate or combine with other tools from intestinal colic (Plantex, Espumizanom).
  • If the drops do not bring relief to the kid, you need to inform the pediatrician.Independently substitute drug to another should not be.
  • If you have any signs of allergy Bebikalm immediately overturned.