Cephalohematoma in newborns: the danger of "generic bump"?

cephalohematoma in newborns Childbirth - a complex and time-consuming process, which brings a lot of trouble and my mother and the baby.And it does not always go as smoothly as I would like a woman.According to statistics, every tenth child at birth is injured.Not least among them is cephalohematoma in newborns.


blood tumor

word "cephalohematoma" comes from the Greek kephale («head») and haima («blood").This term doctors indicate hemorrhage, which occurs between the skull bones and surrounding soft tissue - the periosteum.

Externally cephalohematoma (or whatever it is called the "blood tumor") is manifested by swelling with sharply defined edges.Color cones - the usual solid, although sometimes it can be celebrated small blood specks.At the touch of a tumor elastic, painless.

most often in children cephalohematoma located on one or both parietal bones, at least - on the forehead or back of the head, very rarely - on temples.In the cavity of the tumor can accumulate from 5 to 200 ml of blood.Due to the fact that the infants initially produced insufficient clotting enzymes, blood in the hematoma long time remains liquid.

main cause of the discrepancy is kefalogematomy sized baby and mother's birth canal.On the part of the child it can be:

  • weight more than 4 kg,
  • hydrocephalus,
  • wrong position in the womb (the cross, facial).

mother's side:

  • clinically narrow pelvis,
  • age over 40 years,
  • pathological deformation of the pelvis (for example, against the background of severe scoliosis Scoliosis - when the spine is curved Scoliosis - when the spine is curved or transferred as a result of past trauma).

At birth, the baby's head is subjected to overpressure - the skin together with the periosteum shift occurs vascular injury.And developing a hematoma.

blood between the tissues gradually accumulates, so the tumor continues to grow in the first 2-3 days of life.Because of the problems of tribal swelling all the time it can remain invisible.Then the swelling subside, and a bump on the head is shown.Abroad, his bones cephalohematoma never distributed.

the general condition of blood tumor kids have no effect.Children behave normally, not capricious and do not exhibit excessive anxiety.


risk of complications

At birth kefalogematomy diagnosed in 1-2% of children.Thus complications occur not more than 0.5% of them.

For large hematoma can cause increased bilirubin Bilirubin - a great tool for the diagnosis Bilirubin - a great tool for the diagnosis in the body.In this case the physiological jaundice Jaundice - if the eyes are shining suspiciously Jaundice - if the eyes are shining suspiciously newborn does not pass as normal for the eighth day, and delayed for several weeks.

If the skin over the tumor, there are abrasions or scratches, it increases the risk of infection of the tissues and purulent process.Condition manifested by fever, lethargy, drowsiness.So kids need surgery: The surgeon cuts the hematoma and remove its contents.Then inside the child is prescribed antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? , and on the operated area several days bandage with disinfectant.

rarest kefalogemetomy consequences in newborns - deformation of the skull.Problems cause too large tumors (more than 8 cm in diameter) that are not subjected to the treatment time.The periosteum beneath compacted and eventually ossified, resulting in asymmetry of the head of the child.

mental and physical development of the baby in the future kefalogematomy no effect because the brain tissue are not affected.


When and how to treat

kefalogematomy treatment in infants depends on its size.For small tumors, the doctor prescribes rest and drugs: calcium gluconate and vitamin K in the form of powders that are mixed with the power of the baby.The first helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, the second - increases blood clotting.

At the time of treatment should refrain from rocking the baby.If all the recommendations of the hematoma starts to decrease by 7-8 days and is completely resorbed by 8 weeks of age.Seeing a doctor all the time is a must.

Large tumors require puncture (or puncture).The procedure is performed not earlier than 15 days, or else because of increased bleeding hematoma formed at the kid again.

puncture is performed under local anesthesia in a hospital.Inside hematoma doctor inserts a thin needle two.One of them is to a tumor cavity to generate a negative pressure.In a second surgeon sucks bloody content.All manipulations occupy no more than 10 minutes.After that, the baby's head is applied a pressure bandage and sent him home with his parents.Further observation of the child are a pediatrician and pediatric surgery clinic.