Playpen - a useful thing, or the prototype of a prison cell?

Playpen playpen called small fence limiting the movement of children who have already started to crawl, and have not yet learned to walk.Like most other things, children's playpens are good if you use them sparingly.


Do I need a baby playpen

If your house are potentially dangerous for a crawling baby items buy playpen Artificial nails: expensive beauty? Artificial nails: expensive beauty? worth.Some children like the sense of security that they experience while in the arena - its walls form a zone of comfort, warm and not so staggeringly large as it seems the world.However, quite a few children, from whose point of view of the arena unduly restricted freedom of movement;at a very early age, the child begins to show its character, and a special way of seeing things.

If your child is a few attempts at riding school and did not like, it is useless to insist, or in the future, it can have serious problems with self-confidence.But even if the child is really like an arena, he should play regularly, and move out of it - otherwise it will eventually all come out worse beyond your comfort zone.Although

arena can greatly help the child when he learns to walk, even in this period should be possible to limit its use.The child must learn to seek other support when taking the first steps, and not rely on the presence of a permanent support in the form of a wall of the arena.

In general, experts believe that if the parents have a choice between the use of the arena and providing child secure vast space where he can freely crawl and learning to walk, you need to choose the latter.


What to look for when choosing a playpen

  • If the walls of the arena are made of mesh, the diameter of the cells should not exceed 6 mm, otherwise the child's fingers can get stuck in them.Pay attention to what is securely fastened to the frame grid arena.
  • height walls must be at least 51 cm from the bottom of the arena.If
  • arena made of wood, the space between the slats should be no more than 5.08 cm.
  • Choose baby cots upholstered upper horizontal bars (and better - and vertical) that the child did not set out the bruises every time can not savebalance.
  • design elements that allow you to adjust the height of the walls of the arena, must be inaccessible to children.
  • Pay attention to the weight and stability of the arena - it should be such that a child can not accidentally turn over.
  • If you buy a used playpen, carefully inspect the floor and walls, in time to note any damage.


playpen and safety

Despite the fact that most parents think playpens means to ensure the safety of the child, children are given every year because of their many injuries, sometimes leading to death.Although the number of deaths resulting from use of arenas in recent years, steadily decreasing in the US alone and in playpen cot baffle die annually from 100 to 200 children.This can be prevented if strictly observe the safety rules.

First of all, we must not forget that baby cots are not intended for children left them unattended.Sometimes parents are distracted - it is inevitable, but most of the time a child must be in their mind, even when he plays in an arena.

  • Do not leave your baby to sleep in an arena.Its walls are not as stable as that of a normal crib, and it does not meet the safety requirements that apply to furniture designed for sleeping Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams young children.
  • When a child is in the arena, it must be properly closed and its walls - raised at normal height (if adjustable).
  • mattress on the floor of the arena must be in good condition.There are cases where a hole in the fabric of mattresses led to the death of a child as a result of strangulation.
  • Regularly check the condition of the arena, especially those parts which are made of a soft fabric.Sometimes children tear or bite off small pieces of fabric, swallow them, and begin to suffocate.The probability of this is rather small, as in the manufacture of playpens used strong fabric, but completely exclude such a risk can not be.
  • Never give your child the laces, scarves or necklaces when it is in the arena.Because of the design there is a high probability that these objects cling to the crossbar barriers, which in some cases leads to suffocation.
  • Do not place the playpen near a window, balcony door, or other place where a child can reach the long curtains.
  • Arena should be placed as far as possible from doors, stairs, furniture and household appliances.
  • Do not place in an arena big toys - for them the baby can get out.
  • Do not put too much in the arena of soft blankets, quilts or pillows.Because of them, the child will be more difficult to move, and if it falls, the blanket may restrict the access of oxygen.Usually, it is recommended to put in a playpen only mattress, which was sold with it;if the house is cold or the baby got sick, it can be given one blanket, but then for him to be especially careful to watch.Remember that arena significantly restricts the freedom of movement of the child, and if lying on the big bed, he can get out from under the blanket, which prevents him from breathing, the arena will be much harder to do.
  • Do not put in a playpen toys from solid materials, especially if they have sharp edges.A child can fall directly on the toy and get injured, sometimes - pretty serious.