Natural makeup for teens - safety first

Natural makeup for teens When young girls are beginning to use make-up, they tend to be most interested in popular products, which will help them to look - and feel - more attractive.Their parents, however, are more concerned about the health of the skin of his daughters, so pay attention primarily on natural makeup for teens.

thick layer of foundation Tone Cream: a pledge perfect makeup Foundation: the guarantee of an ideal make-up , covered with powder and rouge, a large amount of mascara, lipstick and shadows - not always the best choice for proper skin care.Of particular concern of parents is the fact that the whole cosmetics usually contains a lot of potentially harmful chemicals.Find a good, safe and natural cosmetics is not easy - it is not enough simply to choose products labeled as "organic".

«natural" does not always mean "better»

today on many products, including the decorative cosmetics, you can see the labels "natural" or "organic", but these words are oftennot worth any approved standards.Therefore, these signs do not always mean that cosmetics contain fewer harmful or more natural ingredients.

In addition, between the words "natural" and "safe" can not default to equate.Skilled are often very difficult to assess the safety of cosmetics containing substances of plant origin.If the ingredients are synthetic substances, the scientists at least know exactly what they are dealing with, but with herbal substances is not always clear how they will act on the skin, and how to interact with other chemical compounds.

to dermatologists often refer patients with a negative response to natural cosmetics purchased in stores that sell so-called "clean" products.There are cases where bespoke organic cosmetics lead to serious skin infections, as its ingredients are just spoiled.

Theoretically, natural makeup Natural makeup : machinery and secrets Natural make-up: technology and secrets can be very useful for the skin;in practice it is more complicated.In the end, the producers many years ago began to add preservatives in cosmetics is not just because of a whim - it really necessary that some ingredients are well maintained and does not harm your skin.

Mineral Makeup Really Better?

Parents who are looking for the most "healthy" cosmetics for their children, often choose mineral makeup - foundations, blush, eye shadow and other products, the main ingredients of which are crushed minerals.Dermatologists often say that mineral makeup is better for the skin, as it does not contain preservatives and flavors, as in most kinds of makeup.People who suffer from skin irritation when using synthetic cosmetic ingredients, mineral makeup, generally does not cause such problems.

In addition, mineral makeup is nekomedogennym - it does not clog pores and, at least, does not worsen the skin condition of people who are prone to acne.Mineral makeup, which consists of titanium oxide and zinc oxide also provides protection from ultraviolet radiation.

However, opinions regarding mineral makeup is mixed.Some types of mineral makeup For whom is suitable mineral makeup and how to use For whom is suitable mineral makeup and how to use it contains bismuth oxychloride, which is not natural minerals and by-products of copper and lead.It can cause skin irritation and even aggravate acne.Finally, very finely milled minerals are dangerous if inhaled.

Unlike drugs, cosmetics (except for some ingredients of hair dyes) are not currently tested by organizations concerned with health care.In some countries, laws require manufacturers to specify not label all or most of the ingredients of cosmetics, but it does not solve the problem of security.Experts recommend to buy cosmetics with the least amount of ingredients, as it is assumed that it is the most harmless.In addition, parents should be their children learn how to use makeup and how to choose.

As young girls really like to experiment with make-up, it is especially important that parents were watching what kind of makeup they use - the interaction of many ingredients in some cases may give the unpredictable reaction of the skin.Today there are many online resources where you can get information on individual ingredients of cosmetics, and learn about their possible reactions with other substances.

Skin Care Basics

Under the influence of advertising on TV and on the Internet today, many young people commit serious errors in skin care - and their consequences can not handle even the best natural cosmetics.Often the girls too early start to use thick, greasy moisturizers and makeup, containing various oil - all of which can only worsen the condition of the skin of a teenager.It is important to explain to the girls that it is too early to use cosmetics with essential oils, and in general it is not necessary to overload the skin - this is often the reason for the formation of pimples and blackheads.Experts say that to forbid teenagers to use makeup, the more - natural, does not follow.It does not hurt if they do not abuse, and girls suffering from acne will help solve many psychological problems.

Tips for healthy skin

to your baby's skin is healthy, it is important that it began as early as possible to look after it properly.Top tips for proper care:

  • need to wash your face twice a day with a mild detergent;
  • Avoid antibacterial soaps and overly active use scrubs.All of this may aggravate the condition of problematic skin;
  • Remove makeup before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams (even if you go to bed with the mineral makeup on your face, nothing terrible will happen, but rather that the removal of make-up in the evening has become a habit from an early age);
  • To reduce the risk of infections, replace any color cosmetics (including - full) once a year.