Table size for babies: why it is needed

Table size for babies By choosing baby clothes should be approached very carefully.It is necessary to consider the convenience and quality.Table size for babies helps to choose the most appropriate wardrobe items for a child depending on his height and age.


How to choose clothes for the newborn

Before buying clothes for the baby, you must ensure that it meets certain requirements.These include:

  • quality;
  • Ease;
  • color;
  • size.

Baby Clothing should be sewn from natural materials that are breathable.It is important that the seams on it have been carried out carefully, otherwise the child will feel them, and it will give him great discomfort.

If there are buttons on the clothes, they should be firmly sewn on, and the loop is well handled.In the presence of buttons, make sure that they are easy then loosened.If not, the tissue around them can quickly tear.All purchased items must be well to carry the laundry.

necessary to choose a simple cut dress to the latter does not impede the passage of the newborn.Must be free of her tight rubber bands, buckles, metal, hard, rough and thick seams, no decorations, stripes or unnecessary, decorative buttons.In the first months of a child's life in the pockets it will be absolutely useless, so do not choose things with them.

Fasteners should find in front, like a newborn most of his time lying on his back.Tight gum too small buttons and awkward narrow neck make it difficult to disguise the child.Beforehand you need to consider how easy it would be to change a diaper in a new dress, and can be quickly removed and put on it if necessary.

for newborns is better to choose a bright light-colored clothing.For the first months of life fit pistachio, all shades of beige, light yellow and sky-blue and light pink.


Table of clothing sizes for newborns

Children need to buy is not too close, but at the same time not very large clothes.Before buying clothing is necessary to measure the baby's growth.Dimensions depending on age will be approximately as follows:

  • Newborn growth is approximately 50 to 58 centimeters, and these children will approach the fifty-sixth the size;
  • Children aged from three months to have an average growth of 59 to 64 centimeters.For them, the recommended size of the sixty-second;
  • from three months to five children typically have a height of not more than 70 centimeters, which corresponds to the sixty-eighth the size of the label;
  • Children whose age is from five to eight months, generally have a growth from 71 to 76 centimeters.They fit seventy fourth dimension;
  • In the period from eight months to one year is usually the child's growth is between 77 to 82 centimeters.Clothing for children of this age is the eightieth the size.

for preterm infants in the first days of their lives need to wear size 44 or 50.Also, when selecting the first clothes for the unborn child should take into account the growth of the parents.If recent high, then the newborn immediately need clothes 62 and not 56 size.

As the child should first choose clothes based on the measured parameters of his body.All tabular figures - the average, which only help in choosing clothes.


How to choose a cap newborn

cap - an important part of the wardrobe of the newborn, which protects his head from hypothermia or overheating.After giving birth to him wearing a cap, which may have a drawstring or elastic.This headpiece should be made of natural materials: cotton, silk, cotton, wool and cotton.Bonnet put in a cool place and exit to the street as an independent headdress and in the cold season - a warm hat.It helps you select the size of the table bonnets for the newborn.

Thin hats cotton jersey or velor for walks in spring and autumn.Also, you can wear them is not very cold in winter, if they wear a suit or a jacket hood.

suitable for winter hats of yarn that can be implemented as from natural wool and synthetic.Sometimes such headgear is made from a blended yarn consisting of natural and synthetic fibers.Over a beanie baby should wear a hood.

synthetic fleece material is also used to sew caps for newborns.But when choosing these hats is better to pay attention to the fact that the lining was made of natural fabrics.Another type of hats - fur, they can be worn in the winter without a hood, as they are quite warm.

There are rules to help you choose the most suitable and comfortable cap.These include the following:

  • Preference should be given to headgear for babies, which are made of natural, rather than synthetic materials;
  • have caps should be no internal seams, especially in the neck;
  • Do not choose caps with extra decorative ornaments, as well as with numerous ties and rubber bands that will hamper the movement of the child;
  • Before buying caps, measure the circumference of the baby's head.Sizes caps for newborns will help you choose the right headgear.Head circumference of the child after his birth, on average between 35 and 37 centimeters.

When choosing clothes for newborns need to pay attention to the fact that it was comfortable, high quality and made of a natural fabric.Clothes have to be suitable for the size of the child and help in determining the last special tables which indicate average values.