The rash on the face of the newborn: what it is?

rash on the face of the newborn worth on the skin of the baby appear speck, my mother is frightened.What is it?Symptoms of any infection or response to its error in the diet?The rash on the face of a newborn can actually be a sign of something "bad".But in most cases - a commonplace that in a couple of weeks it disappears.


pustulosis - inherited from the mother

3-4 weeks of life in 20% of infants in the face appears small pustular rash, which doctors call neonatal cephalic pustulosis, or, simply, "blossoming."The small pink pimples are arranged in groups or singly on the cheeks, forehead and chin.Some of them have a white spot in the center.Gradually, the rash may spread to the neck, chest and scalp.

pustulosis kid does not cause any discomfort.His skin does not dry, not scaly, and sometimes, on the contrary, it becomes more oily.The child is calm, it looks fresh and healthy.

appearance of the rash associated with excessive activity of fungi Malassezia, which normally live on the skin of all people.Under the influence of hormones mother germs the baby begin to proliferate and clog the openings of the sebaceous glands.And pustules are formed.

No special treatment "bloom" is not required.Pimples is prohibited to squeeze, manipulate brilliant green, alcoholic solutions or fat cream.To give any oral medication is also not necessary.

daily is recommended to wash the newborn boiled water.If abundant precipitation, the doctor may prescribe an antifungal ointment.Usually, however, pustulosis runs independently to 2-3 months of life, without leaving any scars.


Milia: where are the white "pearls"?

Milia - another common skin problem, which is subject to every sixth newborn baby.The rash on the face in this case is a small (1-2 mm) yellowish-white nodules, which are located mainly on the nose, wings of the nose, forehead and chin.Very rarely pimples spread throughout the body.

Small "pearls" can pour already 3-8 days after birth and stored up to a month.The reason for their appearance lies in the immaturity of the baby's sebaceous glands, which are yet to learn to work in the correct mode and do not have time to deduce the secret of the whole fat on the skin surface.As a result, the ducts become clogged and inflamed.

As pustulosis, Milia is no cure.Suffice it to carry out regular hygiene kid.If there is a rash all over the body, your doctor may recommend bathing in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.


allergies - itchy recognize specks

Up to 1.5 months allergic reactions Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat in children are rare.Usually they are provocateurs:

  • food allergens (the elements of citrus, nuts, chocolate, strawberry, which fall within the body of a child with mother's milk),
  • cosmetics (eg, winter cream is applied on the cheeks grudnichka),
  • drugs (high allergenicity have herbal and antibiotics).

At risk are children with hereditary predisposition.When one of the parents - have allergies, the risk of disease in the child increases several times.

In allergy red rash on the face of the newborn may look different.Sometimes it is evenly scattered small nodules on the skin.In other cases, the body there are different sizes of blisters like burns nettles (urticaria).When food reactions skin, usually covered with large plaques swollen, red and heavily shelled (diathesis).In addition to the rash often located on the flexor surfaces of the hands and feet.

Allergic itch spots, causing the baby a lot of anxiety.He is naughty, bad sleeping, may refuse feedings.

Such a condition requires treatment to the attending pediatrician.And if my mother sees that the rash is spreading rapidly, and the child begin to swell the lips, cheeks and eyelids, then you need to call "ambulance."

Allergy Treatment consists of three stages:

  • avoid contact with allergens

When drug allergy pick another drug.When reactions to foods mother asked to switch to a hypoallergenic diet hypoallergenic diet - salvation for stomach Hypoallergenic diet - the salvation for the stomach .

  • Creating a comfortable microclimate in the house

in a stuffy room itch the baby can grow.Therefore, it is important to ensure that the temperature of the air in the children's room was in the range 18-21 degrees, and humidity - 40-70%.

  • Drug therapy

Depending on the severity of the condition, the child is assigned the internal acceptance of antihistamines (suprastin, Fenistil), exterior skin softening agents (Bepanten) or steroid ointment (Elokim).