Water aerobics for children - the most attractive form of physical exercise

  • Water aerobics for children - the most attractive form of exercise
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aerobics for children Water aerobics - an ideal form of exercise for children.It is useful, for perfectly healthy children as well as for children with various diseases and disorders of development.Even if your city does not have sports centers, where there are groups of aqua Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure for children, you can simply take the children to the pool and to train on their own;perfectly suited for this exercise as described here.

Children who get regular exercise, reduced the chance of serious health problems in the future.In addition, they differ on average, higher self-esteem than their peers, leading a less active lifestyle.


This part of the training is important not only for adults but also for children.To warm up just let the children for five minutes to play in the pool as they like.Let them throw the ball to each other, arrange small speed swim or dive to the bottom of the pool for what some heavy objects.If your children are still not swim well, and let them put on armlets.During the warm-up you can explain how to float and move his arms and legs to move it horizontally.

Splash, diving, tumbling

Everyone knows that children like to splash in the water.At the start of training, after warming up, ask the child's upper body lie on the board for the voyage, and quickly move her legs, trying to raise as much as possible splashes.Of course, this must be done on the side of the other people being in the pool.Then let the baby, pushing a board for swimming and moving the feet, try to swim from one end of the pool.Children who swim well enough, you can offer to perform somersaults in the water.If you have two or more children who know how to swim and dive, arrange a competition: lay heavy on the bottom of the pool rings or discs (they usually lie in large baskets next to the pool, with the Board for swimming and other devices), and letChildren dive for them, trying to get as many items in the allotted period of time.

Exercise Hand

Encourage your child to get from one end of the pool to the other, using only hand movements.He can pull with your hands or move, pulling on the handrail along the pool - the main thing that he did not help himself down.As the deepest part of the pool without legs child will be difficult to survive, let him wear armlets.

Running water

Arrange for kids race in the water at speed;If you are alone with the child, it can compete with yourself - of course, do not forget a little give in to even the odds.Running water effectively strengthens the muscles of the entire body, and stamina.

usual jogging on the ground can be boring, but the running water - is another matter.The most effective for the muscles of the body running in that part of the basin, where the water depth of the child zone.Let the child puts his foot as when running on the ground - on the heel first, then on the sock.Tell him that if he will run on his toes (and so do many of the children), the day may get sick calves.Again, pinpoint and record the time at which the child runs a certain distance - it will be a good incentive to further improve results.

«jumps» at the Noodle Noodle

- long cylindrical shape buoyancy aids - is in most pools, and are perfect for water aerobics classes water aerobics classes - medicine and a source of pleasure Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure .Let your child "saddle" noodle so that he was between his legs and then "jump" in the basin, starting from the bottom of both feet at the same time.You can compete with him, arranging almost real racing.Remember that noodle - not certified buoyancy aids and toys only, so a child who can not swim, they do not replace the sleeves.

Heats speed

Since children are very characteristic of gambling, swim speed, usually gives them great pleasure.If you come to the pool with several children, have them compete against each other.If a child is alone, let him compete with himself, trying to beat your previous records.Use a timer and writes the results to stimulate new developments.You can further complicate the task, for example, ask your child to swim from one end of the pool, holding a rubber duck on his stomach.The task - to swim as soon as possible and not to drop the duck.

Games in water

Games such as volleyball and basketball in water, add variety to the usual water aerobics classes.It is not necessary that the children thoroughly knew the rules of basketball or volleyball, so they can enjoy them to the fullest.Set the ground rules: each team is awarded points for balls pocketed prohibited to select the ball with force, and so on.Volleyball beach ball can be used to simplify the problem of children and avoid injury.

Warning!Drowning - one of the most common causes of death in children under 14 years.Because it can happen within only a couple of minutes, adults should always supervise children while they are in the pool.

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