Hiccups in newborns: what to do if it does not lag behind?

hiccups in newborns After birth, women are often faced with situations in which nothing is mentioned in the "benefits" for young mothers.One of them - a frequent hiccups in newborns.What to do to alleviate the condition the baby?And how to establish the cause of convulsive sobs?


Useless reflex

Hiccups occur due to the fact that muscle located between the abdominal and thoracic cavity (scientifically, iris), sharply reduced.Her spasms lead to the closure of voice cracks.So there are all the familiar sounds.In fact, hiccups is the same reflex as coughing or sneezing.Only her role in the body is not clear to physicians.

hiccups Provokes irritation of nerve fibers that control the operation of the diaphragm.In infants this condition can be caused by several factors.


Reason 1: Overeating

excess food pererastyagivaet wall of the stomach, which presses on the diaphragm from above.The muscle reflex is reduced, and the baby starts to hiccup.Reflex does not go so far as bolus not advance further - into the intestines and stomach is not available.

hiccups caused by overeating, comes in 5-10 minutes after the feeding and is almost always accompanied by regurgitation.Therefore, in this case to determine its cause it is not difficult.To cope with the situation, pediatricians advise to do a five-minute breaks in feeding.During leisure time to feedings cause a feeling of fullness, baby calm down and not be "greedy."


Reason 2: swallowing air

Swallowed air "puffs" from inside the stomach, causing his hyperextension.Hiccups occur immediately or within a few minutes after ingestion.

The problem may be due to poor attachment to the breast.If the baby during suckling is not fully grasps the areola, then with milk is gaining in the mouth and the air.Therefore, doctors recommend that mothers watch closely how the process of feeding.

Another reason - excessive haste baby.If your child eats too quickly, hungrily, he draws a lot of air in the mouth.Such a situation also solved interruptions in feeding.

Kids-bottle-can hiccup because of the large hole in the nipple.Normally, the bottle must be based on the drop of the mixture in the second.If not, then the nipple must be replaced.

to air quickly came out of the stomach, after feeding the baby is held vertically ("column") for 10-15 minutes.After a child srygnet, hiccups should stop.


Reason 3: flatulence

exhaust gases stretch the bowel loops.They are raised, causing irritation of the phrenic nerves.Hiccups occur regularly after every meal.This kid shows expressed concern: compress fists, crying, dodge.It helps alleviate his condition massage tummy clockwise.

reason flatulence Flatulence - when you need to worry about? Flatulence - when you need to worry about? newborn could be a violation of the diet his mother or goiter Dysbacteriosis - what brings self Dysbacteriosis - what brings self .In the first case, the woman is recommended to review your diet.From the daily food should be excluded foods that cause flatulence: cabbage, beans, milk, rye bread.

diagnosis of "goiter" puts the attending pediatrician on the basis of the analysis of feces How to pass a stool, so as not to spoil it How to pass a stool, so as not to spoil it .To treat your child may be given a set of eubiotics and prebiotics.


Reason 4: hypothermia

Hypothermia provokes a long spasm of the diaphragm.This situation can occur if the child long lain in wet diapers or excessive sweating.Evaporation of moisture from the skin leads to a rapid decrease in body temperature.

Many grudnichki sweat a lot during feeding, and hiccups become commonplace for them.


Reason 5: irritability

very impressionable children can hiccup because of emotional distress.Provoke trouble can anything: fear, joy, surprise, the long absence of her mother.

To soothe your baby, it is enough to divert his attention to the conversation or games.You can give a child 2-3 tablespoons of boiling water.If the attacks are repeated on a regular basis, you should contact a neurologist.


Reason 6: disease

Regular long (more than 3 hours) or painful bouts of hiccups hiccups - but if it's something serious? Hiccups - and if this is something serious? can be caused by various diseases:

  • meningitis,
  • uremia,
  • tumors of the esophagus or stomach,
  • diabetes,
  • brain tumor.

In such cases, to establish the exact cause of the disease will help a thorough medical examination.