5 ways to deal with negative emotions in the upbringing of children

ways to deal with negative emotions in the upbringing of children Sometimes we as parents forget that our choices, our decisions and our way of upbringing - that is our own business.We are doing for children, for families and for ourselves what we think is right, and these actions are based on our moral principles.And this position is quite normal and perfectly acceptable.But sometimes, encountering any opposition, we put our choice question, whether we act morally?We think for a moment, whether we are doing.There are five ways to cope with negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code and other moral difficulties when it comes to the style of parenting and parenting our solutions.

1. Leave things as they are

Everyone has their own opinion.But this is just an opinion, it is not the rules and standards, it is not leadership, to be followed by the formation of their lifestyle and the type of child-rearing.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to control the reaction, and the installation of other people all think differently.The only thing you can control - it is their decision and their ability to respond to events and people around us.

Strong confidence in their choice will help to dispel doubts about the correctness of the decision, no one should interfere and decide what is moral and what is not - this is our life.

let other people's opinions about family and parenting methods of fly by the wind site.

2. Be sure

Do not go on about and continually appease all others, denying themselves for their own parenting decisions, desires and goals.It is necessary to defend their opinions.

godites their decisions and grow loved and worthy of praise the child.

We are not talking about what you need to get someone to accept and approve our methods of education, but the fact that we try our best to do better for our children in our personal circumstances, which is why it is not necessary to doubttheir choice.

3. Select the circle of friends

Surround yourself and your family by people who are not going to try and advise.This circle of friends will feel comfortable and free to educate their children and, at its discretion, and people will listen without passing judgment on account of its education.

When people react properly in any situation, our willingness to evolve as a caring mother for our children grow, we become soft and compliant, and it strengthens our mind, body and spirit.

4. Do not take to heart

It has been said more than once, and you can repeat it again: misery loves company.A person who intentionally looking for a way to bring down someone confused, questioning desires, attitudes and moral values ​​of the other really looking for a companion to share their own suffering.Do not let these people feed on negative emotions, they are forced to generate over our choices, decisions and ways of parenting.Let their words fly in one ear and depart from another.It's amazing, but the negative energy can be used as a motivational tool, not as an obstacle to their own ideas.

5. Inhale and exhale

Find the center within himself and make himself its master.Meditate to calm down.Sit quietly and Stay alone.You can practice yoga or Tai Chi to bring your mind to concentrate on the present moment.Breathe all the good and positive and exhale release all negative.

Remember that child-rearing practices and parenting decisions are based on the purest and most selfless love in the world, and only one, this statement can help in raising children and strengthening the family.