High temperature in a child without symptoms - infectious attack

high fever in a child without symptoms Heat a child without symptoms can be for many diseases.Most cases the viral infection, but can also be bacterial.In any case, if a child has a fever, and nothing else, you should seek medical advice.Better if it will be local pediatrician.


Why should first call the local pediatrician?

district pediatrician advantage is that he knows the epidemiological situation on the site, including in schools and kindergartens.There are viral infections that occur only with fever and accompanied by traditional catarrhal symptoms of the upper respiratory tract - a cough and runny nose.

One of these infections is enterovirus infection Enterovirus infection - whether it is the danger? Enterovirus infection - whether it is the danger? (EVI), which has many strains that cause disease with different symptoms.Including EVI can occur only with increasing temperature.Enterovirus infection can occur in the form of herpes angina, which feature is the absence of the disease in the early days of sore throat at high temperature.The doctor, of course, to see the change in the throat, but parents - not always.

If local pediatrician sees on his site a few cases with only one temperature, it is natural to conclude that it is a viral infection.Watching these children allows you to specify the diagnosis.In severe viral infections clarified its origin by means of virological investigations.

In young children (especially children under one year), the temperature can rise as from overheating.


Heat a child without symptoms of acute hepatitis

Acute hepatitis is most commonly caused by a viral nature and the causative agent of hepatitis type A. But the cause may be, and other infectious agents, also found acute hepatitis infectious origin.Noncommunicable hepatitis include, for example, toxic (including those caused by taking some medications), and autoimmune hepatitis Autoimmune hepatitis - the immune system rejects its own liver cells Autoimmune hepatitis - the immune system rejects its own liver cells (the child develops an allergy to their own body tissue).

usually acute hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time Hepatitis - the scourge of our time has a typical start: high fever, vomiting, pain in the right upper quadrant.But no less frequently the disease begins with only temperature that can last for several days without any additional features, and even without an increase of the liver.A few days later the liver suddenly grows in size and becomes painful at the same time appear jaundice, vomiting, the child's condition becomes severe.

It is important to identify as early as possible and begin to treat acute hepatitis Acute hepatitis - always serious Acute hepatitis - always seriously here without a doctor can not do.Besides knowledge epidobstanovki he can assume the presence of hepatitis B after the examination of the child.Children with acute hepatitis are hospitalized.


Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the kidney and urinary tract

of infections of the urinary tract in children are bacterial and often appear only in the form of fever.In most cases, the cause of the beginning of pyelonephritis in a child is to have some kind of hidden (sometimes congenital) disease, a symptom of which is the reflux (backward flow of urine) from the renal pelvis into the ureter from the bladder into the ureter, and more.

process is for the time being can proceed unnoticed, but the stagnation of urine in the urinary tract, sooner or later leads to the attachment of the infection and the development of infectious-inflammatory process.

Parents who have never been faced with such diseases usually can not be assumed that the child has an inflammatory process in the kidneys and urinary tract, as it does not have any back pain, frequent or painful urination.Even an experienced pediatrician is not always in the examination of the child can see any particular pathology.But can we assume high fever, tongue coated with white bloom, listless child.Sometimes a light effleurage back has a small pain on one or both sides (but not always).In this case, you must pass urine on the overall analysis.


What should parents do if the child has a high temperature

If your child has a high temperature, in any case (there are other symptoms or not) must be:

  • ventilate the room where the child;
  • put him to bed, but the heat does not cover (dangerous overheating);
  • persistently drink a child if he does not want to drink, drink with a spoon;
  • after the baby has drunk enough fluid to give him tea with raspberry or lime-colored infusion and zate6m when he propoteet, change underwear;
  • if the child previously at high temperature were convulsions, you should give antipyretic: Nurofen syrup, children ibuklin or paracetamol;
  • call a doctor at home.

Galina Romanenko