What to do with children in the New Year's holiday

  • What to do with children in the New Year's holiday
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New Year holidays Most children look forward to the New Year holidays, but when they finally begin, many are beginning to get bored."I'm bored, absolutely nothing to do at home" - a phrase which is often accompanied pass a vacation in many families.But, of course, if you think you can always find employment, because the New Year holidays can and should be a time full, rich holiday.So what to do on New Year's holidays?


Arrange movie nights

Joint viewing movies - one of the best ways to spend an evening with your family.Sit back, wrapped in a blanket, put on the table a tray with various goodies, and enjoy.It is very important that family members were more or less the same tastes, or that they are tolerant to the tastes of others.If the kids want to watch "The Hobbit" and parents are fans of aesthetes solely art-house, enjoy the joint film evening will not be easy.Therefore, parents, even if they have a very delicate taste, it is better to lower the bar for a while and try to assess what their children like.


Let your child invite friends

No matter how old your child is, he needs to communicate with peers.Therefore, do not forbid him to invite friends to visit the school, and encourage communication with the neighborhood children.In addition, do everything to resist the temptation to check your child's activities with friends in his room.His room - this is his territory, and there he must feel the greatest freedom;then it will not be so bored at home, and the words that he had nothing to do, will not sound so often.


Cook with your child

If the spring and summer to spend time in the kitchen do not want even to adults, let alone children,in the winter it might not be the worst idea.Look with your child recipes interesting dishes, and offer him together as they cook.It is desirable that it was something different from the most of what you eat each day - then a couple of hours devoted to food preparation can be a bright winter memory.At the same time you can show your child that the work in the kitchen is not always a burden - it is quite possible to turn into entertainment.


going to the movies

Watch movies at home - it's great, but going to the cinema - it's a completely different experience, especially thanks to modern technology.Even before the Christmas holidays, you can learn the program of cinema and decide what movies you want to watch with the kids for the holidays.Incidentally, the most anticipated movies not buy tickets in advance.Movies can be completed visiting the restaurant for dinner and discuss the film.


Skiing and snowboarding

Even if you live far from the ski resorts in your area if a few months of the year is snow, somewhere, surely you can go skiing and snowboarding.If you and your kids - are new to winter sports, you do not have to spend a lot of equipment: good skis, poles, snowboards and shoes can be bought in the season of sales for very little money.Just keep in mind that the sale of the sports equipment usually occur during the warmer months.



leases several bowling lanes for a few hours, and arrange events for the whole family.Again, it will be very helpful to invite friends to a child.If your child has already started puberty awkward age - the period of emotional turmoil Transitional age - the period of emotional turmoil , you can rent the track bowling center only for him and his friends;you and your friends can roll the balls on adjacent tracks, or even fun to go to another location, leaving the teenager complete freedom.



child does not like to read?Perhaps it was during the Christmas holidays you will be able to correct the situation.If the child is not yet 10 years old, begin to read aloud to him, and then ask them to read together - of roles.If the child is older, he may not be thrilled with the offer to read aloud - because of the natural in the pre-teenage (and even more so - in their teens) ages desire to look older and more independent.So just give your child an interesting book, but do not say: "Read it!" And tell me what you've read it, and you liked it.You can even tell a little about the book to intrigue, but not too much to reveal storylines.


Encourage your child to volunteer

New Year's holidays - a good time to remember those who are less fortunate than us.In recent years, many countries before the new year, volunteers collect gifts for elderly people living in nursing homes, and then give them personally.How expensive is a gift, it does not matter;the main thing - to pay attention to the people that they are lacking.Some volunteers organize free concerts for children, who are forced to celebrate the New Year in the hospital - if your child is interested in music, or walking in the theater workshop, perhaps it might be interested in such projects.Surely in your city, there are many opportunities to help those who need it;for a child it can be a valuable experience to realize that much nicer to give than to receive.



in your city or nearby towns have museums that your child has not been?Then you will do in the New Year holidays.Go to the museums that are most meet the interests of your child, and get ready for the fact that after viewing the exhibits you will have to answer many questions and maybe to buy books for young researchers were especially interested in the topics.An alternative to the museum can be a greenhouse in the botanical garden, or planetarium.



if far away from your home has a skating rink, go to ride regularly, or send a child there with friends.Ice skating - a great way to spend time, meet new people and strengthen the muscles that are today because of the proliferation of sedentary lifestyles, even children are not in the best condition.



If New Year's holiday for children coincide with the release of the parents and if resources permit, you can go on a trip.The temptation to get away from the winter to the warm countries is great, but for a week or two children (especially young age) does not have time to acclimate, more or less, but in return they will have to undergo acclimatization again.So it is better to give preference to the ski resorts and European cities with their attractions and a rich cultural program.

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