Dill Vodicka for newborns - getting parents of sleepless nights

dill Vodicka for newborns dill Vodicka for babies today are not less relevant than a century ago.This means great grandmother relieves spasms of the intestine and helps to remove gases - the main cause of intestinal colic and anxiety children during the first months of life.Dill water is the easiest way to buy in the drugstore, but it can be cooked at home.


Why tummy swells newborn

At birth, the baby is completely sterile, but immediately after the birth of his skin and mucous membranes begin to be populated by microorganisms, both useful and not.This process lasts from three to six months.That in the gastrointestinal tract of the child did not get pathogenic (capable of causing disease) bacteria, all the dishes child (bottles and teats) thoroughly sterilized.

Yet absolutely no gut microorganisms have difficulty digesting food, he needs helpers.These helpers are microbes that are part of the normal intestinal microflora, or which is involved in the digestion of food.It bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, some strains of E. coli and others.These organisms contribute to the formation of acid in the intestine of the child protection, uncomfortable for opportunistic and pathogenic microflora and helps to digest food.

formation of intestinal microflora is slow, normal microflora gradually wins, it expands and inhibits the proliferation of opportunistic pathogens.This process is reflected in the formation of the state of the newborn when opportunistic pathogens becomes much food is digested properly, with the release of large amounts of gases.This so-called physiological goiter, in which a child's tummy swells (flatulence), intestinal spasms (intestinal colic), the child becomes restless, Sucitu feet, shouting, screaming interrupts sucking, trouble sleeping.


What mother when the child's tummy swells

In order to alleviate the condition of the child, when his tummy swells,It produced a lot of drugs.And one of the most well-known, proven by centuries of drugs to get rid of bloating, dill Vodicka is for newborns.Of course, dill water - it is a purely symptomatic treatment, relieving bloating and pain.

To physiological phenomenon dysbiosis passed quickly, prescribe drugs, probiotics: bifidumbakterin Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora Bifidumbacterin - restores normal intestinal microflora , laktobakterin and so on.These drugs contain colonies of bacteria normal intestinal flora, they help to increase its volume in the intestines and the suppression of life pathogenic microflora.


dill Vodicka for newborns - Instructions for use

Prepare dill water in pharmacy from the fruits of fennel - pharmacy dill, as well as from the fruits of dill.The mechanism of action dill water is removed intestinal spasms of smooth muscle, leading to a free removal from the gas.And as it spasms caused abdominal pain, the child after passing flatus (usually sound) calmly asleep.

dill best to buy water in the pharmacy where it is prepared in a sterile environment.0.005% dill water in pharmacy prepared from fennel essential oil that is obtained from prefabricated crushed fruits of fennel.0.05 g of fennel essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? mixed with a liter of distilled water and shaken for some time.Pharmacy dill water can be stored for months.

dill Vodicka for newborns can be prepared in the home.For its preparation you need to take a tablespoon of dill seed (better to buy in a drugstore), put in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water, leave for an hour, strain and give the child.Dill cooking water should be observing sterility: before cooking, wash hands with soap and water and a thermos and pour over boiling water used spoons.

learn how to make newborn baby dill vodichku best describe local pediatrician during a routine visit to the newborn (active visitation first month of life on a weekly basis).If no special instructions, dill water can be given a teaspoon three times a day after feeding.Sometimes this dose is not sufficient and the doctor permits to increase it to 6 teaspoons a day.Helps only dill Vodicka for newborns, the dosage is chosen by the doctor individually.

dill Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices preparing pharmaceutical and other medical products, well-relieving flatulence and intestinal cramps.It:

  • Plantex (company Lek, Slovenia) - a part of the drug contains extracts of fennel fruits, fennel essential oil, glucose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source and lactose;It is available as a powder in sachets;the contents of the sachet should be dissolved in water according to the instructions and drink the child;
  • Drops Baby Calm (company Hisunit, Israel) - a dill water, made from a mixture of natural vegetable oils - dill, anise and mint.Reduction of gas in the intestines has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antibacterial, soothing effect.

dill Vodicka for newborns - is the perfect remedy for intestinal cramps and bloating.

Galina Romanenko