How to teach children to resolve conflicts: proper communication

how to teach a child to resolve conflicts One of the primary responsibilities of parents - to teach children to resolve conflicts with the use of communication skills and negotiate to obtain mutually beneficial results.Children need to recognize that the resolution of conflict - it is a skill that should be taught and practiced as it allows an open discussion and to receive a basic education.The ability to resolve conflicts need to practice, both in professional and social, and personal spheres of life.

Increased attention

Parents should teach the child resolve conflicts by example: to show how to solve a dispute between the adults in their daily lives.No need to protect children from conflict, they face every day.When conflicts arise, and have a positive outcome, explain to your child that it is quite normal and even an integral part of life.Parents should ensure that children do not have witnessed the conflict, during which the participants enhance each other's voice, using profanity or used to each other strength.Such situations may frighten the child.Children need to feel safe and know that their parents support them.Avoid physical violence in the presence of children.

children the same age and physique can easily resolve their conflicts, observing one rule: "Argue, but do not touch each other."When resolving conflict, children must be guided by the principle that they can take turns to speak and to listen, but to follow the rule of "prohibited touching".However, the rule is "argue, but do not touch each other" does not always work when the kids are trying to resolve their conflict.However, parents should still monitor its observance, though sometimes they do not interfere intervene.It is also a manifestation of the effort of parents to raise a child well.Attempts to teach a child to resolve conflict will produce results in the future.Those skills that will hold a child will benefit all whom he met on his life's journey.When, after the resolution of the conflict, both sides get the desired result, children and adults have less anxiety, anger and frustration.If the conflicts are resolved quickly and effectively, it reduces the negative impact on your physical and mental health.

Monitoring by the

Disagreements over toys, food and any other item daily arise between twins If you have twins, ten Smiles If you have twins, ten Smiles .Parents need to watch every day, the children are allowed to conflict, but not to interfere.It will be the best lesson is to find a compromise."Do not touch" - that's the main rule.Normal is the situation when the children talk, gesticulate and shout.Studies show that tantrums that occur without the presence of adults, usually do not last long, and therefore ineffectual.If a child does not achieve the goal with the help of hysteria, such tricks are not repeated.

Parents should remember that children who are able to resolve their own conflicts, should be encouraged.Do not try to change something or to develop the theme of the conflict after his permission.If the parents take the way to resolve conflicts, which make use of them children, it demonstrates their responsibility.It is very important to achieve the ultimate goal of preparing children for adult life.