Medicinal properties of horsetail - medical applications

healing properties of horsetail horsetail Medicinal properties are not fully understood, as, indeed, and almost all curative properties of plants.However, today, infusions and decoctions of horsetail are widely used for the treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, diseases of the skin, hair strengthening Strengthen hair - how to protect themselves from the negative effects? Strengthen hair - how to protect themselves from the negative effects? both.


prevents the development of atherosclerosis

As part of horsetail the most valuable component of the compounds of silicic acid.These are substances that are required by the body in very small quantities, but without them in metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things significant violations may occur.It is known that it is a silicon compound give strength and elasticity of the connective tissue part of the blood vessel.In this regard, there is a clear relationship between the deficit in the body silicon and atherosclerosis.In addition, horsetail normalizes cholesterol metabolism.

for the prevention of atherosclerosis may be twice a year to carry out courses of infusions of horsetail.Brew it for this purpose should be at the rate of a tablespoon of dry powdered herb per cup of boiling water.Take cooked infusion of a quarter cup four times a day an hour after meals for 3-4 weeks.Before receiving infusions of horsetail should consult a doctor, as the drug has a number of contraindications side effects.


Horsetail in the treatment of diseases of the urinary system

all infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract are compounded by stagnation of urine, which may contribute to reflux (reverse current of urine), reducing kidney function and appearance in the urinary system stones.

Medicinal properties of horsetail are commonly used in the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract.Included in the silicon compound horsetail tone wall of the urinary tract, which leads to better passage of urine.Furthermore, silicon contributes to the reduction of stone formation in the urinary tract, as in urine silicon salt form colloids impeding crystallization urinary calculi.

antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of horsetail, due to the complex in its composition of various substances, suppress vital functions of pathogens and inflammation.And thanks to the diuretic action of all the toxins and products of decay of tissues promptly eliminated from the body of the patient.


horsetail characteristic feature is that its diuretic effect is the first day of application and throughout the course of treatment, as well as repeated courses - addiction to drugs horsetail missing.


in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract (cystitis, urethritis, non-severe pyelonephritis) infusions of horsetail is often included in the comprehensive treatment of patients.Prepare them as well as for the prevention of atherosclerosis, taking courses for 3-4 weeks, only 2 to 4 courses per year.

But in severe renal disease (glomerulonephritis, severe pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, and so on), which are accompanied by dysfunction of this body, horsetail extracts are contraindicated, since they irritate the parenchyma (own tissue) of the kidneys.


Horsetail in the treatment of hypertension

high blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? (BP), the liquid part of the blood against the walls of blood vessels, which leads to disruption of their operation, blood clots, blood clots, impaired blood supply to various organs and tissues.


horsetail Medicinal properties allow it to enter into the various fees for the treatment of hypertension Hypertension - when suffering heart and brain Hypertension - when suffering heart and brain .


Thanks diuretic properties, it helps to reduce blood volume and blood pressure decrease.This thickening of the blood is not associated with an increased thrombosis, as horsetail has antiagregatsionnogo properties - blocks the process of grouping of platelets - the foundation for future clot.Another positive feature of horsetail - the presence of potassium strengthens the heart muscle, allowing the blood system to deal with high blood pressure.


Properties horsetail in the treatment of diseases

In recent years, it has been found that the ingestion of infusion horsetail, it contains silicon compounds facilitate the rapid transport of other drugs in the lungs, as rich in silicon.Therefore, horsetail now often part of the comprehensive treatment of patients suffering from broncho-pulmonary diseases.

also known anticancer properties horsetail.They ensure the presence of a plant phenolic compounds which have a cytostatic (inhibits the growth of tumor) action.

External horsetail is used as a wound-healing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of nonhealing wounds and ulcers, as well as for the treatment of skin diseases.

Galina Romanenko