Silver bridges - one of the techniques of reflexology

silver bridges Silver bridges - this is one of the techniques of reflexology Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies Reflexology - a policy of non-drug therapies , modified by modern specialists.There are indications that this method was once successfully used in folk medicine in our country for the treatment of many diseases.The method became widespread after the improvement of its AI Vasilyeva.


Reflexology and silver bridges

Reflexology - is the ancient Chinese medical system, which is based on the correct movement of chi energy on special channels (meridians).Impact on located along meridians point on the surface of the body allows you to change during the Chi.This in turn may have some effect on the various organs and tissues.

According to modern concepts reflexology is based on reflex reactions, which occur when exposed to certain reflex points on the surface of the skin or mucous membranes of humans.When exposed to such points nerve impulse goes to the central nervous system (CNS), which is responsible in a certain way.For example, giving a "team" of blood vessels (they expand or constrict), visceral smooth muscle (which can relax, resulting in pain relief), stimulates the secretion of various biologically active substances that have some effect on organs and tissues, etc..

In ancient Chinese medicine, there are several ways to influence the meridian points.It Acupuncture Acupuncture - the ancient traditions in the service of modern science Acupuncture - the ancient traditions in the service of modern science , acupressure Acupressure - Eastern practices in the service of modern science Acupressure - Eastern practices in the service of modern science , moxibustion.Including techniques have prolonged exposure to the point of application by metal plates.Thus on the skin of the reflex zones superimposed small (less than 3 cm in diameter) metal plate, is attached with a plaster and leave them for 3-5 days.Metal when applied to the skin has, as a general (metal ions penetrate into the blood), and local action.Local action is developed by mechanical stimulation of the skin receptors and education at the interface between the metal and cloth microcurrents.

application can be used for plates of different metals, including silver high samples.Silver accelerates the recovery processes in the tissues (wounds, ulcers heal faster), activation of metabolic processes (one of the ways to treat obesity), resorption of connective tissue (scar after injuries and surgeries), a decrease in overt and covert edema, restore normal functioning of the central nervous system.


Exposure to silver bridges

Silver bridges are improved and slightly simplified application procedure metals.Silver bridges also superimposed along the meridians, but they need to capture the entire abnormal area and strengthened in the area of ​​healthy tissue.This forms as it were a bridge between the healthy tissues, which are located under the affected tissue.

At the conclusion of the developer of the method I. Vasilyeva silver bridges "the correction of the work of the meridians, restore the integrity of management in the areas of stitches, scars, wrinkles and points of scoliosis, strengthens the weak points in the circulatory system, lymph and nerve control, eliminate venous congestion and ischemia tissue"in different organs.


Indications and contraindications Indications

use silver bridges are mostly chronic diseases such as osteochondrosis osteochondrosis - learn how to properly distribute the weight Osteochondrosis - learn how to distribute the weight and neurological symptoms, other diseases of the peripheral nervous system, inflammation of the muscles(myositis), and various joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis), asthma, liver and other internal organs, hypertension, various pain syndromes, scars after injuries and operations.

Like any other methods of acupuncture, silver bridges should not be used with a sharp depletion of malignant tumors, abdominal pain of unknown origin, severe diseases of the circulatory system, chronic progressive infections and some other states.


How is it done?

To perform this procedure, you can buy a special adhesive tape Silver bridge.This is a surgical adhesive tape reel with spaced along a thin plastic ribbon with silver powder coating.

can make silver bridges and independently.To do this, you need to buy at the pharmacy adhesive tape 10 mm wide and silver Christmas rain foil width of about 5 mm.Rain glued to plaster so that the ends remain free of about 1 cm. The length of the interval should correspond to the length of the diseased area and exceed the 2 cm.

Silver bridges are applied to the skin along the meridians.For example, in osteochondrosis interested meridians run along the spine, as applied and a silver bridge.On the limbs silver bridges overlap parallel to the long tubular bones.For the "reinforcement" of action on either side of the main bridge, you can stick two.

resorption horizontal and oblique scar superimposed small (3-4 cm) bridges.If the scar is long, it will take several bridges, which are superimposed at intervals of 2-4 cm. Silver bridges are changed every three days.

Like any other method, silver bridges require proper application, taking into account all the indications and contraindications.And this can only be done by the doctor.

Galina Romanenko