Phototherapy - treatment with the help of creative expression

Phototherapy Phototherapy is used to treat mental disorders and borderline states and through creative expression.It was noted that emotionally intense creative process may displace negative emotions in the form of irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper , aggression, increased anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? , depression and so on.


What is art therapy and its species

Art therapy - a psychotherapeutic techniques based on self-expression through art.Most often this purpose, the painting, but there may be other types of self-expression - in the form of literary works and artistic reading of literary works (bibliotekoterapiya), dance (dance therapy), listening and composing music (music therapy), creative play with the dolls and their shadows(kukloterapiya) and so on.

idea of ​​such a treatment and the term "art therapy" owned by A. Hill, who in the first half of the last century was working with TB patients in sanatoriums and noticed that creative expression contributes to their recovery.After a few years of art therapy techniques have been used successfully in the treatment of children removed from the Nazi concentration camps during the war.

Today, art therapy techniques have been successfully applied in the complex treatment of patients with mental illness (schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis), neurosis, alcohol and drug addiction, as well as a variety of diseases of internal organs and systems prone to long duration and frequent recurrence,accompanied by neuro-psychiatric disorders.

One of the new modern forms of art therapy is phototherapy, development of which began in the second half of the last century in the United States and Canada.


Treatment photos

Phototherapy - this is one of psychotherapeutic techniques that are part of the art therapy.This technique involves the use of photos Psychocorrection through creative expression.

process phototherapy can be to create their own photos or pictures in a creative assessment made by other people, their description, and so on.The main thing here - the process of dedication, creation of positive emotions.Phototherapy is often a part of the complex treatment of patients, but can also be used as an independent method.

Phototherapy allows patients to get rid of negative emotions, develop creativity and self-esteem, focus on new sensations and feelings.Over time, these patients develop the ability to control his actions and emotions.Psychotherapist easier in such cases to establish contact with the patient, to obtain material for psychodiagnostics and work together with the patient his repressed thoughts and feelings.


how to work with photos

During phototherapy can be ready to work with photos or create your own original images.Phototherapy can be done with photographs taken by the patient or collected them from various sources, with photographs of the patient made by others with photographic portraits made by himself, to hurt, family photos.

process is supplemented by a discussion of the photos phototherapy in patients or patient with the therapist, writing descriptions of the photos and come up with in their examination of the history, creation of collages made from photos of the figures, followed by playing with them and so on.

Phototherapy has a lot to do with the fantasies and dreams, it relieves mental stress that occurs when it is impossible to meet vital needs.It is a form of satisfaction.


Indications and contraindications of phototherapy

Indications for phototherapy are border states: neuroses, emotional instability, feeling of loneliness, interpersonal conflicts, the effects of stress and high nervous and mental stress, depression, increased anxiety, fears,low self-esteem, dependence on alcohol, drugs and gambling, and so on.Phototherapy can also be used to treat psychiatric patients suffering from schizophrenia and manic-depressive psychosis Manic-depressive psychosis - what phases the most dangerous? Manic-depressive illness - which are the most dangerous phase? as part of anti-treatment.

Contraindicated phototherapy patients with acute exacerbation of mental illness Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help? , as well as when the patient is not interested so the creative process.

especially photos is that they are able to express the unconscious psychic life of the patient characteristics, in the process of its individual response to what he saw, contribute photos "sloshing" of emotions, during which there is a replacement of the existing inside the patient's negative, destructive emotions into positive, creative.

Galina Romanenko