Rose oil is expensive -

rose oil Rose oil - is an essential oil, which is often made from damask rose, which has a pleasant, delicate aroma.It is used in aromatherapy, cosmetics industry, it is also used for skin care and hair care at home.Real rose oil is expensive and is found on sale quite rare;besides, it is often counterfeited, so buying a natural oil rose often - a matter of great luck.


application of oil rose

This oil is used for the manufacture of creams, lotions and other cosmetics, as well as, of course, perfume.

in aromatherapy Rose oil is used exactly in such a quantity that his scent was discernible, but not too strong.It can be added alone in creams and massage oils (rose oil concentration in them can reach 1%).

established that the little rose with topical well absorbed by the skin and has a relaxing effect, even if a person wears a mask that does not allow him to feel the odors.

Ayurveda recommends to use oil rose as a tonic, anti-bacterial and laxative.We have oil and other useful properties, which are discussed below.


Useful properties of oil rose

Rose essential oil contains all the nutrients that are in the composition of rose petals, such as B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin K, calcium, potassium, copper and iodine.Studies have shown that it can be used successfully in a number of disorders.

  • Depression.The sweet fragrance of the rose is uplifting and helps to cope with depression and apathy.The researchers noted that people who regularly use rose oil for aromatherapy or massage differ, on average, more confidence and less likely to be in a bad mood.The aroma of rose oil helps set a positive way, to overcome anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? , more optimistic look at life.However, it should be noted that in clinical depression rose essential oil, at best, can only be an effective tool in the treatment, but only with the help cope with this disorder can not.
  • Stress.A few drops of essential oil in aromalampe Aroma - create an atmosphere of Aroma - create an atmosphere will help to relax after a hard day, gain strength and temporarily forget about their problems.A similar effect has hot tub, to which is added a few drops of oil.
  • headache and other pains.The scent of the essential oil of rose, if it is not too intense, quickly eases headaches and compresses with rose oil helps with muscle pains.There is evidence that compresses are also effective against spasms.
  • problems of the female reproductive system.Aromatherapy using essential oil of rose is recommended to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome - it helps to cope with the irritability Irritability - Try to control your mood Irritability - you try to control my temper , nervousness, and improve the overall health of women.In addition, the oil is used in the menstrual cycle and the various problems encountered during menopause;it is assumed that it helps due to its ability to influence the secretion of female hormones, but it still is not enough conclusive scientific evidence.

Proponents of alternative medicine advise pregnant women suffering from frequent bouts of nausea, regularly aromatherapy with essential oils of rose.

  • viral and bacterial infections.Topical administration of rose oil helps various skin infections, and these aromatherapy oil may be used to treat viral respiratory infections.
  • low libido.The fact that the rose oil is a powerful aphrodisiac Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary Aphrodisiacs - cause desire where necessary , people knew in antiquity.Massage with essential oils of rose and jojoba oil or other oil-basis-ons, awakens sensuality and increases libido.
  • skin problems.Oil rose for the face is often used for the normalization of the sebaceous glands, narrowing the pores, improve skin color and eliminate wrinkles.It significantly improves the skin condition of people suffering from mild forms of acne fast pores due astringentnyh properties, and makes the skin tone more even and healthy.To care for problem skin is recommended to put on a cotton ball a little jojoba oil, mixed with a small amount of oil rose, and gently rub his face.Repeat daily, once or twice per day.

People with very sensitive, prone to irritation and rashes skin, before use of rose essential oil for the face, it is recommended to test it on a small area of ​​skin on the inside of the elbow or behind the ear.

To eliminate small wrinkles and slow the aging process of the skin is recommended that two or three times a week to make a face mask with rose oil.For its preparation you will need two tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of almond oil, five drops of rose oil and one drop of liquid vitamin E. Mix the ingredients, apply the mask to cleansed face and neck and leave it on for fifteen minutes.Rinse with water at room temperature.Oil rose well rejuvenates and refreshes, nourishes the cells with nutrients, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.

is best for skin care is not for normal airtime and cosmetic oil rose - its quality more strictly controlled, and it is less likely to cause skin irritation.

  • toxins and blood circulation.Massage with essential oil of rose is particularly effective in improving blood circulation and lymph flow and stimulates the elimination of toxins.
  • airways.Inhalation of oil rose useful for coughs, bronchitis, asthma, and many other diseases affecting the respiratory system.Inhalations, as usual - in boiling water, add a few drops of oil (just 3-4 drops to 2-3 liters of water), and for 15-20 minutes to inhale the hot fragrant steam.
  • Heart.Rose oil helps to keep the heart healthy longer, and maintain normal blood pressure.Research, which was attended by people suffering from hypertension have shown that regular use of this oil for aromatherapy and massage helps to better control blood pressure, and improves the overall health of patients.
  • hair.In pharmacies and stores you will not find a special oil rose for the hair, but the hair care is perfectly normal cosmetic or pure rose essential oil.It is used in inflammation, itching, and dryness of the scalp: rose oil has a moisturizing and soothing effect.It also promotes hair growth and helps with various infections of the scalp and protects hair from the harmful effects of heat styling.Mix a few drops of oil rose with one or two tablespoons of jojoba oil or almond oil and massage Spread this mixture over the scalp.If you have very dry, brittle, damaged hair, after will wash the head, hands, apply a little oil on the hair rose, mixed with oil-base.Do this each time after shampooing, and after a few weeks of hair condition improved markedly.