Burnt sugar cough - a folk remedy

caramel cough caramel cough - a traditional remedy that is often used in folk medicine, especially for treating children.Action caramel is soft, so it is mainly used as an aid in the treatment of infections of the upper respiratory tract.


Cough and types

Cough - a protective reaction of the body to get rid of inhaled foreign bodies, pathogens and products of inflammation.The cough may be dry and wet.If a dry cough is the result of infectious inflammation of the respiratory tract, then try to translate it into the wet - released at the same time cleanses the mucus of the respiratory tract and rapid recovery.

Sometimes compulsive dry cough associated with irritation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.This attempt to alleviate cough, assigning drugs, relieves irritation (eg, funds from shielding effect).Too intrusive dry cough dry cough - whether to worry about it? Dry cough - whether to worry about it? suppress, trying at the same time put it in the wet.


How the burnt sugar for coughs

caramel - a mild cough medicine, which can be nice to shoot irritation of the upper respiratory tract, so it is often prescribed for pharyngitis, both acute and chronic.

addition, caramel has some phlegm properties, so it is prescribed for respiratory diseases, accompanied by the release of a viscous, hardly expectorated sputum.

But before you begin to apply yourself even such a seemingly simple remedy like burnt sugar, should still consult a doctor.

dry cough may be a sign of how easy it is cold, and the beginning of serious illnesses such as pneumonia or tuberculosis Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed .

especially dangerous to treat yourself without a prescription cough in children under two years of age.At this age, all the inflammatory processes in the body of the child prone to rapid generalization - spread to other organs and tissues.In addition, a small child can not yet how to expectorate sputum, and any funds that increase the amount of mucus can lead to respiratory failure.

caramel can be used to treat cough in children Treatment of cough in children - is to look for the cause of Treatment of cough in children - is to look for the cause , but this should be done strictly on the evidence, taking into account the child's age and characteristics of the disease.Therefore caramel children should appoint a doctor.


recipe caramel cough

children preschool and school age caramel cough can be prepared in the form of candy.To do this, you need a small enamel pot to pour a few tablespoons of sugar over low heat, stirring constantly, melt it until a homogeneous viscous brown liquid and pour into small molds (molds if not, then we can take a few teaspoons).After hardening turn out candies that you can give your child suck on 3-4 times a day.

can cook and milk candies.To this end, the melted sugar with the help of a teaspoon is poured into a glass of cold milk - produced small candies specific dairy flavor.These candies may contain any air bubbles at the surface of damaged resorption and sharp edges may injure the mucous membrane of the mouth.Therefore, milk caramel candies from better to give children of school age.

If the doctor believes that the child needs an expectorant, the caramel can be prepared on the basis of infusions and decoctions expectorant herbs.

example, based on the infusion of thyme, which is prepared on the basis of a tablespoon of herb per cup of boiling water.For the preparation of candy thyme need to take a glass of the finished tincture of thyme, add the 2 cups of sugar and two tablespoons of honey.All thoroughly mixed, put into an enamel bowl, bring to a boil and cook over low heat stirring constantly.As the thickening solution can drip a drop in cold water: if a drop after that easy to crack, ka candy, then the syrup is ready and can be poured into molds.

Children can prepare cough syrup Cough syrup - how to choose the best? Cough syrup - how to choose the best? based caramel.To do this, melt in the heat 2 tablespoons of sugar and then gradually add the intensive stirring, 0.5 liters of boiling water Caramel.The resulting syrup was re-boil, cool and pour into a glass dish.The syrup is stored in the refrigerator and take 1-3 teaspoons (depending on the age of the child) three times a day, adding to the tea.

recipe caramel cough for adults: Take 7 tablespoons of sugar, melt them until the liquid caramel brown, gently, stirring constantly, add a cup of boiling water, boil again, cool and add 3 tablespoons of vodka.Take the syrup with the addition of lemon tea and a tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

caramel cough is often used for colds.And yet, before embarking on the treatment of cough, is better to consult a doctor.

Galina Romanenko