How to deal with apathy - take himself in hand

how to deal with apathy word "apathy" in Greek means a lack of passion, but in a broad sense is a condition commonly understood as the absence of emotion Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code - atleast pronounced and motivating for any action.Apathetic person does not feel any strong joy or strong anger;he has desires, but they are too weak to inspire him to any lasting activity.How to deal with apathy and get back to normal?

Perhaps you've heard that when love goes, the person begins to relate to the former object of passion with indifference, or just any way - and lost attraction and jealousy Jealousy and what to do with it Jealousy and what to do with it , and resentment: becominganyway.A person in a state of apathy, just as true to life as a whole: to work, hobbies, friends, weather, politics, sports, food, to himself.This state has nothing to do with the inner harmony, peace, freedom from desires or enlightenment, which seek adherents of some religious movements;Apathy may be a sign of developing depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood , and it is necessary to begin to fight as soon as possible.You have to understand that it is insidious because progresses slowly, beginning with such minor at first glance, symptoms such as the frequent unwillingness to do what used to pleasure, and the inability to bring himself to solve the pressing problems - how in the working and personalarea.


Signs that you - a real apathy

  • Every time you start to seek a purpose, your enthusiasm is fast running out - no matter how desirable a goal;
  • you allow yourself to spend a lot of time watching television, surfing the internet, video games and other unproductive classes;
  • you uncomfortable or unpleasant to chat with friends, in whose life takes a lot of interesting, or you just avoid contact with them;
  • you all the more difficult to motivate yourself to work, school or sports, and your results in these areas significantly deteriorate;
  • your relatives or friends sometimes say that you have a problem with motivation, and offer their help;
  • you read a lot of books and articles on motivation and self-improvement, but do not use the tips that are there;
  • you eat too much and move too little;
  • you get a little fresh, vivid impressions, and it almost does not bother you.
  • If you notice at least some of these symptoms, time for you to take action to combat apathy.


How to cope with apathy

  • Separate apathy of his personality

Apathy - this is a temporary condition, which is not the quality of your character.You are not lazy, not sluggish, not boring, not without enthusiasm and aspirations: it is - the properties of apathy, and it determines only how you feel now, not how you are at all.You will not always feel this way.

  • Determine the cause

Try to understand what caused the apathy.Maybe there was an event, because you no longer believe in yourself?Or are you constantly focus on negative thoughts, ignoring the good side of life?Or maybe you are missing a really big, major purposes for which you would be willing to work hard, very hard?Try to understand what you feel and think, when once again put off important things for later, when refuse from active work, to communicate and change.You may not find a specific reason, but if it is, it needs to know.

  • Change what you can change

For example, if you determine that the cause of apathy are negative thoughts are replaced by their optimistic attitudes.For example, when you think what a boring or poorly paid work you, remind yourself that it still gives you the opportunity to provide for themselves;besides working, you get valuable experience that can be useful to you for further growth in the professional sphere.If you believe that getting rid of apathy when to change jobs, start looking for a new place.If apathy is caused by the lack of big goals, get the goals that will inspire you.

In addition, change the little things that cause you dissatisfaction in everyday life - for example, the disorder in the house, the lack of habit of falling asleep and waking up at the same time every day, and so on.If you deal with such trifles, it will give you a sense of control over their lives, and this, in turn, is often the first and one of the most important steps to get rid of apathy.The man who at least something to control his life, just can not stay apathetic.

  • makes a variety

Regardless of what caused the apathy, change in the usual routine of life will help you deal with it.Force yourself to leave home for the weekend, travel without the usual comfort (perfect for a hike with an overnight stay in a tent), every day looking for the ability to communicate with new people wear clothing or jewelry that do not fit into your usual style, try a new dish or drink,learn something new.

  • Force yourself

not expect that the actions of the previous paragraph will immediately bring you joy - are not, and most likely, at first all this will cause you to have a strong internal resistance.Suppress it - sometimes to pull yourself out of the apathy comes through strength, and that's fine;later when you look back, these efforts will give you a good reason to really be proud of yourself.

  • create customized

In your house there is a room in which you think, especially a lot of "positive energy"?Hold it longer.Do you have friends that raise your spirits and makes you laugh?More often communicate with them and invite them to visit.Listen to music that pleases you, surround yourself with the smells and items that cause pleasant emotions.Finally, try to raise yourself to someone mood: smile appearing on people's faces because of you - the perfect cure for apathy.

  • Make a list of what pleases you

Recall that in recent months and years have caused a surge of joy and enthusiasm.Record these situations - they can occur both in professional and personal life - and then next to each of them indicate that it is in these situations cause you to have strong positive emotions.For example, if it was working on a large project, you would rejoice that you are doing something difficult and important, and that you appreciate, once entrusted to such a project;in teamwork you could delight the spirit of cooperation and mutual support.Try to consciously enter situations in which you will again feel what pleases and motivates you, grasp the challenges, work in a cohesive team, communicate with like-minded people, and so on.

  • fractions task

While apathy has not yet passed, you will probably be hard for a long time to focus on the big - the enthusiasm quickly dry up.So chop big problems, put himself small interim goals and focus on them until they are achieved.Go to the next target only when cope with the previous one, but do not try to do everything at once.

  • Exercise

Lethargy body closely linked to the sluggishness of the mind and soul.Thinking of people who move a little in spite of the fact that they have no health problems may gradually lose sharpness and liveliness, and this will inevitably impact on the perception of reality: it will seem more dull and gray.Sport promotes the production of endorphins, accelerates blood circulation, increases muscle tone, improves performance.People suffering from apathy, especially suitable active, mobile sports: running, swimming, cycling, riding on roller skates and a variety of team games.