How to become a bitch and whether it becomes?

  • How to become a bitch and whether it becomes?
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become a bitch How to become a bitch?Any girl who had to deal with disrespectful treatment, think about it.Because he wants revenge and pay them back in the same coin, that they regretted that once behaved no better.Yet before breaking themselves and learn the basics of Stervologiya worth thinking about: whether to become a bitch?


Who are bitches

I wonder what people imagine a bitch in very different ways.Girls believe that bitch - it's a beautiful, very clever, surprisingly successful and confident woman, is able to deftly manipulate others and exploit others for their own purposes.This lady did not stop at nothing and always reaches what she wants.Is not that the dream of a "good girl" who always brought up obedient and altruistic?It was such a good girl, confronted with ingratitude and even meanness, aspire to become a bitch.After all, bitches, in their opinion, are always popular with men: love them, love them, adore them.

Men, however, have their own opinion on the matter.Typically, they are confident that bitch - hysterical, cowardly creatures who consider themselves smarter than everyone else, tirelessly weave, pulled out of his cavaliers with such hard-earned money on the sly and dirty tricks.Needless to say that such a woman does not inspire enthusiasm the stronger sex?

girls who are planning to become a bitch, you should start to think about what qualities they seem attractive in their ideals.For example, no one will hurt confidence.Very valuable and the ability to refuse.The independence of opinion or a particular person also makes life easier.Knowing yourself, your feelings and desires - the best decoration of life.But from such qualities as revenge and harm, it is possible to refuse.You should not imagine themselves smarter than others and try to manipulate others - not always manipulators achieve what they want and get satisfaction out of life.


ability to deny

earned the title bitch quite easy - sometimes it is enough to deny someone who asked about the service.Many people are very offended if their request is not executed.And it's good reason to suspect that the request - in fact, not a request, but a veiled claim is not intended refusal.When a person requests it, he is not offended by the refusal, and taking it easy.So do not be afraid to refuse.

Of course, no one says that confident woman (or "real bitch," as some have called these ladies) denies everything, always and everywhere.Just a woman knows what she wants, knows that it is convenient and what is not.And if the request is contrary to its interests, such lady is always easy to say "No" without feeling remorse.

Many are afraid to refuse, for fear of spoiling relations so.But controllers are offended by the refusal, the rest perceive it is perfectly normal.Moreover, many nicer to hear a clear "no" than consent, which will be followed endless explanations and excuses.

So what should be denied?In most cases, simply to say 'no', but you can soften the refusal, the petitioner informed of his regret:

  • I'm afraid, will not work;
  • I'm sorry, but I can not;
  • Unfortunately, this is not possible;
  • I sympathize, but I can not help.

This form of denial sounds quite categorically, but heartily.It is inoffensive, but at the same time does not give the petitioner unnecessary expectations.


easy to be good?

Girls educate obedient.In fact, "be obedient" - it's the same thing as "being good."Of course, parents are very comfortable if their daughter did not know their own minds and listen to their elders.But, unfortunately, grown up girl is comfortable for others, not for himself.She does everything to meet other people's expectations, she listens to others and try to please them.She hopes for a reward, which is a child for good behavior promised the parents, but these hopes were groundless.People are happy to use convenient and obedient girl, but did not seek to reward her.

How behaves a bitch or a confident woman?She clearly imagine what she wants.She knows that her good and comfortable, and that - not very.And it is not going to tolerate something unpleasant for the illusive hope of reward.

This approach can be quite common.Healthy selfishness very decorate life.A woman who thinks of himself, would not sacrifice themselves for someone.She is able to distinguish their problems from others, and never will devote his one and only life decision problems of another person.She trusts himself and his judgment, so it is almost impossible to cheat.We can say that self-confidence - is a necessary condition in order to be happy.


artful manipulations

Can I manage others, like puppets?Absolutely.Psychology manipulation devoted whole volumes as the professional literature and publications for the general public.But almost never said the most important thing: the manipulation does not necessarily happy manipulator.Women are arranged so strange that they do not want to live with a puppet who will dutifully movements puppeteer, and with a man.With a strong personality.

Of course, without a little feminine wiles Women's Tricks: How effective are they? Women , allowing to get what you want, probably can not be avoided.Absolute transparency is not interested in a relationship, both men and women want a little game, a drop of intrigue.And yet, it is to think, and whether you want to do manipulations basis of relations.If it is impossible to talk frankly, and always have to pretend to cheat and manipulate - the relationship is unlikely to be comfortable for a long time.It is better to abandon them and look for a suitable partner, or learn to communicate differently, not only by means of manipulation.

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