How quickly sober - self Returns

how quickly sober up cause intoxication itself - it is for many people a way to have fun, to relax, to forget about the current problems and become more sociable.During lively parties and gatherings in bars almost every person at least once a situation arises where he needed to sober up quickly.For example, he called and appointed the next morning an important meeting, or he realized that drank too much, and he does not want to completely lose control.How quickly sober up in this situation?There are several ways, but one should remember that miracles do not happen, and if you really drank too much and can hardly stand on his feet, hardly an hour or two you will be able to sober up enough to enable you to make important decisions and even more so -so that you could get behind the wheel.

What helps quickly sober up?


Disclaimer even one glass

to revise thirty milligrams of alcohol, the body takes about one hour.Therefore, if in the morning you want to be "fit as a fiddle" and feel that you have a very loud noise in my head, and motor coordination is poor, do not agree to drink another glass or glass "for the company."And even more so this should not be done if you need to sober up as soon as possible.



trouble, unaesthetic, but quite an effective tool for those who need to sober up.Causing vomiting, you reduce the amount of alcohol in the body, that is, in fact, accelerate its conclusion.


Drink water

After you call at an attack of vomiting, or instead.

It's funny and it may even seem paradoxical, but the more alcohol you drink, the more your body is dehydrated.In order to function properly, including to break down and remove alcohols, it needs water.Once you complete the first of the recommendations in this list (stop consume alcoholic drinks), start drinking plain water (not soda) and / or fruit juices.


How quickly sober up: more fructose

This means quick sobering we must, oddly enough, the animals of the order of bats, which include bats and fruit bats.Scientists have found that certain types of fruit bats in particular Nile Krylgan or Egyptian fruit bat, often drunk at risk, using very ripe or overripe fruit, which produce ethanol.Of course, it can be dangerous, especially for those who fly in the dark at a speed of 60 km / h.At the same time, that there was a drunken state, Nile enough fruit bats eat fruit, the concentration of ethanol which is only 1%.

quite a long time, scientists assumed that fructose - a simple sugar, which is found in fruits and honey - can accelerate the splitting of ethanol.In the study, Nile flying foxes give liquid food, which contained a small amount of ethanol and fructose, glucose Glucose: The energy source Glucose: The energy source or sucrose.

Glucose - a sugar that is contained in almost all plants and meat animals, and sucrose, also known as table sugar, is a compound of one molecule of fructose Fructose - benefits and harms natural product Fructose - benefits and harms of the natural product and one molecule of sucrose.After the animals were given a liquid diet with one or another kind of sugar, respiratory function tests were carried out (that is, almost the same tests that are carried out using a Breathalyzer) and found in animals that consumed fructose concentration of ethyl alcohol in the body decreases rapidly.The conclusion is clear: to sober up quickly, you need to lean on fruit and honey, and it is better for both at once.



This tool will help sober up quickly if you drink on an empty stomach, as well as ease nausea.There recommended hearty but easily digested food - soup, broth, boiled chicken breast, boiled rice, and so on.Incidentally, Fig due to its absorbent properties can to some extent, accelerate ethanol withdrawal from the body.


Activated carbon

all practical set of recommendations dealing with how quickly sober house include advice to take a few tablets of activated charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable Activated carbon - old but indispensable (from five to sevenor even ten).This preparation is indeed well excrete harmful substances, including alcohol.


Caffeine Caffeine - another popular tool to combat drunkenness: quite effective, but not all-powerful.Drinks containing caffeine - coffee or black tea, and energy drinks - will help you find the relative clarity of consciousness (the result depends on the degree of intoxication), so you'll feel much more sober, although the concentration of attention and speed of reaction are not quite such asa sober man.Caffeine does not speed up the processing of ethanol, so even if after a few glasses of wine or a cocktail you drank two cups of espresso and feel great, in any case, do not drive.Firstly, the coffee can not fool a breathalyzer.Second, the delayed reaction can lead to a far more dire consequences than the problems with the police because of drunk driving.

If you decide to sober up with the help of caffeine, do not forget to drink plenty of water.Caffeine and alcohol can lead to dehydration.


Cold water

should not take it inside and the outside.A cold shower or just washing your face with cold water have a strong but temporary effect.Best of all these tools work in conjunction with a cup of strong coffee or tea, a tablet of activated charcoal and a plate of hearty, tasty food.


Movement - that's life ... and sobriety

If you need to sober up quickly, rather than to drink another glass of alcohol, go to dance and move as much as possible.In addition, you can make at least a half-hour walk briskly.It is particularly effective when it is cold outside.However, it is not necessary to wipe off the face of snow, even if due to the effects of alcohol you still very warm - wet skin in cold weather easily frostbitten.



blood transfusion - a means for those who have left a few hours of time and unlimited (or at least very large) financial opportunities.It is said that by this means during a tour in 1973, sober Keith Richards, who at that time not only alcohol abuse but also illegal drugs.If someone decides and can afford to use a tool, it should be borne in mind that a single dose of a transfusion of blood (500 ml), takes about four hours.In addition, this procedure is not recommended for those with a history of congestive heart failure Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work Heart failure - when the heart is unable to cope with the work .However, the man who in his life took dozens of kilograms of heroin and cocaine, she apparently did not hurt - he was 70 years old he is awake and is not going to say goodbye to some of their bad habits.